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HEEDS Tip:Controlling Minimum Variable Change Using Variable Resolution
Press Release: ETA and RCT Collaborate on Vehicle Weight-Reduction Research
Announcement: Bob Ryan Joins Red Cedar's Leadership Team
Announcement: Red Cedar Welcomes New Director of Business Development
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Controlling Minimum Variable Change Using Variable Resolution
HEEDS Professional Tip

During optimization, the values of variables are automatically changed to create new designs. In many studies, it is important to control the minimum amount by which a variable is allowed to change. For example, with design variables that cannot be fractional (e.g., the number of teeth on a gear), can only be controlled to a coarse precision level, or are only available in certain sizes, you need to be able to control step size during optimization.

In HEEDS Professional, there are two methods you can use to control the minimum amount by which a variable value can change to produce a new design:  you can define a set of values and assign them to a discrete variable, or you can define a continuous variable with an appropriate resolution.

This tip will describe how to use the second method.

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ETA and Red Cedar Collaborate on Vehicle Weight-Reduction Research
Press Release

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) recently announced that its Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) process successfully achieved significant weight reductions as part of the Future Generation Passenger Compartment (FGPC) project and the Future Steel Vehicle (FSV) initiative.

ETA's ACP incorporates Red Cedar Technology's HEEDSŪ Professional. HEEDS contains a unique search strategy called SHERPA, a proprietary hybrid adaptive strategy for parameter optimization.

"Incorporating SHERPA...has helped to expedite the design process through optimization to reduce development costs, and improve efficiency, all while helping to harness the challenges of design complexity for engineers," said Dr. Akbar Farahani, VP of Global Engineering at ETA.

Bob Ryan Joins Red Cedar Technology's Leadership Team
Bob Ryan, Board Chairman
Bob Ryan
Robert (Bob) Ryan was recently elected chairman of the board of Red Cedar Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in the high tech software industry and also currently serves as Chairman and CEO of AboutGolf, Limited. 

Bob previously served as President of Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. (MDI). He led MDI from start-up to over $50M in annual revenues, took the company public, completed seven international acquisitions, and positioned MDI as the leader in its market sector. In 2002, Bob oversaw the sale of the company to MSC.Software and served as Executive Vice President of the newly combined firm. 

Bob received his Bachelor's degree in engineering and business from the University of Cincinnati, and holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering from Stanford University. He spent two years on the Mechanical Engineering faculty at The University of Michigan, where he received the Exxon Outstanding Educator Award and carried out research sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Bob has authored over 20 journal articles and book chapters about computer simulation and the global IT market, and he is frequently invited to speak at international conferences. 

Bob has served on advisory boards with the National Institutes of Health, the SimBios National Center for Biomedical Computing, University of Cincinnati, Michigan State University, Silicon Graphics, and GDI Infotech. He volunteers with Junior Achievement, Focus Hope, Love Inc., Special Olympics, and The Salvation Army.

When asked to comment on his election to the Red Cedar Technology board, Bob said, "Global market leaders are increasingly focusing on product optimization to propel their growth, and Red Cedar Technology has established itself as the preeminent provider of this technology. I'm excited to join this outstanding organization and help it realize its potential."

Red Cedar Technology's CEO, Ron Averill, had the following comment about Bob's election: "Due to his tremendous experience and success, Bob is one of the most highly respected leaders in the CAE industry. We are honored to have him serve as our new chairman and to help direct the growth of our organization."
Red Cedar Welcomes New Director of Business Development
Angelo Flemings, Director of Business Development
Angelo Flemings

We are pleased to announce that Angelo Flemings has recently joined our team as Director of Business Development.

Angelo has over 25 years of experience in high-tech software, concept design, product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and computer hardware. He has applied his knowledge in a variety of industries, including academic, aerospace, automotive, biomechanics, boating, general machinery, manufacturing, and railways. Prior to joining Red Cedar Technology, Angelo held senior executive, sales, and marketing positions at companies such as MSC Software, Mechnical Dynamics, Megatek, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors and Perkin-Elmer.

Angelo began his career as one of the first users of commercial CAD/CAM technology. His desire to participate more actively in business development motivated him to transition to direct sales and executive sales management, where he has consistently been a top performer at each organization. Angelo's current career highlights include assisting Computervision and Mechanical Dynamics to go public, expanding territories and opening new offices, developing executive-level business opportunities, and acquiring HG Engineering's Design Analysis Group, which was profitable immediately after its purchase.  

Angelo has held positions on various boards, such as the Michigan Small Aircraft Transportation Systems board, the Highland Park Leadership Steering Committee (working directly with the Governor of the State of Michigan), the Highland Park Business Association and others. He is regularly involved in community-based activities. 

"Angelo shares our dedication to providing the best technology, products, support and service to the engineering community. His high energy and desire to create win-win scenarios will help us build even stronger relationships with our customers and partners," said Ron Averill, CEO of Red Cedar Technology.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Angelo to the Red Cedar Technology team!  If you would like to contact Angelo directly, feel free to email him at a.flemings@redcedartech.com.
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