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Sunflower Farmers Market (Denver Highlands) and Serendipity Catering Partnership Announced!


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 Serendipity Catering and Sunflower Farmers Market (Denver Highlands store - 38th Ave and Tennyson) are working together to ensure the best produce is always available to our clients, particularly when a lot of product is needed. 
Serendipity Catering makes it a point to source locally, and from partners with sustainable farming standards, where possible.  However, for events on a very large scale, sourcing can be tricky.  That's where Sunflower Farmers Market saves the day.
How do you feed 1500 people at one party and ensure your ingredients are the freshest, and from vendors with the greenest standards? Partner with a grocery store that sets the bar for green initiatives! 

The Magic of Worms

Composting: the difference between dirt and rich healthy soil.
 We have launched a Serendipity Catering composting program featuring the expertise and services from Waste Farmers.  This brings the needed composting services to all of our events.  Something that was once reserved for our largest parties, is now available for every party from your birthday get-together to a bridal shower! 
 Waste Farmers
 Denver's Greenest Building Celebrates its 

Grand Opening! 


Xcel Energy

Serendipity Catering is proud to be the caterer of choice for Xcel Energy's celebration of their beautiful addition to the Denver skyline: 1800 Larimer.

  Later this month, Serendipity will help the 1500 employees working in 1800 Larimer celebrate their accomplishments -- from the designation of 1800 Larimer as a Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Building to  the camaraderie of being together in one space to ensure efficiencies of the human kind.
We think our clients are some of the best companies and people in Denver! We are thrilled that they have confidence in Serendipity Catering's Green Catering options:

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From a Serendipity Catering "Green Bride":
From long-time Serendipity Catering client, the U.S. Green Building Council:
"Serendipity Catering is an awesome company.  We are grateful to have found a caterer for our Monday evening speaker series whom encompasses sustainable business practices alongside excellent food.  I applaud your Green Catering option and recommend that people take advantage of the organic and locally sourced food items along with the biodegradeable products.  Thanks again!"  -A.M. U.S. Green Buidling Council, Education Committee Member
 Xcel Energy
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