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Exclusive Interview with EdTech legend, Dr. Nelson B. Heller,  

President of EdNET at MDR on Global Trends









Welcome to the May Global Learning - Canada on the Global Stage special issue of the MindShare Learning Report.


One cannot ignore the dramatic federal election outcome thanks in part to the power of technology -- the appetite for change and unparalleled engagement of our youth through social networking tools blind-sided some of the savviest politicians; perhaps a lesson in staying relevant and engaging our future leaders.


We are fortunate to live in one of the best and most prosperous countries in the world. Yet our future leaders are challenged to be gainfully employed with well-paying careers. It begs the question -- are we preparing our students with the essential 21st Century skills to successfully compete on the global stage?


Perhaps the outcome of the recent election and the awakening of the human spirit across Canada expressed by our youth and our leaders will cascade down to the educational system and our broader community at large to inspire us to lead and not follow other countries in reinventing Canada's digital future.


I'm elated to share several Canadian success stories in this issue:


✓  NFB's Highrise web project wins Digital Emmy

✓  50 years of Space Flight and Canada's contribution

✓  Exclusive podcast with Marc Boutet, Co-founder of Demarque, shares his experience on going global and   
      his leading-edge eBook distribution platform

✓  Playbook Product Review -- Is it ready for prime time in education?  By Tim Gard K12 editor

✓  On the Youth Beat -- Aislinn Malszecki -- Globalization Meets Technology  


Thank you to our readership, valued sponsors and advisory board. Collectively, you inspire us to bring you the best possible news and information to ultimately support student success.


Until next time, keep the learning curve steep!




P.S.  Save the date! MindShare Learning Can/Am Partnering reception at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia, June 28, 2011.

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Robert Martellacci

M.A. EdTech

Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™

President, MindShare Learning™-- Connecting Education & Business to Support Student Success 

Go Green  Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser l'Environnement.


Title Sponsor


"We need courageous leadership to transform learning in the digital world"  


-Dr. Bill Hogarth, President, ERDI, at the Pearson Foundation video shoot


"Canada's social and economic future lies in the continued educational growth of its citizens," said Andrew Parkin, Director General of CMEC. "Whether it is learning a new language, improving our literacy, or acquiring the skills needed for a new career, adult learning offers us the chance to grow as individuals and in doing so create positive change in our homes, communities, and country."

Canada on the Global Stage

Canadian Teachers Federation Global initiatives

Canadian experiences around teacher rights, working conditions and other issues linked to the delivery of equitable, quality public education are echoed around the world in a wide variety of cultures and contexts.

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Women around the world raise their voices against Canadian government at United Nations

CTF 23/02/11

All eyes around the world are turned to Canada at the United Nations as trade union women collectively condemn the Canadian government's rejection of a proposal for a sustainable quality education program that would have benefited over 2-million students and 40,000 teachers in developing countries.

Read more 


De Marque announces a partnership with Transcontinental to develop the e-book market in the United States and English-speaking Canada

CNW  02/04/11

De Marque is proud to announce that the printing sector of Transcontinental has chosen its technology platform to provide e-book production and distribution services to its customers in the United States and English-speaking Canada.

Read more 


Ministers of Education Celebrate International Adult Learners' Week

CMEC 03/04/11

First established in 2000 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), IALW serves to raise awareness of the importance of adult learning and its integral role in the lifelong learning process

Read more 


Canadarm2 Turns 10: Canadian Space Agency Celebrates a Decade of Success

CSA  04/19/11

Ten years ago today, Canadarm2 was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. A larger, more robust successor to the Shuttle's Canadarm, Canadarm2 has provided a full decade of flawless service as the Station's sophisticated "construction crane," having assembled the ISS module by module in space.

