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New episode just posted: Changing Human Nature.

Kundalini stimulates neuroplastic activity in the brain, and consequently, the ability to see and experience life beyond the material, physical dimension.

How do we know this? The effects induced by Kundalini are akin to those of the near death experience (the NDE). Kundalini shares a series of effects with the NDE. NDErs frequently return from their experience with residual knowledge of the metaphysical dimension. What's striking is that these types of experiences are commonplace, and, one to another, very similar in nature. The individual returns with a greater understanding of his/her connectedness, enhanced creative impulses, and an intense certainty that there is no death. Moreover, the individual often returns with a feeling of no longer belonging to the physical world, or at least a feeling of the severe limitations of this world. Kundalini shares all these effects.

So how does the NDE compare with Kundalini? Well, certainly they share feelings of alienation from the material world as well as the other effects cited above. However, in the case of permanent Kundalini, there are many effects that are not shared. Kundalini triggers a superset of metanormal effects. For example, it triggers autonomic self-healing mechanisms, it restores health, and activates neuroplastic activity. As opposed to the NDE, with Kundalini, cell regeneration is a constant. Why? Because the Kundalini process uses sexual energy to refresh brain cells. It's impossible for an Alzheimer's condition to exist in a permanently awakened Kundalini body.

Find out why we have to change human nature ...

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Why is Kundalini so crucial?

Kundalini is THERE, present in every human being. However, its enormous potential for human evolution has been and will continue to be misunderstood and neglected. Even though the word itself continues to be bandied about in strip mall Yoga salons, most people do not understand the real implications of Kundalini: how to activate it, how to live with it, what it can do - its critical role in human development.

In The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius, Gopi Krishna, the 20th Century's single most influential investigator, identified Kundalini as the unifying factor behind genius. How did he come to this conclusion? Like JJ Semple, Gopi Krishna fully activated his Kundalini. It was active from the moment of his awakening until the day he died. Again, like JJ Semple, his investigation of Kundalini was not based on second hand accounts or theory; it was based on day-to-day living with Kundalini, and on the dramatic changes of consciousness that took place over many years. Permanent Kundalini awakenings allow the practitioner to see inside his/her own consciousness.

Common Sense Kundalini takes a look at all aspects of the Kundalini experience: its scientific ramifications, the near death experience, neuroplasticity, integration of consciousness, human potential, Shaktipat, energy healing, finding a teacher, Kundalini and Pop Culture, permanent vs. temporary, health, Kundalini Yoga vs. Kundlaini Meditation.
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Life Force Books announces a new website devoted to the understanding of Kundalini. The mission of Common Sense Kundalini is to become the most comprehensive, down-to-earth informational site on this subject.
2009 Alchemy Conference
Los Angeles Convention Center

Recently, I attended the 2009 Alchemy Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center where I watched cults, fads, or trends at work, up close and personal. I saw seekers toiling away at their respective metaphysical arts. I listened to thousands of words, watched groups at lectures nodding in attentive rapport. Many questions and many answers. Very sincere, very respectful, very enthusiastic. Yet, for some reason, personally unsatisfying. I say personally because I take responsibility for my lack of enthusiasm, my inability to connect. I'm out of touch, behind the curve, out to pasture, off the beaten track. And I know it. I'm a product of my era, to some degree.

That's why I'm going to forge ahead doing my projects, my way. Reaching out, trying to please, trying to connect are all very well and good. But if they entail compromise or making concessions, then the work I have to do will never get done. Why? Because this work relies on absolute self-truth, on examining and questioning everything I see, hear, and feel. Without this it's only so much white noise, better suited to the halls and corridors of the LA Convention Center.

