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Merry "Christmas Week" to you!

Here are a few fun ideas for last minute
holiday decorations and gifts. 

Fast Christmas Decorating Ideas

Jar or Ornaments
2010: What a Great Year!

Below are the staff picks for the top 5 images of 2010. We believe they best represent Serendipity Catering: clean eating* (including Colorado produce), a staff that wants the very best for our clients, and great food for a great event!
Organic Veggie BasketAppetizer StationBritt

compostableGroup and Horse

*Clean Eating
What does "clean eating" mean anyway?  There are many definitions to be found, but we stick with the most basic idea: food prepared using high quality ingredients that is basically free of unnecessary ingredients (synthesized preservatives, etc). We take into account "organic", but more importantly we look at where our ingredients come from -- are they local? Were sustainable farming techniques used? We can't say we are 100% perfect on this score, but we pledge to take even more steps to supporting local, environmentally responsible, humane agriculture whenever possible in 2011. 

We will keep you posted on our progress!





Wishing you love, laughter and celebrations galore in 2011!

Thank you for a great year -- we could not have done it without you!


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