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Happy New Year!
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Kevin Richardson, Founder of Naturally Intense 
Kevin Richardson, Naturally Intense NYC Personal Training Services 
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How Much Do You Know About Health & Fitness? 
How much do you really know about health and fitness? Take Kevin's quiz and see!2010 is here, and I thought, what better way to recap all the great fitness related articles covered in the blog this year than by having a bit of a quiz.
I invite everyone to take the test and see just how much you know about health and fitness.
 So far no one has scored a perfect 100- so let me know how you do!

A Better Way To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions!

Our success rate for New Years resolutions is 100% so far!

The new year is when most of us make resolutions to get into better shape. It is the time when people join gyms, hire personal trainers and start new diets. However most of us are aware of the dismal success rate of these resolutions, according to one study, 86% of people making new year resolutions to improve their fitness fail after a year.
I was curious though to see just how many of my clients that signed up January actually stuck with the program. In 2009 a total of four people signed up for the ten minute workouts of the Naturally Intense System of Diet & Exercise and all four are still active!
That's a 100% success rate
and all of them have made huge strides in their overall fitness as well. Maybe these ten minute workouts are useful after all? My thanks to them and all of my wonderful clients for their continued support and I invite everyone to give it a try! 


Naturally Intense NYC Personal Training Services

Starting In January: Two New Certified Naturally Intense NYC Personal Trainers!

It is with great pride that I would like to announce the expansion of Naturally Intense NYC Personal Training Services with the addition of two new certified Naturally Intense Personal Trainers that will be working with me here in New York this month. Our apprenticeship program calls for a month of hands on training and my most recent graduate is doing well in Tokyo, Japan.
Now more people can have a chance to get better results in less time with our ten minute workouts that work! Give us a call at 800-798-8420.
Free Trial Session! 
Get Better Results In Less Time With The 10 minute workouts of the Naturally Intense System of Diet & Exercise at no cost with our free trial! Our high intensity workouts are an experience that will forever change your life and the way you look at health and fitness!