Kundalini, as told by Henry Miller, as lived by Holden Caulfield
Read what critic Araminta Matthews had to say about JJ Semple's first book:

DGF"When I think of memoirs, I am often bored by the thought of reading the machinations of some person's mundane existence. I imagine the story to be amateurish, over-written, and esoteric. Couple that memoir with a critical commentary on a [in]famous philosophical treatise from Chinese spirituality and I expected a full-on yawn-fest. Instead, I was met with a frank, enlightening foray into the depths of The Secret of the Golden Flower from the perspective of a real person, flaws and all. JJ Semple's Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time is truly a phenomenon unto itself. This book uses one person's real life to extrapolate the intricacies of The Golden Flower, from pre-discovery to post-discovery, and it is quite a ride.

"At the same time as encompassing the spiritual element, Semple's book also masters the craft of writing and entertainment. He has mastered dialogue in its creative nonfiction element and brought alive through voice the characters of his memories. In addition, his writing is constantly hand-carved - in no instance does it feel over-written or flowery, as though he has kept his language on a leash close to his hip.

"I recommend this book to everyone. Truly, this is the best book I've read in a long time, both in terms of practical application of spiritual practice and market entertainment. This book is a riveting experience."
by Arminta Matthews, June 20, 2008

Read the full review...
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Who is JJ Semple?
JJ Semple 2010

JJ Semple has worked as a film editor for NBC with TV producers Stuart Schulberg and Ted Yates, and he edited "Assassin," an independent feature film, for Rod Bradley's Streetlight Productions.


In the 1970s and 80s he lived in France, where he directed his own training school, Arazon, a company that prepared managers for negotiation and problem solving. After attending a French business school, he established a subsidiary of UNILOG, a leading French software company, in the US. He returned to Paris to work for Apple Computer Europe, designing multimedia programs. He also taught a multimedia course at the American University in Paris. It was during this period that he began writing feature screenplays.


His screenplay, "Everyone Wants to Make Movies" (co-written with Mark Richardson) won the Telluride award in 1997, and their screenplay "Little Dan" won first place at the Telluride Independent Film Festival in 2000.


His personal education involves yogic practices and metaphysical exploration, inspired by a wide variety of teachers, writers and philosophers, including Gopi Krishna, whom he met and collaborated with in Kashmir in 1977. He is now one of the foremost authorities on a safe, reliable method for activating Kundalini.
Says JJ Semple, "After many years of practicing Yoga and meditation on my own, I realized my self-reliance had provided me with the knowledge to create a method of my own - a method for self-learners. It's called Golden Flower Meditation (GFM), a method I learned through extensive study of The Secret of the Golden Flower. Practitioners all over the world use it. In fact, because of its revolutionary implementation of sexual sublimation, every Yoga teacher and meditation instructor should have GFM techniques in their toolkit.

Life Force Books Amazon store...
Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing

Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing  - Full Cover

Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing represents the crucial first step of the Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation method, a step each practitioner must learn before attempting the backward-flowing method. The exercises in this CD are set to Universal World genre music composed and arranged by JJ Semple. The music blends seamlessly with spoken instructions on using the diaphragm with every breath you take. You can purchase this CD from, through a direct link from this Web site.

"I don't charge for the method,"says JJ Semple, "In fact, I give it away through my books. For example, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time describes the method in easy-to-understand, non-technical language and my new book, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death takes the subject even deeper.
Says JJ Semple, "When I was 7, I suffered an accident; a long splinter became lodged in my foot, shutting down vital growth energy to various parts of my body.

"The splinter shut down a vital nexus in my nervous system, denying growth energy to that whole synaptic neural circuit. You see, each part of the body is governed by a specific area of the brain. If either the part of the brain or its corresponding body part is damaged, the related part also suffers.

"Eventually, I found a meditation method that revitalized my brain from the inside-out. A  system for triggering the autonomic self-healing mechanisms of the body - Kundalini. I have practiced the method for 40 years. It's called GFM, and it's named after that masterpiece of Chinese alchemy, The Secret of the Golden Flower, the book many adepts recognize as the Buddha's own meditation system, a system that Gopi Krishna, the 20th Century's great elucidator of Kundalini, described as 'containing unmistakable hints about the sublimation process'."

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JJ Semple
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