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Is It Safe To Exercise With A Cold? 
Click here for the full article Personally, when I exercise with a cold I don't usually scale back my high intensity workouts. Sometimes I will go to the gym intent on taking it easy when I have a cold, but 99% of the time I end up training as hard as I always do once I am all warmed up and my blood gets pumping.  Thanks to the strides in our understanding of human biology we know today that while it is physically impossible to 'sweat out a cold' - it might not only be safe to exercise with a cold but actually beneficial and speed up the healing process!


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Personal training is a serious investment of both time and money and my philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to try out any personal training system before committing. So give us a try, it is an experience that will change your life!. Sign up here for your free Naturally Intense 10 minute High Intensity workout!