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Asking youself this question?

"What is Social Networking?"

I have been getting frequent questions, firstly about just what "Social Networking" is. Secondly, how owners and managers can apply social networking to grow their businesses. Our core business is Internet Communication Solutions, Social Networking included it would seem!!!

Below is a link to a slide show from which you might enjoy and which might help get your tweeting heard by prospects and customers, partners and friends.

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Some hints ......
"Twitter gives you a great platform to share what's special about your company in 140 characters. But like using a highlighter in a book, only highlight the important things. Otherwise, your followers won't be able to read anything because there are too many colors.

One of the biggest benefits Twitter can deliver to a business revolves around branding. If your tweets create anticipation, that will brand your company with a consumer in a very effective way. Just make sure you're actually creating anticipation, and not just tweeting to tweet.

Twitpics are an incredible opportunity to showcase why you're company is cool. Plus, the twitpic links are the most opened links on Twitter."

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I hope you enjoyed this Internet Communications Solutions user tip.

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