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BNI 2009
BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.
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Jove Tech Newsletter Vol 2. No. 4
Good Business.

During my youth, many of my extended family were small business owners. Butchers, bakers, watch makers, stone block masons and small construction firm owners. I frequently spent time in their shops and involved in the business activities, if sometimes only as a spectator. As I got a bit older I was able to actually help out with taking and filling orders and keeping the businesses neat and orderly. During that time I was always taught about doing "Good Business." Good Business was treating your customers, suppliers and employees and even your competitors with respect. The customer might not always be right, but they are always the customer.

While the community of merchants and craftsman has evolved, and some have disappeared, the concept of Good Business remains valid and has grown in importance given our challenging economic conditions. I have joined several local Business organizations in the past couple of years and have found "Good Business" is still being practiced at the local level.

If you haven't done so, and are looking for other ethical businesses, join your Chamber of Commerce; Consider joining more than one. Join a BNI or Le Tip chapter or other BIZ networking organization. These organizations have a reputation of being very ambitious but highly productive. You should find them invigorating and refreshing.

"Good Business is, well, Good Business"

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Jove-Tech can provide the following Email Marketing and Online Survey services to effectively grow your business:

We all need to keep prospects in our sales pipeline and keep our current customers satisfied. Satisfied customers are our biggest source of referrals. Jove Technologies, LLC can support your Small and Medium Business because we understand your SMB situation and have the expertise to execute your plan effectively.

To help with your E-mail Marketing needs we can provide the following services:
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning Services
    • Services include evaluation of existing communication activities.
    • Deliverables include strategy document with implementation plan and time line.
  • E-mail Marketing Launch Services
    • Quick start service
    • Campaign creation
    • Template creation
  • Build, Operate and Transfer
    • Jove-Tech will build the campaign
    • Begin operation
    • Transfer operation to client
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management
    • Account set-up
    • Campaign creation and on-going consultations
    • Campaign Analysis and Report generation
  • Monthly Quarterly Coaching
    • Review of strategy / Marketing goals
    • List maintenance; imports, bounces, unsubscribes
    • Content development
    • campaign analysis and reporting
    • plan revisions
See how far a FREE 60-Day Trial can take your business!
Put the power of Email Marketing and Online Survey to work for you.

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VocalNet is an industry first mover and one of the oldest providers of converged voice and data services over IP. From our formation 7 years ago, our services have gained the highest approval available - satisfied customers.

Quality - beyond industry standard
VocalNet is proud to offer our customers with voice and internet services that exceed the norm in quality. Many companies transport your vital traffic over public internet, dividing bandwidth and quality among many different users. By providing our services over private, managed connections, we ensure that your dollars don't contribute to shared connections and that your service quality is seated high above industry standard.

Putting power behind the promise
Recognizing the need for simplification, cost reduction, and greater service and support quality, VocalNet has developed a revolutionary software based network architecture. This network allows us to converge voice and data services over a single connection, saving you money and delivering an unparalleled service.
  • VoIP Services
  • Managed Collocation
  • Managed Data Services
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Storage
Contact Jove Tech for information or to schedule a demo today!

Sales: 215-348-4195 Ext 200
We believe the economic recovery will require the actions of the Small and Medium Business community. Keep a positive attitude and execute your business plan.

"Follow your dreams."

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Jove Technologies, LLC strives to provide ethical and professional services and markets products of vendors who share the same level of commitment to our clients and customers. If you are dissatisfied with any product or service at any time contact Jove Technologies, LLC at 215-348-4195 Ext 100. We strive to see your satifaction is met.
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