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 April 2012




          Spring is in the air!  With the first quarter behind us, we are looking forward to a great second quarter. For our sports fans out there, a new NCAA Champion has been crowned, the NHL playoffs are underway, baseball season has begun, and the NFL draft is upon us. This should be an exciting year to say the least. It is curious to see how these teams will do this year as some finish their season and others have yet to begin.

As the economic conditions here and abroad continue to dominate the news and reports, it is clear the recovery remains fragile. Today's newsletter will brush the surface of a contributing variable to our economic lives both personal and professional. It has been so prominent in our lives and has remained a topic of discussion for Centuries. The variable of topic is, of course, taxes. As tax season has passed for the year, its impact still lingers. It seems tax season creeps up on the majority of Americans every year. It is always interesting to observe how people react as the April 15th deadline approaches. There have been some very interesting stories I have heard this year in regard to taxes. Listening to the stories and all of the different situations businesses and individual's experience, I cannot help but notice the relationship between how an individual tax situation changes year after year. These changes occur as the tax code expands and develops, as well as our lives and businesses. For some, the tax situation has improved. For others, it has become a burden.

I wanted to note some pros and cons of taxes, as well as some entertaining facts about them. With this year also being an election year, it is well covered by the media and the like. I welcome your thoughts, concerns, and opinions as we move into the next stage of the second quarter.  

Think Spring!


Jordan Muns, M.A. 


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Pros and Cons of Taxes



  1. More funds available to get paid!  Many consumer debts get cleared during tax season, making it a great time to collect your past dues.  Businesses generally will have to pay but in some cases they may have overpaid the quarterly estimates and now have a refund.  Regardless, it is a good time to collect because the cash flow will be much clearer during this time of the year.  The result is more old debts are paid during tax season, take advantage.
  2. Public Goods and Public Services. Without tax revenue, many of the Federal, State, and local government services we take for granted will dwindle or completely dissolve. This does not mean there are not alternatives and options out there. Tax revenue contributes to the operations of these public goods and public services.
  3. Credits are issued to qualified recipients. As our taxes are filed and our tax liabilities are exposed, some qualify to receive a credit as a result of their specific situation. This of course can contribute to economic growth. These credits can be used as a way for individuals and businesses to "catch up" on their bills or put those funds back into the economy in some way. Some choose to use their credits as an investment opportunity. Other may just save the credits for a "rainy day."
  4. Employment. As a result of taxation in society, professions have emerged to assist others in the process of taxation. These professions employ many individuals and are important especially during tax season.



  1. Some Business/Consumer Debts will go unpaid.  Poor planning by consumers and business alike will certainly leave some bills unpaid while funds are being allocated to tax bills. 
  2. Shapes Economic Behavior. Depending on the tax liability that is exposed, most find themselves with less disposable income. This obviously restricts our economic life and reduces our ability to purchase or save the goods and services we demand at will.
  3. It May Get Out of Hand. Without getting too descriptive, if too much of our lives are exposed to taxes, our standard of living will decrease to some degree.
  4. Increased Prices. Cost of goods sold increase as a result of a medium to high tax burden. This is not good for both businesses and individuals. Margins are shifted and potential profits are at risk. Consumers absorb the vast majority of these increases which result in higher prices at the grocery store, gas pump, home improvement stores, retail outlets, etc....



News Update


*The U.S. now holds the highest Corporate tax rate in the world.

The U.S. leads the world in many categories. We can now add one more to that list. However, this addition is not one that is pleasing or friendly to commerce. The current corporate tax rate here in the U.S. is now 39.2% after Japan decreased their corporate tax rate to 38.01% this month. Japan has decided to do this in an effort to provide a more business friendly environment and to become more competitive on the world platform. With the complications Japan has had since the tragic 8.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan and sent tremors throughout the world, this could not come at a better time to assist in their recovery.

Even though most corporations in the U.S. do not pay the going rate, it is still not an attractive dynamic. Tax loopholes have prevented corporations from paying the supposed tax rate. Logic would tell us this is a good indication of why the corporate tax rate has not adjusted with the changes in the market. There is no consistency. It is hard to determine what can be reformed without consistency within the tax code. Proposals to reform the tax code have been heating up in recent years and it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, are made to the tax code. With over $500 million being lobbied in Congress over this specific issue, it is difficult to be optimistic for constructive reform. With Japan taking a step in that direction, maybe it is time for the U.S. to follow suit. To read more on this topic, we have provided hyperlinks here...


*Emerging markets are demanding U.S. goods.

            As India's economy continues to gain steam, more and more U.S. goods are making their way to India. This is a perfect example of the growing relationship that has formed between the U.S. and India. As goods are exchanged, capital is utilized for long term growth. India has made considerable investments in the U.S. and has realized the importance of infrastructure to maintain this developing relationship. Since the turn of the century, approximately 17 billion dollars has worked itself into transactions between the two countries. More is sure to come in this area and will result in another dependable relationship in the Asian region. Read the full article here...


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