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Surviving The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here, and with the good - barbecues and weekends at the beach - comes the bad - the hot and humid days that make you want to shower again by the time you get to work!

But even more than the heat comes the inevitable slowdown in business. Volume on the stock market plummets and people try to make shortened Fridays into no-work Fridays.

Against this backdrop, the economy remains a problem even though the stock market has rallied back as of late. The debt problems in Europe have taken center stage once again and last week's surprisingly weak job numbers have rattled investors and called into question how strong second half economic growth will be.

Bottom line, the next few months are shaping up to be rough one for the economy and perhaps once again the markets. While many of your clients might be taking extended vacations this summer, this uncertainty necessitates that you stay alert.

So how do you make the most of the dog days of summer? One way is to proactively upgrade your client servicing strategy so that you can communicate with clients regardless of where they are.

The best way to do this is to communicate on their terms. This quarter's White Paper is entitled "On-Line and On-Point: A Guide to Social Media Success." We take the mystery out of social media and show you how you can use it to simultaneously solidify current client relationships and grow your business.

Have a great quarter.

Andy Klausner
Founder & Principal

On-Line and On-Point: A Guide to Social Media Success


The real power of social media is that it allows you to remain top of mind with existing clients while developing and building new relationships. For financial services professionals, social media plays a different role than it does in many industries, as most of us offer services first and product second.


Unlike many consumer product companies, for example, which utilize social media primarily to attract new customers and sell more products, in many cases you already have the clients; social media can help you strengthen and expand these relationships. Seen in this light, social media is an extension of the unique service offerings that you already provide.


For industry product providers, such as mutual fund companies, while there are some similarities with consumer product companies on the sales side, they too are focused on providing value-added content to solidify and grow advisor and client relationships.


A by-product of strengthening existing relationships is that you're also helping clients become better referral sources. By extending the delivery of your services and demonstrating your professionalism and knowledge, you're making it more enticing for clients to promote you. Done right, your social media efforts can help you get your story out to more people.


Simultaneously, by expanding your reach into the viral world of social media, you should be able to add to your prospect pipeline. More potential clients will become aware of you and the services that you provide. Social media provides you a way to engage more people in conversation, provide them information and get them to like you before you even meet!


What is a social media strategy? 

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