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Optimization Viewpoints: Mind versus Machine
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Mind versus Machine
Optimization Viewpoints Blog

by Ron Averill


Mind vs MachineIn 1997, IBM's Deep Blue computer won a six-game chess match against world champion Gary Kasparov.  


More recently, IBM's Watson supercomputer defeated two of the greatest Jeopardy champions of all time during a three-day competition.


Despite these impressive exhibitions, machines cannot think like humans - yet.  For example, given different sets of information, humans have a natural ability to detect patterns and perceive order. Computers, on the other hand, must be told what types of pattern structures to look for.


But Deep Blue and Watson have demonstrated that when the rules of the game are well defined and the desired patterns are known, humans can program computers to solve these problems better or faster than our own minds can solve them.


Another example is engineering design optimization, where mathematical computer algorithms are being used to optimize engineered systems and components. In this context, the roles of mind and machine are still being debated. Unlike in chess or Jeopardy, no one has proposed a suitable competition to determine whether machines can outperform humans on design optimization tasks.


In my opinion, it is not a question of mind versus machine. The more important issue is how we can best leverage mind plus machine. While there is some overlap in their skill sets, the most powerful capabilities of the human mind complement those of computers.


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New! HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview 


Our newest product, HEEDSŪ POST, allows you to review data and understand results from HEEDS MDO optimization studies. Within HEEDS POST, you can create a variety of plot types and design tables, which allow you to:

  • Understand the design space
  • Explore design sensitivities
  • Visualize correlations
  • Investigate trade-offs

When it's time to share your insights, you can export plots as images and data in comma-delimited format for use in your presentations and reports.


HEEDS POST Product Tour

This short video tour demonstrates how easy it is to review data and visualize results in HEEDS POST:  


HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview Product Tour
HEEDS POST 1.0 Preview Product Tour


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Please join us for the September EHUG Meeting!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
1:30-2:30 pm CEST 


The European HEEDS User Group (EHUG) is a growing community of HEEDS users and others interested in discussing applications of HEEDS to solve unique and challenging optimization problems. EHUG's mission is to help customers from different companies make personal connections and learn from one another how best to implement design optimization.  


The group gathers quarterly by Webinar, and discussions include HEEDS success stories, development updates, and presentations by featured partners. EHUG is chaired by our European reseller, CAE Value


The September EHUG Webinar will include the following presentations: 

  • Optimization of  Composite Aircraft Structural Components by Nate Chase (Red Cedar Technology), Jessie Tan and Selene Soh (ST Aerospace). 
  • HEEDS Feature Highlights - Ranny Sidhu (Red Cedar Technology)
  • and more! 

We look forward to your attendance and participation in this interesting and informative Webinar! There is no cost to attend.  


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HEEDS MDO Training
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