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Can One Drink A Week Inhibit Fat Loss!
As little as one drink a week can make a difference in your fitness program! Click here for the full article 
Here is the common trend of though- if you eat well and exercise regularly having a drink once a week or so isn't going to affect your weight loss that much. Unfortunately, having worked with hundreds of people over the course of almost two decades I can tell you from personal experience that unfortunately it will. In fact my observations over the years have borne out that by having as little as one drink of alcohol a week is more than enough to reduce the rate of body fat reduction by over 60-70% as compared to those following the same dietary plan and exercise regime that do not drink
Is Agave Really A Healthy Sugar Alternative?
Kevin Richardson, Founder of Naturally IntenseIn the continuing quest for a guilt-free sweetener agave has taken center stage in most so called organic foods as an all natural alternative to sugar. Agave nectar is significantly sweeter than sugar and a naturally occurring substance as opposed to chemically created artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame. It's 'natural' origins make it immensely popular with the 'health-food' industry and is aggressively marketed to the health conscious as a healthy alternative to sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The reality is that not only is agave nectar in the form we find in health food stores unnatural, but also just as bad for your health as corn syrup and regular sugar if not worse.....
Meet Cat! Our Newest Naturally Intense Certified Personal Trainers
Meet Our Newest Naturally Intense Certified Personal Trainer!
Cassandra "Cat" German is the newest addition to the Naturally Intense™ Team of Certified Personal Trainers having been selected out of a pool of over fifty trainers to begin our two month apprenticeship program. Cat is currently in the process of obtaining a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Exercise Science and has been an athlete her whole life playing may sports such as softball, soccer, track, martial arts, weight training, and basketball.
In 2008 she decided to challenge herself to get into the best shape of  her life and entered into her first natural figure & bodybuilding competition with the INBF and placed 2nd. Shortly after that, she decided it was time for her to face her destiny and pursue a career as a personal trainer.
We look forward to having her as a member of our team helping people get superfit in ten minutes or less!!!


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