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50 Years of Human Space Flight - A World-Wide Celebration

CSA 04/12/11

Today, the Canadian Space Agency united with space-faring nations from around the world to celebrate a milestone in human spaceflight history, the 50th anniversary of the first human space flight with Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Read more 



Canadian Space Agency President Steve MacLean (fellow York U alum) presents Head of the Russian Space Agency Anatoly Perminov with a copy of the telegram sent by Prime Minister Diefenbaker to Premier Khrushchev on this memorable day 50 years ago. (April 11, 2011) (Credits: Stephanie Stoll, NASA TV)









Making sure students from all backgrounds and origins can fulfill their potential

Most Canadian high school students do well in education, independently of their socio-economic status, their first language or whether they were born in Canada or elsewhere. Provincial governments are in charge of education policy, and the province of Ontario provides a good illustration of the factors behind the educational success of the nation as a whole.

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Funding Opportunities

Manitoba's Digital Media Sector and Education Gets Funding

Study Magazine 17/03/2011

Government Invests $433,000 in Interactive Digital Media Sector


The Federal Government recently announced funding that will go towards making Manitoba more competitive in the global technology market.

Read more 


The European Research Area and Canada

ERA-Can is a collaborative international initiative to increase science and technology cooperation between Canada and the European Research Area (ERA).

Read more 


B.C. Ministry grants encourage rural schools to embrace 21st Century Learning

Win cash prizes for your ideas on how to transform Canada's health care system

Read more 


Canada 3.0


Imagine an innovative approach to make our health and health care better using information or communications technologies - what's your idea?

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K-12 Feature Headlines

Knowledge Ontario funding axed

The Globe & Mail 04/22/11

Education is losing what may be its best defence against media illiteracy, as government belt-tightening has yanked the funding from a digital collection of research resources widely used in public schools, universities and libraries.

Read more 


B.C. school district offers print management tips

IT World Canada 04/01/11

The Central Okanagan School District said it slashed printed pages among staff by 20 per cent within one year. Find out why the school district says auditing and printing limits are a key step in changing user behaviour

Read more  


Neil Young Proud Of Bridge School's Global Impact

Samaritan, 20/04/2011

Neil and Pegi Young's Bridge School in Hillsborough, California, was a much-needed, one-of-a-kind school for children with severe speech and physical impairments when it opened in 1987. Now it is a model for other schools and uses communication technology to teach its methods to other teachers around the world.

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Making things better, a bit at a time

Observer Xtra, 21/04/2011

For seven years the faculty of education professor at Wilfrid Laurier University has been travelling to Haiti to build personal relationships with educators and to help train new principals so that they, in turn, can help transform the youth of Haiti into well-educated members of society in order to help themselves.

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'Skype school' brings knowledge to Indian village

Yahoo News, 04/04/2011

The electricity keeps cutting out, the Internet connection is crackly and the speakers don't always work, but Santosh Kumar knows that 20 pupils far away in eastern India are relying on him.

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Epson Announces the new PowerLite X9 Projector - Sharp presentations at an affordable price.

Value-priced and easy to use, the PowerLite X9 produces crisp, bright presentations in the classroom or conference room. 2500 lumens of colour and 2500 lumens of white light output, combined with native XGA resolution, deliver attention-grabbing detail, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Read more 



K-12 Upcoming Events



Event:........ Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Community in the 21st Century 

Date: .......... May 5, 2011

Location:......... Toronto, ON  




Event:...........OCTE 2011: Growing Success Through Technology

Date:............May 12-14th

Location:......Alliston, ON


Event:...........Riding the Wave of Change Conference

Date:............May 12-13
Location:......Gimli, MB  


Event:.........ECNO Conference 2011 

Date:..........May 29-31, 2011

Location:......Alliston, ON





Event:.......CASA Canadian Association of School Administrators 

Date:.........July 7 - 10

Location:....Niagara Falls, Ontario 


Event:........International Conference of School Principals 

Date:..........August 15 -18   

Location:....Toronto, Ontario   




Please share your conference news with us and we'll do our best to include your event, and/or reflections. Email: [email protected]


Conference Corner  


MindShare Learning was fortunate to take in the ERDI Canada Spring conference in Vancouver and the District School Board of Niagara Connect 2011 conference in Niagara Falls this past month. The ERDI (Education Research & Development Institute) Canada conference where education and industry leaders connect was one of the largest and most successful events in its history. I had the opportunity to participate with Global Scholar in their planning session which yielded fascinating discussion. There's also something to be said about face-to-face events and the power of informal learning that cannot be ignored. The DSBN conference provided an opportunity to capture excellent interviews focused on various programs offered by the DSBN contained in this report.


