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Just Released! HEEDS MDO, POST 1.0, and NP 2.0
Optimization of an ANSYS CFD Model
Optimize This! 2012 Conference
HEEDS Training Classes
Just Released! HEEDS MDO 6.0, POST 1.0 and NP 2.0  


HEEDS MDO 6.0 is now available!  


In addition to enhancements to many existing features, this latest release offers the new COMPOSE (COMPonent Optimization in a System Environment) module, collaborative optimization, reliability studies, and two new optimization methods.


Current customers:  If you have an active HEEDS MDO license and are current on your maintenance, you can upgrade to MDO 6.0 at no additional cost. 


Find out what's new in HEEDS MDO 6.0   


HEEDS POST 1.0 allows you to review data and understand results from HEEDS MDO optimization, DOE and R&R studies. 

HEEDS POST is a full-featured plotting/graphing package that offers significantly enhanced post-processing capabilities compared to those currently available in HEEDS MDO. 

With HEEDS POST, you can plot specific data, scale plot axes, and customize plot styles. You can also create multiple-plot views that are synchronized with one another.

When it's time to share your insights, you can export plots as images and data in comma-delimited format for use in your presentations and reports.

Learn more about HEEDS POST 1.0      


HEEDS NP is our nonparametric shape optimization software. We have just released HEEDS NP 2.0 with support for Nastran.


Optimization of an ANSYS CFD Model Using HEEDS MDO

Application Brief


Figure. Optimized pump blade design (red) with baseline blade design (blue), stator, and turbine shown.
HEEDS MDO optimization software was used to successfully automate and optimize an ANSYS CFX CFD model of a torque converter.

The optimization was performed by creating a series of session files that would automatically manipulate design geometry, CFD model characteristics, and CFD model results generated in a number of different tools.


The optimization was limited to modifying only the blade design on the pump side of the torque converter, but still produced almost 20% improvement in pump torque.

It should also be noted this same process can be used with any pre, post, and analysis tools that have the ability to create a session file recording of actions taken on a specific set of input or output data.

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Save the Date! International HEEDS User Conference   

Red Cedar Technology is pleased to announce that we will host our first International HEEDS Users Conference in October 2012. We are working to complete the final details but we hope you'll plan to attend! 

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New Technology


When you have a large
system that you want to optimize, but the part of the model that is changing during optimization is localized to a small area (sub-system) of the full model, you can save time and find better designs with HEEDS COMPOSE.

COMPOSE is a module for HEEDS MDO that helps you optimize sub-systems using smaller models, while maintaining the coupling between the system and sub-system.

HEEDS COMPOSE can drastically reduce the time and effort required to optimize a sub-system whose performance is strongly coupled to the overall system behavior.

Using COMPOSE, you can reduce the CPU time for some design studies by a factor of 10 - 1,000, depending upon the problem definition. Further, potentially thousands of design iterations can be performed in about the same amount of time it would take to perform a few system-level evaluations. This increases your chances of finding designs with significantly higher performance, and in much less time.

HEEDS COMPOSE: Component Optimization in a System Environment
HEEDS COMPOSE: Component Optimization in a System Environment

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HEEDS MDO Training
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You've chosen the most powerful optimization software available, and we want to ensure that you get the maximum value from your investment.

We offer basic and advanced HEEDS MDO training at our East Lansing, Michigan headquarters.

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HEEDS MDO 101:  Introduction to Parametric Optimization
This class provides a basic introduction to using HEEDS MDO for parametric optimization studies. Learn how to set up, run, and view the results from a general HEEDS MDO study. Click on a date below for more information:


HEEDS MDO 201: Advanced Optimization, Sensitivity and Reliability Studies 

This class provides advanced training in using HEEDS MDO for parallel design, Design of Experiments (DOE), sensitivity, and robustness and reliability studies. Click on a date below for more information:

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