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November 2010
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Strictly Business Section:
     Personal Guarantees- Protecting High Risk Accounts Pays off in Tough Times
Leisure and After Hours:
     Let's Talk Turkey Quiz    
     History of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade    


This is our 4th issue of our Monthly Newsletter, and we appreciate your interest in our company and industry.  Hopefully you are finding the content to be fresh and useful to you.  If you have suggestions on content please let us know and we will do our best to incorporate your request in our next issue. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Strictly Business
Personal Guarantees
Protecting High Risk Accounts pays off In Tough Times
We all know that personal guarantees are difficult to get signed.  It is a statement you are sending to your customer:  We will collect our money, no matter what.  It may be the only way...


Who should sign a Guarantee?  A business owner or board member who is financially tied to the company.


Why you should get a Personal Guarantee?

If your customers business fails and the company is unable to pay, a guarantee allows you to collect against the assets of the individual. It is also a statement from the customer that he/she believes their business is stable, and therefore deserves the opportunity to access your products on credit terms.


When is a Guarantee a Necessity rather than a Luxury?


1.  When a company has a large line of credit and regularly gets near their established limit.

2. A new unestablished business.

3. A low volume, low revenue producing customer.

4. Weak credit history or unstable industry.


It's important to remember that you are in the position of power.  You have a product that is needed by the customer, and other options may not be available otherwise.  You'll never get what you don't ask for, so why not try?

Leisure and After Hours

1. What is the largest turkey ever recorded?


A. 32 lbs

B. 24 lbs

C. 68 lbs

D. 86 lbs



86lbs about the size of a small German Shepherd.


2. Wild Turkeys are one of the fastest birds on the planet-


True or False?


Answer: True -believe it or not. These birds can really cook! Wild turkeys can fly for short distances at speeds up to 55 miles an hour. But they prefer to have their feet on the ground, where they can run up to 30 miles an hour. Domesticated turkeys -- the ones that end up in the grocer's freezer -- are not so light on their feet. They can't fly.


3. Why is it an insult to call someone a turkey?


Turkeys have developed quite an unsavory reputation. They are rather dim. Tom Tyson, a free-range turkey farmer in Hartland, Michigan, says that if you don't put stones in their water trough, they'll stick their heads all the way in and drown. But it doesn't stop there. Turkeys are also mean when they are in a group or "flock." Tyson has seen them attack the family dog. And to make matters worse, they smell bad too, but only when they're wet. Tyson says, "There's nothin' worse than the smell of wet poultry."


Industry Update
Did you know that more and more companies are running credit reports on active paying clients on a quarterly basis?  This helps eliminate any suprises for the modern credit manager.  The worst feeling in the world is a Bankruptcy notice on a large account that you have personally made decisions to extend the line of credit.  Make yourself look good by protecting your company and your career. 

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Turkey Time! 

History of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


The parade started in the 1920's when the store employees dressed as Cowboys, Clowns, Knights and Sheiks.  They had built floats and borrowed animals from the Central Park Zoo to celebrate with and entertain their customers.


The first giant balloon was Felix the Cat in 1927. In the early years the floats were released and they would float around the city for days before a lucky finder turned it in for a reward.


The parade was cancelled from 1940-1945 as there was not much to celebrate during WWII.  Helium and rubber were also hard to come by during that time and could not be wasted.


In 1971 winds were so bad the parade had to be cancelled and TV viewers watched the recording of the  1970 parade instead.


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