If you have an upcoming conference, please tell us about it! We may plan to attend, sponsor and at the very least highlight it in our conference schedule. R.M.



Video highlights from the CONNECT 2011 Technology & Learn Conference hosted by

District School Board of Niagara

Interview with Dino Miele and Shirley Scott from DSBN 

Interview with Dino Miele, CIO and Shirley Scott, Student Achievement Leader at DSBN

Mike Doyle at the CONNECT Conference in Niagara, Ontario 

Interview with Mike Doyle, Technology & Experiential Learning Leader, DSBN at the CONNECT Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario



















 Geoff Jopson, former West Vancouver Superintendent, (left) Chuck Reid, former Director of Education Avon Maitland DSB (right) honoured at ERDI Canada conference























Remembering an ERDI Canada Education Partner


The ERDI Canada community was saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Bryce ERDI Canada Education partner and former Thames Valley District School board Director while at the Spring conference in Vancouver last month.


Bryce dedicated leader

Obituary: Former Thames Valley board director championed early literacy

Lodon Free Press 15/04/11

Thames Valley District school board officials were saddened Thursday to learn their former "gentle leader" Bill Bryce has died.


Bryce, who had been ill, died Wednesday. He was 64.


Director of the Thames Valley board for six years, Bryce left in 2007 to work as the manager of the Ministry of Education's London office.
Read more 


21st century Industry Spotlight 

Exclusive Podcast with De Marque co-founder Marc Boutet  


De Marque co-founder Marc Boutet is President and CEO of the group. A graduate in computer science from Laval University, he became involved in several institutions and projects, including as a member of the board of Library and Archives nationales du Quebec, University Press of Quebec, the Alliance Digital, as president of the Association of Multimedia Producers of Quebec as a member of the Committee multimedia SODEC or co-chairman, with Raymond Bachand, the site of employment during the Quebec Summit and Youth. He received numerous decorations, including that of Young Entrepreneur in Quebec Arista Sun Life in 2000, Raymond-Blais medal in 2005 and was a finalist among such persons, 2010 Press / Radio-Canada.






McGuinty Government Supporting Clean Schools, Building Clean Energy Economy

This fall, 126 schools will be turning on more cleaner and renewable sources of power, like solar, wind and geothermal, creating cleaner and more sustainable places to learn for Ontario students.

Read more 


The Princeton Review's Guide to 311 Green Colleges: 2011 Edition

The Princeton Review's Guide to 311 Green Colleges profiles 308 institutions of higher education in the United States and three in Canada that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities, and career preparation.  The 220-page guide is the only free, comprehensive, annually updated guide to green colleges.


The University of Western Ontario was highlighted by the Princeton Review as part of the second annual edition of its guidebook saluting the most environmentally responsible 'green' colleges and universities. Western was one of only three Canadian universities on the list.

Read more  


Woodend - The Living Campus

The District School Board of Niagara's Woodend Living Campus, nestled on the Niagara Escarpment, will be transformed into an environment that will empower students through exploration and discovery, to develop a connection to the earth and understand their responsibility and impact on it. The revitalization of Woodend will increase opportunities for people young and old throughout our communities to enjoy the many outdoor experiences that Woodend provides. In order to accomplish this monumental task, we will be holding our 1st annual RIDE HIKE RUN for Woodend - The Living Campus.

Read more    


Manitoba Announces Sixteen Schools to Benefit From Education for Sustainable Development Grants

20/04/11 Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

Students and staff at 16 Manitoba schools will demonstrate their creative commitment to sustainability with the support of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) grants, Education Minister Nancy Allan announced today.

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Grenfell achieves first environmental policy master's program in Canada

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, will be busy recruiting students for its first graduate program over the next few months.  Memorial's Senate approved the master of arts in environmental policy on Tuesday. It is the first master's program in environmental policy in Canada.

