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Keep the Steps in the Castro - A Year-end Update    

The building that has been a spiritual home to the recovery community in the Castro neighborhood for nearly 29 years was put on the market in 2010 for $1.7 million. In response, despite virtually no experience with fundraising, the CCC launched the Keep the Steps in the Castro campaign in hopes of buying the building or, failing that, securing a new home in the neighborhood.

Looking back, that took quite a leap of faith.

But because of the economy and because of all the structural problems with the 1901 Victorian, the trust which is selling the building was forced to drop the asking price several times, and now they are hoping to get just $1 million. This seems to have generated more interest of late from prospective buyers, even as it has made our goal of purchasing the building for the CCC seem more attainable.

In the last month, one offer that had been accepted was withdrawn. And now a new offer has been made by yet another investor.

The details of this latest buyer's plans for the tenancy of the Castro Country Club have not yet been worked out and therefore, as of this writing, the CCC Advisory Board has not taken a position for or against the sale. More will be revealed...

What we do know is that over the year and a half since our fundraising campaign kicked off, the recovery community in the Castro neighborhood has shown its trust and faith in the CCC. Last month, the Club gratefully accepted a check from Folsom Street Events for $6,750, thanks to the efforts of CCC volunteers. To date, over $180,000 has been raised for the Keep the Steps fund and thousands more are pledged in the form of monthly memberships. All these moneys are kept in a restricted, interest-bearing savings account administered by the CCC Advisory Board.

However, while the CCC has never been more heavily utilized, revenue from cafe' sales and meeting room rentals has been relatively modest, totaling about $80,000 annually. Not counting fundraising, our operating budget in FY 2010/11 was $155,000. Rent alone on the CCC flat and garage amounts to $60,000 this year.

Therefore, if we are to become entirely self-supporting through our own contributions, it is clear that the Club will have to consider allocating monthly fundraising revenue towards either rent or mortgage payments.

Every time someone becomes a CCC member, paying anywhere from $10 to $100 monthly, they are not just talking the talk, they are walking the walk. They are showing that they support the CCC and its simple mission - providing a safe, welcoming and fun place where one alcoholic or addict can help another - and they believe it is vital to our community that it continue. Simply put, every membership and every dollar contributed Keeps the Steps in the Castro.

Being mere mortals, we don't know what 2012 will bring, but we know that change is afoot and that our fate rests in the hands of a Power greater than ourselves. While alcoholism and addiction continue to take their toll on the Castro neighborhood and the broader community, the path to recovery is available to all, and the Castro Country Club is committed to serve as a beacon to all who want it, lighting the way as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

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