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Keep the Steps in the Castro - Updates   

As of this writing, the sale of the building to a real estate investor is still pending and remains under contract. Preliminary conversations with the prospective new landlord suggest that the Castro Country Club will be able to remain in the building as a tenant. This is good news and could potentially allow us to invest our building fund in securing a long-term lease and remodeling the space to better suit the growing needs of our community.

However, there are many details that must addressed, including the duration of our lease, the monthly rent, building safety issues, and more. Under the guidance of the Castro Country Club Advisory Board and our parent organization Baker Places, we hope to have these questions answered by the end of the year. Once we have more information, we plan to hold a community meeting and conduct an online survey to present our options and hear your ideas.

In the meantime, we continue raising funds to ensure that we will Keep the Steps in the Castro.

Last month's Harvest Feast at the Patio Cafe was a huge success, earning over $10,000. Also, we brought in almost $4,000 in new and renewing memberships in September, bringing our total building fund to approx. $170,000. Thank you to everyone who continues to step up to support the Castro Country Club!

But our work is far from done and we are embarking now on our year-end membership drive. If you haven't yet signed up, please consider joining the Castro Country Club now as a dues-paying member. To find out more about membership levels and the benefits of joining with over 100 current dues-paying members, click here:
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We Are Not Saints 

We Are Not Saints
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