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September 16th, 2010
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25th AnniversaryThank You for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our services and our industry.  CMCS has been offering the best professional collection services in the industry since 1984, and it is our goal to build upon that reputation by using the best methods possible.  If you have any feedback on our email or our services my email and phone are always on.  Hope to hear from you soon!
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Strictly Business
Battling Low Rates
Why a Low Rate Isn't the Right Rate
In a world where price overcomes customer service few people will argue that it is worth paying extra for anything.   Recovery of your A/R is one of the few areas in today's world where paying less always gets you less.  The lower your rate is with your agency the higher your chances of missing out on some cash being returned in the end.  Rates should be calculated based on aging, collectability, and industry trends.  No two companies place, or handle internal collections the same so rates are obviously going to vary.   So let's discuss why some agencies or sales folks from agencies try to sell rate:

1.       Everyone needs a new client, and the obvious way to get a new client is to outbid the current provider.  Usually, the agency (s) involved then will get the opportunity to match.  Sometimes this is not good for your accounts because now your claims may be handled differently than before.  CMCS policy states that all claims are treated equally without any attention to client rate, industry trends,  or collectability trends. 
2.       Offering low rates for low levels of service.  This means that you may not be getting the full service agency experience you deserve.  There are many agencies out there that specialize in offering very basic services for a low price.  This may be a nice solution for accounts under $500 but when you're talking about accounts of $3000+ you are taking a risk with your placement.
    The reason some agencies can offer extremely low rates is because most of what they do is by mail.  In this economic environment letters don't do much to get bills paid.  We use phone, email, fax, texts, and personal visits to recover your money.  The thing to remember is 10% of nothing is still nothing, so really the decision should be based on who you have more confidence in the ability to collect.  Low rates are  tempting because of  the low price tag, but typically in this world I find you get what you pay for.  

Leisure and After Hours
The Mystery of the Slice
 Every golfer from time to time fights a little left to right ball flight.  Why is it so bad to play? 
It's very difficult to play in the wind and you almost always lose some distance.  The problem is that the ball is spinning uncontrollably and the amount of curve can be very different depending on the wind and temperature. 
How to stop slicing?
1. Proper left hand grip technique- See photo above
2. Square the club at impact- Think about having your left hand perpindicular to the target at impact
3. Inside Out Swingpath  instead of outside in.  Take a look at the diagram.  The more important part of the swingpath is the down swing (see Jim Furyk).  You can do whatever you want with the club on the way up but on the way down you must hit the ball from the inside quadrant of the ball not on the back center as most assume.
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Strictly Business Section:
     Battling Low Rates- Why A Low Rate Isn't the Right Rate
Leisure and After Hours:
     The Mystery of the Slice
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Industry Update
Did you know that more and more companies are running credit reports on active paying clients on a quarterly basis?  This helps eliminates any surprises for the modern credit manager.  The worst feeling in the world is a Bankruptcy notice on a large account that you have personally made decisions to extend the line of credit.  Make yourself look good by protecting your company and your career. 
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Furyk makes a very obvious move at the top to setup his inside out move. Click on the image to load the video.
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