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August 2010
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Welcome back to another edition of SEAround Town:

Summer was here!

Returning from vacations, camps and other summer fun activities, it is back to school time.

The University of Miami continuous to offer the Contemporary Sustainable Design elective presented by me and I am looking forward to another great semester of eager youngsters looking to incorporate better practices into their future path.

Hurricane season is in full swing and it is important to properly secure your home. Look for some guidance from the Miami Dade County. Properly weatherizing  your home and office will also help to be ready as well as reduce cold air leakage and save energy. Government support for weatherization is available and makes this is a great time to tackle this type of project.

With man made events like the BP oil spill in the gulf we are reminded of our delicate presence on this planet. The disaster surely struck close to home and it will take years to clean up. Sustainability remains a key component for our local economy beyond the building industry. Do your part to ensure improved practices locally by preserving water, energy and resources. Send a message to the big guys to make the right decisions for our planet. Florida voters are especially urged to act on the Florida Oil Spill Law. We cannot afford more oils spills, drilling or poor practices that put profit before our environment.

Even when returning to the work routine, remember that it takes a single act to start the largest change. So take a little time to do something green or learn more about green practices. Start recycling, change a light bulb, plant a fruit tree, weatherize your home or send a letter to a decision maker...anything helps.




Sebastian Eilert, AIA, LEED AP+ BD+C

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Sebastian Eilert Architecture Company Highlights

This month

Eurohabitat "Living Tetris" project has gone through some changes since its first submittal for permit and is ready to move forward. The now smaller house still features cutting edge design including a unique custom pool and native as well as regionally appropriate landscaping designed by Southern Blossoms. Some of the more hidden features include a manifold plumbing system, high efficient water fixtures and appliances and LED lighting. The house is PV ready. The team and the Village are excited to see the first LEED certified home for the Village of Pinecrest start construction soon...


Nearing construction completion is the Glantz remodel at The Balmoral in Bal Harbour. The renovation of a spectacular corner unit added a bedroom and updated the kitchen and master suite. Lookout for a picture of the month from this amazing project in a future newsletter.


The GSA Trades Shop Facility, the first LEED Silver certified project for Miami Dade County. We are eagerly awaiting comments from the USGBC.


Design on the Pinecrest Gardens lower Bathroom project has been completed and SEA has moved to the construction document phase detailing the structure and the water filter system that will be installed instead of traditional sewer system. SEA is proud to team up with New Orleans based FuturProof.


The LEED H M+M LEED Homes residence by Upstairs Studio in Coconut Grove has been awarded the AIA award and is already a Energy Star home. The LEED certification is eagerly awaited by the team.

Picture of the Month

Hollywood kitchen with Glass Tile and Soap Stone Counter

Kitchen design featuring white glass tile to increase reflectance for natural light. Soap stone counter and reclaimed hard wood cabinets; Energy Star dishwasher and LED lighting.

A small compact but user friendly kitchen.

7 Xeriscape Principles for South Florida 
MIAMI GREEN HOMESAnnotations on 7 Xeriscaping Principles for South Florida
(created by Ronald E. Mossman, Ph.D., edited and revised by Sebastian Eilert, AIA)
  1. DESIGN: Select low maintenance plants. Use few flower beds and only near entrances - not a ring of flowering plants around each tree. Evaluate the site for daily and seasonal wind and sun exposure. Buffer NW winter winds and lightly shade SE areas. Shade the AC compressor and west-facing wall. Determine major Residential uses: public, private, service and shade accordingly.

 Read on at Miami Green Homes

NTRODUCING: E2 (square) Design

E2 Design - sofa 1Introducing E2 (square) design - Anjenys G.-Eilert and Sebastian Eilert.

Reclaimed, recycled and reinvented furniture and decorations. Innovative approaches to create one-of-a-kind designs from unconventional sources.


Sofa 1.


Reclaimed 3 seater with velvet finish. Contact for more images and pricing.

International corner:

SEA has teamed up with RCxBD to offer existing building diagnostics in the New England and South Florida markets. Project focus are on exiting commercial, hospitality and larger single family residences.

SEA is now offering services in the Boston and New England area. The Boston office has been established and is ready to serve the local market. Strong focus for this area will be on the existing building stock, LEED O&M (GBOM) and consulting to other local professionals.

In the home country, Germany, SEA now offers Energy audits and will soon be one of the government approved architectural consultants for the Energy Passport. Another project for a major infill addition is underway.


Look for more updates on these projects and contact SEA for any assistance with your own project.

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with some of the exciting things happening here, and I hope you found some valuable information and inspiration. Please share your comments, feedback and projects.

Sebastian Eilert, AIA, LEED AP
Sebastian Eilert Architecture, Inc
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