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 September 2011

Where did the Summer go?  Time flies, just like money these days. The kids are back in school, and the countdown to winter is on...  Time to get the leaf blower tuned up and head out for some apples and cider...  Enjoy! 


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Where to Draw the Line for Suit?

Court Costs Add Up; Cost of Appearance


We all know court costs are going up, just like the costs of just about everything these days.

It's important to take all things into consideration when dealing with your legal case load.  A standard recommendation we offer is within the 10% rule.  If the pre-paid cost of recovery is more than 10% of the potential total recovery, the case probably should not be pursued in court.  The court costs are recoverable,  so an example case of  $1500 + $225 court cost equals $1725 in potential recovery.  10% is $172.50, and not a strong case for suit.  There are always other factors involved, such as protecting your company image.  In today's world you don't want a reputation for letting things slide, but you need to be responsible to the bottom line. 


It's a delicate balance, and one worth putting some real consideration into having a plan.  Should you stick to the plan all of the time?  Absolutely not!   Sometimes these situations become personal and it may be hard to set aside your personal influences and consider all of the information available.


Pre-paid Court Costs; Cost of time to prepare; Fuel/Mileage for an appearance by internal staff; etc. can all add up to much more than the case is worth.  Other factors are the age of the account, account history, even running a business or personal credit report can assist you in making the final decision.  The 10% rule is not a rule at all, it's a guideline and should be used as that.  Do keep in mind that it's a business decision and should never be taken lightly.






Sleeping Bear Dunes Voted America's Most Beautiful Place
Michigan is home to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  ABC's morning TV show viewers recently voted this area the most beautiful place in America.  Mostly unspoiled by human hands, the area is a natural beauty with crystal clear fresh water.  The area is also known for it's cherry production, and where 46% of Michigan's sweet cherry acreage exists. 


There is much fun to be had for the whole family on a trip to the dunes.  Camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and just general exploring and sight seeing.  The history of the area is as diverse as the views, and plenty of museums, lighthouses and historical buildings are around to tell the story.

The original inhabitants of the area was a band of native American tribes who lived in peace, harvesting wild rice and taking advantage of all the natural resources in the area. 


The first foreigner came in 1823, on a fur expedition.  It was noted that they may have been the first tourist to tumble down the 400 foot dune, which is a popular activity for visitors today.  Only a 4 hour drive from our office in Brighton, I highly recommend the trip!


Sleeping Bear Dunes on Good Morning America

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