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Email Marketing by Constant Contact® makes it easy, effective, and highly affordable to connect with your audience and build strong, successful, lasting relationships with them.

Free trial period is risk free!!!
Allworx VoIP Communication Systems save SMB's time and money!!!
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Jove Tech Newsletter Vol 2. No. 2
Spring is in the air!!!!

Even as I write this, there is newly fallen snow on the ground. However, the sun is high in the clear blue sky and the crocuses will soon be blooming.

It is time to restart some activities, perhaps including some renewed Marketing activities. The financial news seems to remain on a downward slope for the most part but consumer activity was more positive in February. I have rececived a worksheet from Constant Contact which has give me some insight and motivation. Here is the introduction .....

"These are tough economic times. As a small business owner, you may be feeling the pinch today and worrying about planning for tomorrow. Most likely, you are questioning whether to scale back your existing marketing plans, or do away with them altogether.

The answer is neither! Uncertain economic times provide the perfect opportunity for you to take stock of your existing customer base and to leverage those relationships in order to weather the downturn-and stay competitive in the future. Now is the time to assess the fundamentals that drive your business: knowing your existing customers; acquiring new customers; connecting with customers in meaningful ways; and delivering the right solutions to meet customers' needs. This guide gives you useful tips for leveraging what you already know about your business. It can help you create an actionable, effective marketing plan that will help you survive-and thrive-in today's uncertain economic climate."

You can download the worksheet from our web site and put some of the techniques to work for you.

Now that you have generated prospects, you will need to convert the leads into sales and ultimatly manage your newly acquired customer base. Allworx VoIP has solutions for that situation!!!!

Allworx Systems provide much more than just Voice over IP (VoIP). The product line includes Call Management to effectively handle incoming calls, Call Assistant to handle outgoing calls and Conference Center to provide quick and efficient communications between your staff and your clients.

Contact Jove Tech for information or to schedule a demo today!

Sales: 215-348-4195 Ext 200
Allworx has an aggressive promotion on VoIP Phone Bundles.
Allworx Conference Center

We can pass the savings on to our customers!

It's true... Small and medium businesses can have it all!

Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an all-in-one communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones and powerful software features that can substantially improve your company's productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The 6x is an excellent choice if you are upgrading your existing antiquated system or starting a new forward-thinking business. If you meet any of these situations, the Allworx 6x is designed for you:
  • Existing phone system costs too much
  • Business is moving, expanding or your needs are changing
  • Need to make your business more efficient
  • Looking to save 30-50% on your telephone and operational costs
Contact JoveTech today to schedule a no-risk demo of the Allworx 6x!!!

Sales: 215-348-4195 Ext 200
Jove Technologies, LLC adds Constant Contact as partner.

Constant Contact®, Inc. champions small businesses, associations, and nonprofits to help them connect with their customers, clients, and members easily and affordably. More than 250,000 organizations worldwide use Constant Contact's industry-leading email marketing and online survey tools. They create professional-looking email communications and online surveys to inform their audience and get feedback that ultimately result in closer relationships and tangible business growth.

Constant Contact supports customers every step of the way with award-winning, unlimited, free customer service. Plus, Constant Contact provides high email deliverability rates due to its strong ISP partnerships, no-tolerance spam policy, and participation in anti-spam industry groups.

Marketing Psychology tells us that consistant contact is required to make a behaviour impact on customers. Research has shown that 7 to 9 contacts are required to build recognition and trust in sales situations. Constant Contact is a no-risk method to begin that consistant communication with present customers and most importantly, prospects.

I am most excited by the on-line survey capability which helps provide valuable marketing information which can then be turned into qualified sales leads.

This technology is web based and can be mastered by those with moderate computer skills but Jove Tech can provide Professional Consulting services to those who don't have the time to put together their own e-mail marketing campaign.

To begin your No-Risk trial period, contact Jove Tech now!

Sales: 215-348-4195 Ext 200
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I have been using many of the techniques, concepts, reports and other tools with remarkable success!!!!
We believe the economic recovery will require the actions of the Small and Medium Business community. Keep a positive attitude and execute your business plan.

"Follow your dreams."

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Jove Technologies, LLC
Jove Technologies, LLC strives to provide ethical and professional services and markets products of vendors who share the same level of commitment to our clients and customers. If you are dissatisfied with any product or service at any time contact Jove Technologies, LLC at 215-348-4195 Ext 100. We strive to see your satifaction is met.
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