February 2009 Contents
Announcement: Red Cedar Technology Marks 10-Year Anniversary
Application Brief: Crush of Composite Tubes
HEEDS Tip: Imposing Constraints on Design Variables
Red Cedar Technology Marks Its 10-Year Anniversary

This year, Red Cedar Technology proudly celebrates 10 years of providing engineering design optimization software, services and technology.  As we reflect on where we have been and look toward our goals for the future, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and partners. Your support makes our continued growth possible and our continued pursuit of excellence enjoyable.
HEEDS DOE: Crush of Composite Tubes
Application Brief

A Design of Experiments (DOE) study was performed using HEEDS Professional to investigate the main energy-absorbing mechanisms during quasi-static crush of a circular composite tube.

Failure mechanisms such as material failure, delamination, friction between plies and friction between a metallic initiator and the tube were explicitly studied.

The results confirmed that friction between the tube and the initiator was the dominant mechanism, representing approximately 50% of the total energy absorption. 

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Imposing Constraints on Design Variables
HEEDS Professional Tip #1

When solving engineering design optimization problems, it is common to have design variables that are semi-independent. That is, the variables vary independently within a range, but the range over which they vary is dependent on the values taken by other variables. For example, three variables may be independent, but the sum of these three variables must be equal to a prescribed value.

This technical tip demonstrates a method for redefining your HEEDS optimization problem to efficiently accommodate semi-independent design variables.

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