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August 15th, 2010
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25th Anniversary
This is the first Issue of the CMCS newsletter, please send us your feedback to  It is our goal to provide you with industry best practices and useful legal terminology to assist you in understanding credit and collections.  If you have a topic you would like covered please feel free to send the topics by email or call me to discuss. 
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Strictly Business
Protecting Your A/R in "The New Normal" of Our Economy 

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We all know that things have changed in business for everyone and they aren't going back to what we once knew as normal.  Most companies have had a major downturn in sales, which has affected staffing needs.  With less sales we all have to run lean and mean, wearing many hats, and being extremely efficient at what we do.  That also means that important business units like A/R may be understaffed.  The biggest effect you can have on your cash flow is to collect all the money on the table.  The only way to do that is to know who you are dealing with.  We recommend a 3 part account setup for new accounts:
1- Create a credit application that protects your business:
  *include a personal guarantee statement and a clear outline of finance charges, late fees, and collection/legal fees in case the account goes bad.  
2- Run a credit report on the company and/or the business owner. 
3- Ask questions about company goals, direction, new products, etc.  This will help you identify overly aggressive business owners who are more inclined to fail.
4.  Identify problem accounts as quickly as possible and take decisive actions.  Don't let debtors dictate terms or buy into excuses.  If you place the claim for collection, the sooner we recieve the claim,  the better your chances of recovery. The chart below is commonly used in the industry, showing how each day that passes the less likely that account will pay.
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We have samples of personal guarantee statements and samples of credit reports.  Email me directly for more information

Leisure and After Hours
How to Choose a Putter 
aircraft carrier  Putting is by far the most difficult part of playing the game of golf.  There are two parts of putting that you can control:  Your method of putting; and the putter you choose. 
There are many methods of putting, but for all intents and purposes there are 3 schools to choose from; 
Straight back- Straight Through-  You will need a face balanced putter preferably center shafted.  To find a face balanced putter, balance the putter shaft on your finger, a face balanced putter will have the face pointing straight up.
The Arc- You need a blade style putter with some toe hang.  Do the same as above but the toe of the putter should hang at about a 45 degree angle to the right with the face pointing up.  A mallet with extra toe weight can be effective for this style of putting as well.
Inside down the line- A mallet putter with equal weighting toe to heel or a blade style with only a couple degrees of toe hang. 
Loft- Recommended to have 4 degrees of loft at impact which means your hands are neutral at impact.  If your hands are ahead of the ball you need more loft and behind the ball you need less loft.  Try getting your putter fitted, it makes a world of difference!
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   Protecting Your A/R in "The New Normal" of Our Economy
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Industry Update
Did you know that more and more companies are running credit reports on active paying clients on a quarterly basis?  This helps eliminates any surprises for the modern credit manager.  The worst feeling in the world is a Bankruptcy notice on a large account that you have personally made decisions to extend the line of credit.  Make yourself look good by protecting your company and your career. 
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Legal Term of the Month -  Arbitration 
Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution out of the court. The parties to a conflict agree to be bound by a decision made by an arbiter, an independent third party or a panel of arbiters. The arbitration may be voluntary as well as statutory, or mandatory by the terms of the contract. The decision of an arbitrator is as binding on the parties to the arbitration as a court judgment, and it can be enforced by the courts, if necessary.
Arbitration differs from mediation in that once you enter the arbitration process, you are bound by the arbitrator's decision. Mediation is a negotiation process, in which the mediator helps the parties negotiate a mutually acceptable solution. Because arbitration is a private method of settling disputes, parties can tailor the arbitration proceeding in almost any manner they choose. For example, parties involved in arbitration can agree to limit the number of witnesses each side will present, set parameters on the amount and type of evidence that will be presented, and pre-determine what issues the arbitrator's award should cover. Source: United States Arbitration & Mediation

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 Places to see- Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.  Lots of fun for the kids, and adults alike.  Check out the "As Seen on TV Store"  and Alpaca Imports.  10 miles away, check out Minnehaha Falls and the Mississippi River.
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