News & Events - May 2012

Featuring photography from Jennifer Rolston, Aldo Ruiz and Mike Shriver.

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New CCC logo for 2012
A special note of gratitude to Paolo Miranda (, winner of our 2012 logo contest! We hope Paolo's logo at the top of this newsletter inspires you, too. We'll be using the logo throughout the year as part of our campaign for new donors to sustain the work of the Castro Country Club. Go to and click on "donate now."

CCC Advisory Board meets Tuesday May 8, 7:30pm at CCC

All are welcome. Notes from monthly meetings at
Transitions Committee of CCC Advisory Board meets Tuesdays, 6:00pm at CCC
To plan for organizational transition. All are welcome. No meeting May 8.

Brian and DeeDee's Sobriety Anniversary Party, Saturday May 26, 12-4pm
Brian P is going to be 2 and DeeDee L-A is 1!

Watch Raymond B turn 1, Wednesday May 30, 9:30pm-midnight
It's a miracle! Bring a newcomer! 
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