Read more 




May 2011 MindShare Learning Report - Hardware Review: Research in Motion's Playbook



Timothy Gard
Educator, Toronto District School Board  



If you have any idea how the tablet market is heating up, then you know that Research in Motion's (RIM)  new Playbook has entered the arena with a bit of catching up to do. 


Many have written short stories that end with the sudden death of the Playbook because of 'this and that', and many seem to keep repeating the 'this and that' ad nauseum regardless of the very simple fact that RIM has entered this new market with a nascent OS, and a vast amount of inexperience with larger format devices. 


In fact, Apple dominates the tablet market for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is their ability to capitalize on envisioning the future technology landscapes that the masses would pay money for, and also, because their marketing  prowess is  unparalleled.  And they know how to put together a good product that excites even the luddites of the world. Let's face it - Apple is the darling of the masses, and to convince anyone of anything different is to enter into a circular debate that ends with the following epitaph: 'Apple is such an easy device to use, and to top it off, it's  cool'. 


To add further depth of challenge to a company with a new OS and piece of hardware wishing to gain a foothold in the tablet market, you must content with the army of manufacturers who power their  tablets with Google's Android.  Prior to the launch of Motorola's Xoom tablet,  Android was an OS developed for the smartphone market, but with some tweaks and some nifty re-designs Google came up with Honeycomb, or Android version 3.0, which is more powerful and takes advantage of the larger real estate found on a tablet.

Read more 

E-Learning Innovation

New Frontiers for Online Learning in Ontario - A Draft Policy Framework for Online Leaning in Ontario - By Maxim Jean Louis, Special Advisor to the Minister on the OOI  


 Today, I am pleased to share, "A Policy Framework for Online Learning in Ontario", which details the rationale and need for a comprehensive policy framework and provides an outline of a possible framework.   


A Policy Framework for Online Learning in Ontario is a must to anchor our current and future dialogue, consideration of strategies and initiatives, as well as targeted investments, to not only improve and enhance our Ontario's online learning system, but to also help it "leap ahead".  As you read this paper, please keep in mind it is based solely on my work as Special Advisor to the Minister and is intended as the starting point for a discussion.   

Read more  

Web 2.0 Technology Spotlight 


Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards. They're curiously fun. Use our free Class accounts to manage students without emails, create assignments, and build beautiful libraries



Twiddla is a no-setup, web-based meeting playground. Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall voodoo - it's all here, ready to go when you are. Browser-agnostic, user-friendly.



Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily using an online notice board maker. Great idea for conferences if you wanted people to contribute to a common idea or topic virtually!





World Class Language

By Robin Sharma  

Language offers a framework for meaning.  Please think about that powerful idea.  We understand the world through words.  The words you use determine the way you perceive reality.  If you call a stumbling block a "problem" or "a big mess" you will create a different emotional state within you than if you call the issue "an opportunity" or "a challenge that will only make me better."   


I have the privilege, as a success coach, to work with many extraordinarily successful people from around the world.  One of their core traits of greatness is that the vast majority of them understand the power of the word.  They use world-class language.  Not only do they refrain from using profanities, but they use the language of passion.  They use the language of leadership.  They use the language of possibility.  

More articles    



Post-Secondary Feature Headlines

Overwhelming Response to UBC LipDub Video 

Richmond Review - Article

It takes viewers through buildings, onto a bus, underwater and high up in a helicopter.

And with 432,627 views on YouTube as of Monday, it's taken Andrew Cohen over the moon.

Read more  

Debt knocks on university doors, 19/04/2011
Canada's universities and colleges must radically transform the way they do business or they will fail, according to a new study.


Governor General's Award-winning author Kate Pullinger
McGill Reporter,

Kate Pullinger's novel, The Mistress of Nothing, won the GG in 2009; it's a historical fiction, set in Egypt in the 1860s, based on a true story. As well as writing about the past, Pullinger's work in the realm of digital fiction pushes toward the future of fiction, using new technologies to find new ways to tell stories. Her award-winning projects 'Inanimate Alice' and 'Flight Paths' demonstrate the potential for a new type of fiction that moves far beyond ebooks.
Read more


Internship program pairs grad students with industry

Windsor Star, 21/04/2011

Graduate students will have a chance for more industrial experience, thanks to a new federally funded national internship program launched Wednesday in Windsor with dignitaries, speeches and a shaking car.


