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     To Sue or not to Sue?
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     Halloween Traditions
     Strange Facts about Halloween
     Places to See- Slippery Rock State Park, AZ


This is our 3rd issue of our Monthly Newsletter, and we appreciate your interest in our company and industry.  Hopefully you are finiding the content to be fresh and useful to you.  If you have suggestions on content please let us know and we will do my best to incorporate your request in our next issue. 

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Strictly Business
To Sue or not to Sue?
What is the right answer for your case?

In the world of 3rd Party collections, legal services can be our only leverage to recover your debt.  Most customers see the legal system as being slow, expensive, and time consuming.  By hiring our agency to collect on your bad debt we can eliminate some of the clutter that traditionally goes along with the process of filing suit, while saving you from hourly fees a local attorney may charge.  Here are some facts about legal services when using CMCS:
1.  Legal rates are only slightly higher than our normal rates although you may be asked to advance nominal court costs.  Legal rates are:
 30% if collected prior to suit
 40% if collected in-suit
2.  CMCS can keep your investment in time to a minimum by pushing the paperwork to the attorney on your behalf and continually pressing the attorneys to continue through the steps in the process.  In most cases you will not need to appear in court unless a trial is initiated.  If the attorney does not provide timely reports we can prompt the attorney for an update as to the status of the suit.  While the legal process can be tedious we do our best to keep the process moving while minimizing your exposure. 
3.  Not all attorneys are equal at collecting.  Most Attorney's do a multitude of different types of services:  Divorce, Criminal, Collections, etc.  Where the attorney chosen for your case by CMCS will be a professional collection attorney and a member of the CLLA (Commercial Law League of America) and specializing in only collections of the commercial variety.  Specializing has many advantages but the key is always working in an area that you excel. Our Attorneys have strong post judgement processes which is where most of the money is collected. 

The bottom line is that if the attorneys recommend suit they are betting their normal hourly fees against the commission on the case. That is a win-win for your company, and you will be the hero when the check arrives even when others have assumed the debt would need to be written off.

If you have any specific questions about legal process please contact Richard Brownlee @ or by phone 810-229-9385. 

The celebration of Halloween started in Ireland around 100AD. Back then, Halloween was a pagan festival celebrated by the Celts of Ireland who called it "Samhain", an old Irish word meaning the 'end of Summer'. They believed that on the eve of Samhain (Halloween), the dead spirits would revisit the mortal world, so huge bonfires were lit to keep away any evil spirits. It is known in Gaelic as 'Oíche Shamhna' and is celebrated on the 31st of October each year, which is All Souls Day, so in Ireland it is often referred to as the Feast of the Dead.

Here are just some of the Irish Halloween traditions which are still very much alive today;


The Pumpkin at Halloween

In Ireland, the Pumpkin traditionally known as the Jack O Lantern, is a carved out pumpkin whose top and stem have been removed. The shell is then carved normally in the shape of a scary face which is then lit up by placing a candle inside.

There are many stories of how the Jack O Lantern custom came about in Ireland. One old tale says it was as a result of a blacksmith called Jack who crossed the devil. He made the devil promise he would not go to hell, but when he was denied entry to heaven, he was left to wander the earth. He told the devil he could not wander about forever in the dark and the devil tossed him an ember from the fires of hell, so Jack placed this in a hollowed out turnip. From that day, Jack roamed the earth using his Jack O Lantern to light the way so you might spot him when you visit Ireland this Halloween!

It is said that when the Irish immigrated to the States they took this Halloween tradition with them, but instead of using turnips, then began to use pumpkins as they were much more plentiful!


Check out for more articles on Ireland culture.

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Industry Update
Did you know that more and more companies are running credit reports on active paying clients on a quarterly basis?  This helps eliminates any suprises for the modern credit manager.  The worst feeling in the world is a Bankruptcy notice on a large account that you have personally made decisions to extend the line of credit.  Make yourself look good by protecting your company and your career. 
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Leisure and After Hours

Strange Facts about Halloween

  • Legends say if you see a spider on Halloween, it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you.
  • Carved pumpkins originated in Ireland where people put candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away evil spirits and ghosts on the Samhain holiday.
  • Barnbrack is a traditional cake served on Halloween that would have items like a ring, a coin or a thimble baked in.   The item found in your cake might be a sign as to your future for that year or beyond!
  • Mexicans celebrate "The Day of The Dead" (El Dia de los Muertos)
  • The tradition of wearing masks on Halloween comes from Welsh and Celtic traditions that claim the dead visit the living on October 31st.
  • The masks are intended to keep spirits of the dead from recognizing the living.
  • Orange and Black are traditional Halloween colors. Orange represents the fall harvest, and Black represents the darkness.
  • Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year behind New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday!

 Places To See- Slippery Rock State Park is just west of Sedona, Az.  Don't miss this natural beauty before a Summer sunset!
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