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Do industries profit more from an out of shape population than a fit one?Is An Out Of Shape Population More Profitable To Modern Industry?

Market estimates say that we spend 46 to as much as 100 billion dollars a year on products designed to help us improve our health and fitness. In spite of the fact that we now spend more money than ever before on an industry created to help us get into better shape there are now 1 billion people on the planet with a BMI in the unhealthy range and that number continues to rise. Could it be that on some level it is more profitable for companies to have an out of shape population rather than a healthy one?

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5 reasons why you should never use them!5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Them!!
While these products have become a ubiquitous part of the health and fitness industry, they remain nevertheless questionable in terms of both effectiveness and safety. Few realize the science behind these products is overwhelmingly negative and many have died or had serious health problems from using them. Here are five reasons why you should never use them...

Genes Or Lifestyle- What Is The Real Cause?
What is the real cause of our current health problems- is it our genes or is it lifestyle?

While there is a clear correlation between physical inactivity and bad eating habits to most chronic diseases in the world today, many offer genetics and not lifestyle as the major reason for our higher incidences of our collectively larger waistlines and the metabolic syndrome that tends to accompany it. At a time when almost 60% of the adult American population has a Body Mass Index (BMI) that puts their health at risk it is becoming increasingly common to hear genes blamed as the root of our current health crisis. In many ways this rather defeatist attitude would lead one to believe that the leading causes of death in Western society (coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke Type 2 diabetes and cancer) are not preventable and that to succumb to the ravages of these diseases is simply a normal part of the aging process. Taken as a whole, these diseases combine to account for almost 70% of all of the deaths here in the United States, and few realize that that these health problems have been for the most part non-existent in many underdeveloped countries for decades, but rise as Western diet and lifestyles become more popular in those countries. ....

When Chicken Isn't Chicken- A Case For Activism!
What you get at the supermarket isn't always what you think it is! Click here for the full article Walking into an American supermarket sixteen years ago when I first came to live in New York, I was initially surprised not only by the huge variety of foods that I had never seen before- but also how different the foods were. The fruit and vegetables in the produce section were perfectly shaped, without any blemishes whatsoever and looked as if they had been recently plucked from an impressionist painting. It was nothing like the produce that I had seen growing up and I remember distinctly realizing that there was something missing that I could not quite put my finger on an then it struck me that standing in the middle of all these fruits and vegetables there was no trace of the familiar produce smells of the open air markets back home. None of the perfect fruits or vegetables had a smell but what really stood out was the poultry section. All the chickens in the poultry section had a strangely yellowish color to them in addition to being bigger than any chicken I had ever seen back home in the West Indies. I knew what it was to harvest and prepare a chicken from scratch and one thing that I knew for sure was that chicken skin is white, not yellow.... 



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