Nucoffee - Small Brazilian Microlots Without the Big Wait


We pride ourselves on helping our neighbors. That’s why we’re offering our fine Brazilian coffee in your area. Simply call for a quote or place an order and we’ll ship it from a nearby location so you can offer this fine taste in no time. Check out the delicious examples of our coffee below. Or visit to learn about our other microlots.



Fazenda Olhos D Água

Producer: Mario Dornelles De Alvarenga Variety: Acaia Score: 84.00 Bags: 48

Notable for its warm aromatics of chocolate studded with red fruits, while the flavor comes through as a smooth milk chocolate. The acidity is present, though subtle and sweet, with an aftertaste that lingers with sugary finish, making this a wonderful coffee to use for espresso.



Fazenda Sao Sabastiao

Producer: Ricardo Araujo Variety: Acaia Score: 84.00 Bags: 35

A heavy, rich red fruit taste is layered on a dark, semi-sweet chocolate flavor, that lengthens into a mouthfeel that is creamy and sweet. Medium acidity for a spectacular choice for espresso.



Fazenda Viçosa

Producer: Waldyr Moacyr Variety: Red Catuai Score: 81.00 Bags: 51

An exceptional cup with a velvety caramel body that seems to fuse with sharp red fruits effortlessly in both the nose and on the palate.The acidity, which is honeyed and delicate, lingers surprisingly long. This coffee lends itself easily to either espresso or drip preparation.



Fazenda Boa Vista

Producer: Walace and Regina Ferreira Pedrosa Variety: Catuai Score: 83.25 Bags: 51

Unforgettable for its bright pineapple flavors balanced impeccably with a silky caramel mouthfeel. The acidity can only be described as delightfully bright, and it quickly rounds out with a mouthwatering, brown sugar sweetness that lingers on and on. This coffee is a wonderful choice for espresso.



Fazenda Santa Izabel

Producer: Flávio de Figueiredo Gomes Variety: Catuai Score: 84.00 Bags: 56

This coffee begins with a luxuriously sweet caramel aromatic that opens slowly into vivid, flowery perfumes. The subtle acidity is a perfect vehicle for the custardy finish, persistent and sweet. A fantastic pick for espresso preparation.

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