Nucoffee - Small Brazilian Microlots Without the Big Wait


We pride ourselves on helping our neighbors. That’s why we’re offering our fine Brazilian coffee in your area. Simply call for a quote or place an order and we’ll ship it from a nearby location so you can offer this fine taste in no time. Check out the delicious examples of our coffee below. Or visit to learn about our other microlots.



Fazenda Olhos D Água

Producer: Mário Dornelles Alvarenga Variety: Catuaí Score: 82.75 Bags: 53

Lush dark chocolate nuances reveal themselves in the nose before taking center stage in the cup like luxurious melted candy. A honeyed red fruit tempers the acidity, resulting in a rich, lingering finish. Espresso or filter brewed coffee.



Fazenda São Paulo

Producer: Jose Carlos Cepera Variety: Catuaí Score: 82.75 Bags: 50

Bright red fruits combine with a rich, full-bodied chocolate character in the cup exudes a brilliant intensity in the cup. The aftertaste, long and smooth, is punctuated by dazzling citrus notes, making this medium acidity coffee a wonderful choice for either espresso or drip.



Fazenda São João

Producer: Decio Bruxel Variety: Catuaí Score: 81.50 Bags: 35

Sweet tartness of red fruits seems to bubble on the palate with brightness.This chocolate, fruity profile, makes Décio Bruxel’s lot a spectacular choice for espresso preparation.



Fazenda Santa Izabel

Producer: Flávio de Figueiredo Gomes Variety: Catuaí Score: 83.25 Bags: 21

A tropical delight, combining the sweetness of pineapple with a creamy caramel mouthfeel. The acidity begins bright, but is mitigated by a mouthwatering sweetness that results from red fruit, lending a memorably long aftertaste. Perfect as either drip coffee or espresso.



Fazenda Jaraguai

Producer: Carla Vinicia Machado Variety: Mundo Novo Score: 83.50 Bags: 6

A perfect blending of the tart, sweet flavor of pineapple, with a buttery caramel candy taste. The resulting honey fruit character is bright, maturing with a medium acidity that makes it a lovely choice for brewing as either espresso or drip coffee.



Fazenda Santa Alina

Producer: Lucia Maria da Silva Dias Variety: Yellow Bourbon Score: 84.24 Bags: 140

A velvety vanilla cream taste is immediately apparent with buttery richness, tempered by a tart lemon and sugary red fruits, which balances the profile beautifully in the cup. The result is a coffee that works handsomely for either espresso or drip coffee.

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