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Kevin Richardson, Founder of Naturally Intense
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Exercise May Be The Next Step In Alternative Treatment For Depression!
The anti-depressant effects of exercise may be comparable to drug interventions! Click here for the full article Depression affects over 340 million people across the globe and here in the United States it is estimated that about 16% percent of the population will suffer from a major depressive disorder (MDD) during the course of their lives,  with women being almost twice as likely than their male counterparts to develop a disorder. With all the emphasis with regards to health care on obesity related illnesses it is often overlooked that depression is on track to become the second largest contributor to the global burden of disease by the year 2020.  We know that physical inactivity increases the likelihood and duration of depression and that physical activity, whether it be work related, exercise or recreation significantly reduces the risk of developing a depressive disorder. This holds true across the board for people of all races and socio-economic levels, but for those adverse to conventional therapeutic interventions, the question remains, can exercise be as effective as conventional therapy and medication in relieving depression?... 
Does Weight Training Really Affect Breast Tissue?
It is a myth that weight training reduces breast size!
One of the most common myths about weight training for women is that weight training affects breast tissue and creates a flat manly looking chest. This misconception has prevented many women from incorporating weight training into their fitness routines to firm up their bodies- a path that inevitably leads to failure as weight training is without question the most effective way to really tone up and develop a tight body. But what about the prospect of becoming flat chested? The truth is that women have little to worry about in terms of their breasts being adversely affected by weight training ....
10 easy steps to eating better!A 10 Step Guide To Healthy Eating!
Eating healthy today isn't as easy as it might have been for those in generations past, but as waistlines expand around the world and mortality rates climb from diet related diseases- healthy eating is not only a cosmetic concern but an important factor in our longevity. Here are 10 easy ways to eat better...



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