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Choosing a Water Repellant for Masonry

 See below for a Process Overview & Industry Article

PROCESS OVERVIEW - Rilem Test Method:

A tube is temporarily affixed to the masonry substrate and filled with water.  

The height of the column of water, as measured from the center of the bowl to the meniscus in the tube, determines the hydrostatic pressure applied to the test area.  This pressure can subsequently be converted into a velocity, or wind-driven rain speed, of 88.5 MPH 

Different products are then applied to test areas on the structure.

After one week, the test is duplicated to determine the absorption rate at each of the test areas.

Comparing the performance of different treatments enables selection of the most effective product. 

Monitoring the test areas enables determination of the coverage rate in sq ft. / gallon.  

Longevity of the system is often dependant on whether the product was applied at 80 sf/gallon or 280 sf/gallon. 

When properly applied, a 10-year, major manufacturer's warranty can be issued.

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Rilem Tube attached to building       Tech attaches tube
Left photo:  Rilem Tubes attached to building
Right photo:  Technician fills Rilem Tubes with water for testing
Below is an informative article from the Alpha Weatherproofing Resource Center. Originally featured in Masonry Magazine, it was written by Lynn Peden, President of EaCo Chem Inc., and titled: The Art and Science of Testing: A Vital Part of the cleaning process.  
The Art and Science of Testing: A Vital Part of the Cleaning Process
Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for a contractor than to lose or shut down a job because of what is perceived to be ineffective chemistry. Yet, more often than not, the problem isn't with the chemical itself. Rather, the issue is usually associated with using the wrong chemistry to solve the problem or the chemical's performance being hampered by any one of a number of variable conditions. It may even be a case of an inappropriate chemical being specified by the substrate manufacturer.
The answer to avoiding a situation like this is simple:  testing.  Testing is usually done on major projects but can be overlooked, particularly on small- or medium sized ones.  Testing is important because identifying the right solution can be a complex process since a variety of factors can create a virtually unlimited number of potential problems. 
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