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Space Gallery

 is an excellent venue for private events. The 4,000 sf. gallery space can accommodate up to 250 people looking to enjoy an intimate atmosphere with the artwork providing a unique and creative backdrop. It's a great place for holiday parties, wedding receptions, charity events, corporate events and cocktail parties.  

If there's a particular date you have in mind, please call to schedule 303-888-8345.   



Space Gallery 


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Did You Know?

Tequila is made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. The agave is a spiky-leafed member of the lily family (it is not a cactus). According to Mexican law, the agave spirit called tequila can be made only from one particular type of agave, the blue agave, and can be produced only in specifically designated geographic areas, primarily the state of Jalisco in west-central Mexico.   

Agave Plants
Agave plants


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect occasion to cook some Mexican food and stir up a few cocktails. Margaritas are a traditional favorite cocktail, but consider mixing up palomas or tepache. All three are traditional Mexican drinks featuring a hint of fruit.  

Need some help choosing a good tequila? Most drink recipes calling for tequila suggest buying a brand that is 100 percent agave. Here are some more information on choosing tequila.

  Cookthink: How to Choose Tequila 
Read Serendipity's blog for savory Cindo de Mayo menu ideas!

Serendipity on the Street
B CycleTwo B Cycles will feature the Serendipity logo as they are out and about this summer. Serendipity is so proud to be the "official caterer" of the Denver Bike Sharing program.

B Cycle is a bike sharing program featuring 52 stations and 500 bikes.


Thanks for Your
Kind Words

"Your team was so flawless... They were constantly entertaining and keeping the food and drinks replenished and I received a couple of rave reviews about how great the bartenders were and how much fun they made getting a drink.  
I couldn't be happier with my decision to use you as our caterer and I am so excited for a future together with Serendipity.  Thank you again for being the one constant good thing in my night I could count on to go right. Your work is more than appreciated - it will never be forgotten."
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50th Anniversary | 500 Guests

Need Some Advice?
Question Mark Serendipity is happy to answer any questions you have about party planning, menus, cooking tips or other food-related questions. Send your question to Stacy
([email protected]). 

 Q: We are having friends over for a BBQ and I plan to serve mixed drinks. What are the basics I need for a party of six? - L.S.

A. A general rule of thumb is to have on hand one bottle each of vodka, gin and rum. These are the basics. You can always add a bottle of scotch, bourbon and whiskey if you want more variety. You will also need cola, ginger ale and some kind of juice for mixing, about two liters of each. Don't for get to buy a pound of ice for each guest and two lemons and a couple of limes to add a splash of color.
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