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Red Cedar Welcomes New CEO
Optimize This! 2012 Conference
Optimization of a B-Pillar Using COMPOSE
HEEDS Training Classes Go Global!
Red Cedar Welcomes Robert R. Ryan as President and CEO
Former Board Chairman transitions into new role on company's leadership team

We're pleased to announce that Robert R. Ryan has accepted the position of President and CEO of Red Cedar Technology. 

Bob has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech software industry. He previously served as President of Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. (MDI). In 2002, he oversaw the sale of MDI to MSC.Software and served as Executive Vice President of the newly combined firm. Most recently, he served as Chairman of the Board for Red Cedar Technology and About Golf, Ltd.

Ron Averill, former President and CEO of Red Cedar Technology, will transition into the roles of Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer. 

"Bob has a history of successful leadership in high-tech software companies, and he has already made significant contributions to Red Cedar Technology,"
said Averill, "We are very fortunate to have someone with Bob's experience and ability at the helm of the company."

Registration is Open!  

Optimize This! 2012
, the 1st International HEEDS User Conference, will bring experts and specialists together to recognize, and focus on, the wide applications of optimization technology, and specifically optimization with HEEDS products, across all industries.

The conference will be held the week of October 15-19, 2012 at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. It will feature presentations from key stakeholders at companies currently using HEEDS products to solve optimization problems. Other highlights will include a networking Meet and Greet at Pratt & Miller Engineering, an Open House at Red Cedar Technology, as well as a formal dinner at the Henry Ford Museum.

For spouses and family of attendees, the Detroit area offers a variety of attractions, including Greenfield Village, Detroit Tigers baseball at Comerica Park, the Detroit Zoo, the Detroit Science Center, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and much more.

Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are available. We look forward to seeing you at Optimize This! 2012!

We're Looking for a Few Good Speakers!    

Call for Presentations  


If you have an interesting presentation idea for the Optimize This! 2012 conference, we invite you to submit an application. 


The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2012.

Learn more and apply online

Optimization of a B-Pillar Undergoing Roof Crush Using COMPOSE

Application Brief


Executing full vehicle finite element analyses can be time consuming and expensive. Compound this with the fact that crash optimization problems require a large number of evaluations (due to the complicated design landscape), and optimization of full vehicle crash simulations becomes computationally costly and difficult. An ideal solution is to reduce the full vehicle model down to a manageable sub-model that can be analyzed much more  quickly, while maintaining the boundary constraints as if using the full vehicle model. The optimization process can then be managed with this sub-model while significantly reducing the computational requirements.

This application brief demonstrates how to optimize the
A-pillar, B-pillar, roof rail, rocker, front header, and roof bow components of a car for roof crush, utilizing ultra-high-strength steel. In addition to the gauge of the individual structural components, a soft zone trigger and its location within the B-pillar are introduced as design variables. LS-DYNA [1] is utilized as the simulation tool with the COMPOSE (COMPonent Optimization in a System Environment) module for HEEDS MDO used to perform the optimization.
Figure. Roof crush sub-model. 

COMPOSE enables the use of a sub-model for optimization in a way that significantly reduces the overall optimization time. Using COMPOSE, the majority of the evaluations during the optimization are performed using the sub-model, while only a handful of full model evaluations are performed to maintain the coupling between the two models.


Read the entire application brief  

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HEEDS Training
Classes Go Global!
We have provided the standard HEEDS Training materials to all of our distributors worldwide. As a result, many of them are now offering HEEDS MDO 101 and 201 classes in their regions. For more information about HEEDS Training in your area, contact your local distributor.
RCT distributor, Anflux, conducts HEEDS MDO training sessions locally in Japan 
Register for North American 2012 Classes
We offer basic and advanced HEEDS MDO training at our East Lansing, Michigan headquarters. Enjoy small class sizes and individual attention from our expert instructors - sign up today! 

HEEDS MDO 101:  Introduction to Parametric Optimization
This class provides a basic introduction to using HEEDS MDO for parametric optimization studies. Learn how to set up, run, and view the results from a general HEEDS MDO study. Click on a date below for more information:


HEEDS MDO 201: Advanced Optimization, Sensitivity and Reliability Studies 

This class provides advanced training in using HEEDS MDO for parallel design, Design of Experiments (DOE), sensitivity, and robustness and reliability studies. Click on a date below for more information:


We'll come to you!  If a group at your organization is interested in training, we can offer any of the general training classes at your location. We are happy to work with you to create a customized training agenda that will help your team advance its understanding of design optimization with HEEDS software.  

We hope you have found this issue informative and interesting. If you have questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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