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Visceral Abdominal Fat Can Kill You! 
Click here for the full article In the olden days body fat was considered to be mainly a storage mechanism for our bodies in order to have an easily accessed supply of energy in the event of food shortage or prolonged periods of activity. However we know today that there are different kinds of fat- visceral (surrounding the abdominal organs) or subcutaneous (fat that lies between the skin and the abdominal walls).  The cosmetic considerations aside, several  studies show that  high visceral fat levels increase risk factors for insulin resistance, which sets the stage for type 2 diabetes. 
Meet Dr. Errol Gluck Medical Hypnotist
Meet Dr. Errol Gluck- Medical HypnotistThe application of medical hypnosis has been one of the most promising and exciting fields of holistic and alternative solutions to the growing problem of obesity in our society. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise program- which ironically hypnosis motivates you to pursue- medical hypnosis can be a powerful tool for weight management and one far less invasive than the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgeries. This week we feature a true expert in the field,  Dr. Errol Gluck, medical hypnotist who has over three decades of experience in the field.


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