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Kevin Richardson, Founder of Naturally Intense
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22 West 19th Street
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Red Meat Is Fine- But Processed Meats Can Cause Health Problems!
Red meat is fine- but processed meats can cause problems! Click here for the full article Contrary to what many experts would have you believe there is nothing wrong with eating red meat. Official health recommendations called for Americans to cut back on their red meat consumption several years ago and ever since red meat has been regarded by most as potentially hazardous to your health. That being said a recent Harvard review of over 20 different studies involving thousands of individual has found that there are no associated risks with eating red meat- but there is link between heart disease and diabetes and processed meats... 
High Intensity Training Can Help Control Blood Sugar!
Click to read the full articleAccording to a recent study extremely short duration high intensity training significantly improves insulin action in young healthy males. Type 2 diabetes is a very health problem here in the United States and in developed countries- a veritable pandemic affecting millions of children and adults alike. While it has been conclusively established that the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes can be reduced by regular exercise. It is also true that most people find it difficult to consistently follow a routine due to lack of time as conventional exercise guidelines call for at least an hour of aerobic type activity five times a week. The commitment required for such training protocols are beyond the means of most living within the constraints of the very hectic realities of modern life. Shorth high intensity workouts may be the answer...


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