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Vol. 60, No. 6                                     August 10, 2011                                                Rich Ahrens, Editor
Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary

Chalk Art

2011-2012 Officers and Directors


Frank Fontana


Paul Huber


Rich Kirschner


Steve Stolz


Mia Delk


Jay Crandall


Rich Ahrens


Hal Atzingen


Ryan Blauch


Nancy Graham


Ron Gustason


Jennifer Hoy

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Featured Member, Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes
Bob is retired from both the Ohio Dept. of Transportation and the Ohio National Guard. He was trained to fly both planes and helicopters in the US Army. In 1960 Bob was hired by the State of Ohio which bought a helicopter and had no one who knew how to fly it. 

He and his wife, Pat, moved to Naples 17 years ago from Columbus.  They have five children and eleven grandchildren all of whom live in central Ohio. Bob's major hobby is working with stained glass and he also enjoys photography.
Featured Member, David Dorle
David Dorle
David Dorle is president of Dorle Communications, a marketing, advertising and public relations firm that he founded in 1982. He makes his home in Naples with his wife, Sandy. The couple have two daughters and three grandsons.


"I like Rotary because it is all about others, not about self.  When you run your own business, there is the tendency to think about yourself way too much and Rotary reminds me on a weekly basis that we are here on this earth not for ourselves, but for everyone else."


Fun for David is any activity with his family and friends.


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August Birthdays
Ray Miller - August 6
Andrew Delong - August 8
Randy Kurtz - August 12
Cal Pratt - August 12
Joe Devore - August 14
Jason Shimko - August 16
Millie Cowgill - August 18
Nicole Heine - August 26
Preston Came - August 26
Jennifer Hoy - August 28


Community Service:  
Making a Difference Locally


Community Service improves the quality of life for those who live locally near our Rotary club.  This Rotary year, we are going to focus on four Community Service projects ("thank you" to our Community Service project leaders!):

  • Grapes & Apes:  Called "The Party of the Year" in Naples, this is our club's signature fundraiser.  Our second annual event is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2012 at Naples Zoo.  A fun aspect of Grapes & Apes is that EVERYONE in our club helps out.  Project chair Rich Ahrens or a subcommittee chair will reach out to you soon about your involvement.
  • Christmas Bell Ringing:  For one week in December, Rotary Club of Naples members volunteer for a couple of hours each to staff a Salvation Army kettle at Wynn's Market.  Please contact project chair and director Jennifer Hoy for more details.
  • Collier Harvest:  Volunteers meet at the Vineyards Publix and deliver bread, rolls, and desserts to the Salvation Army, Bread of Life Ministry, and St. Matthews House every Thursday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.  Please contact project chair Jason Shimko or director Ron Gustason if you would like to help out.
  • Gift of Giving:  On a Saturday in mid-December, volunteers meet at Walmart on the East Trail to take children shopping for Christmas gifts for their foster parents and siblings (and one gift for themselves).  After shopping, there is a party at a local car dealership to have lunch and wrap the gifts.  Please contact director Ron Gustason if you are interested in chairing, or participating in, this event.

Please consider which of these projects interest you, get involved, and "reach within to embrace humanity"! 

Yours in Rotary Service,


Frank Fontana
President, 2011-2012


Collier County Logo 

This Week's Meeting


Topic:           Operating in the "New Normal"

Speaker:       Leo Ochs, County Manager

Organization: Collier County Government

  • After decades of unprecedented population growth, development and prosperity, the great recession that began in 2007 has had a devastating impact on our local economy.  Like most other businesses, Collier County Government has been forced to rapidly react to a new paradigm of reduced revenues, increasing costs and unrelenting service demands.  This presentation will focus on the County's efforts to meet today's challenges while preserving our community's unique quality of life in future years.  


  • Due to ongoing construction around the Sunset Terrace, please note that we will be meeting on the other side of the street in the hotel's conference center in the River of Grass Room again this week.


  • Would you like to propose a new member?  Just speak to Ryan Blauch!


  • The club roster was just updated! 


  • Club clothing is still 30% off! Check out the items by the check-in tables!

Snowbird Application

  • Hey, Snowbird!  Yeah, you! Sitting up there in the nether regions while we cook in this humid Crockpot called Naples all summer. We want your info and have just added a Snowbird application to the club website. Please give the link a click, download the form and fill it out for us. If you send it ahead of your much anticipated arrival, we'll even have a new badge waiting for you when you get here, you fair weathered friend.

Grape Ape  

Grapes & Apes

  • Please speak to Randy Kurtz if your company would like to be one of the exclusive set sponsors at Grapes & Apes.  A list of opportunities was passed out a last week's meeting.  You can see the list here as well.  


Click on the following links for more project information:

Grapes & Apes     Bell Ringing     Collier Harvest     Gift of Giving     Past Projects

TRF Logo 
The Rotary Foundation  
  • We would like to recognize the following new members as "first-time" contributors to The Rotary Foundation:

    Preston Came, Gianni D'Antuno, David Dorle, Phil Ellington, Bob Holmes, Charles Kerwood, Lisa McCarthy, Doug Pareti, Kevin Pendley, and John Thomas. 

Click on the following links for more project information:

The Rotary Foundation     Gift of Life     Mandeville Rotary Club     Past Projects




Click on the following links for more project information:

Dictionary Day     Interact Club     Scholarships     Seminar for Tomorrow's Leaders

Regala Haiti   

Rotarians in Business

  • Interested in knowing more about what your fellow club members do and what they might be able to do for you? This page on the Rotary Club of Naples website features any club member business that wishes to reach out to the club and community who might click on our site. For the next year, we'll include a brief description of your business with contact information at no charge. If you provide a business card, a slide show of Rotarian cards will display on the page to serve as advertisements.


Click on the following links for more project information:

Rotarians in Business     Vocational Day

Much of what you need to know is only a click away. Our club website is a wealth of information and resources for you to be more involved, to access important documents and to take your knowledge as a Rotarian to the next level.  Go ahead, CLICK!

To include information in the Rotary Club of Naples weekly bulletin, please email the editor not later than Sunday night of the week of publication.  The editor reserves the right to exclude items for reasons of space or inappropriate content.