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Grower's Organic 



Grower's Organic provides their customers with an intimate link to the farmers who harvest the food we eat and share with others! 

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Did You Know?


Our favorite sommelier, Glenn from Corks, stopped by to fill us in on what to drink this summer!  


A fun thing right now is "Secco" - an Italian pink wine made like a Presecco used to be made.  Comes from Charles Smith of Washington State and his wife from Rome. 

His sister, who also owns the company, lives right here in Denver!




Summer Food & Wine Festivals in Colorado 

Summer officially starts on June 20th this year, but with Memorial Day weekend here it certainly feels like summer has started!  At Serendipity, all we can think of is food and wine for the summer, so we are planning some field trips now!  Want to come with us?

The Gourmet Picnic Basket
Serendipity Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket Serendipity Style!

Picnics in the summer can be great for a casual family gathering or a leisurely romantic evening.  From fried chicken to fine cheeses and wine, we put together a few ideas to make your picnic pop!  
(Champagne optional!) 




Serendipity created a romantic picnic for client (pictured above) featuring Grilled Flank Steak Sandwiches, Black Truffle & Duck Liver Mousse, fresh fruit and other surprises!  Give us a call and we can create an unique basket for you! 



Thank You for Your
Kind Words

"Thanks to everyone at Serendipity Catering. 
The food was perfect and (your staff) were the best. 
I just cannot say enough great things about the quality of the whole experience. Everyone who attended the party was so complimentary of the food and the presentation!!!! 
Thank you so much and I plan to tell everyone I know about you guys!!!!!"


Graduation/Birthday Party | 65 Guests
Need Some Advice?
Question Mark Serendipity is happy to answer any questions you have about party planning, menus, cooking tips or other food-related questions. Send your question to Amanda B
([email protected]). 

 Q: Since we live in Colorado, is there anything we should consider when grilling at high altitude? - C.V.

A. Great question!  According to the USDA, altitudes higher than 3,000 feet will change the air pressure causing foods to cook slower. When grilling, adjust for altitude by adding cooking time as needed. In general, you only need to add time to large cuts of meat that are normally grilled for long periods of time. Grilling thinner cuts of meat over direct heat for short periods of time is essentially the same for high altitude as it is for sea level.

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