Connect Canada, a $5-million, fiveyear program, aims to place 750 master's and PhD students with industry across the country by 2016 -splitting the cost of the students' salary with the company hiring them.

Read more  

Post Secondary Education: Upcoming Events

Event: .......Canada 3.0

Date: .........May 2-4, 2011

Location: ....Stratford, Ontario  


Event:........Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference 

Date:..........May 7-8, 2011

Location:....University of Toronto


Event:........ CANHEIT 2011 

Date:.........June 5 - 8, 2011

Location:.... McMaster University, Hamilton


Event: .......Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education  

Date: .........June 16-18

Location: ....Munk School for Global Affairs, Toronto, Ontario


Event: .......MODSIM World Canada 2011 

Date: .........June 21-22  

Location: ....Ottawa, Ontario


Youth File


Globalization Meets Technology  

By Aislinn Malsecki 


In the age of globalization and the 21 century society, access to technology for youth is a critical subject.  In this edition of the MindShare Learning Report we're looking at Education on a Global scale and it appears that young people everywhere are faced with the challenge of attempting to broaden their horizons and become global citizens yet often their governments and domestic infrastructure do not support this requirement.  From financial restrictions to developmental problems, the majority of the world's youth have limited access to the Internet. 


The 21st century society has definitely changed the learning, working and social expectations for young people.  It is us the youth, the younger generation who feel much more comfortable using technology to learn and discover; expand our knowledge.  Youth all over the world are taking charge of their own learning in the ways that suit them the best, whether it is individual needs or simply out of interest.  A huge crashing wave of Internet & tech savvy youth are taking advantage of various technologies, both by themselves and as a group, to harness their own 21st century skills and enhance their learning.  

Read more  

Research and Innovation  


Education Indicators in Canada: Report of the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program

Stats Canada 04/29/11
The Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP) is an ongoing initiative of the Canadian Education Statistics Council, a partnership between Statistics Canada and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. PCEIP products are prepared by the two organizations in collaboration with the provincial and territorial departments and ministries responsible for education and training. They are aimed at policy makers, practitioners and the general public. 

Read more 


Global Survey: Education technology is key

School CIO 03/09/11

More than three-quarters of top education officials around the world believe technology can play a major role in how students learn and how teachers educate, according to a global survey commissioned by Cisco (CSCO) and conducted by Clarus Research Group, a Washington, D.C.-based research firm.

Read more 


How the world's most improved school systems keep getting better

CEA via Twitter 04/05/11

How does a school system with poor performance become good? And how does one with good performance become excellent?

Read more 


Teaching machines to learn like humans
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Computers can perform lightning-quick calculations and store massive amounts of data but, when it comes to learning, the human brain still has them beat. Thanks to advances in machine learning, computer programs are quickly catching up and getting much better at learning from examples and making predictions, just as humans do.
Read more

A new tack on tech
Ottawa Citizen, 04/22/2011
The Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation is shaking up operations and trimming programs as it charts a new course for the region's battered technology sector. Undaunted by the loss of Nortel Networks and the Asian challenge to western technology centres, OCRI has set a goal of having Ottawa "recognized as one of the top 10 innovative cities worldwide."
Read more

U of T researchers create mobile app that gives voice to people with communications challenges
News @ the University of Toronto. 04/06/2011
For those living with aphasia, autism and other conditions that affect speech ability, communicating with friends and loved ones can be a challenge. MyVoice, a mobile app and server system that operates on iPhone and Android devices, gives users with these conditions a voice by simply tapping words and pictures on a screen.
Read more 



MindShare Musings

"The Connectors, Leaders and People on the Move"


What a historic and momentous month it's been with our recent federal election. The role of technology appears to have been underestimated having elevated the NDP to opposition party status thanks in part to Web 2.0 tools and appealing to the youth vote in Canada.


Prime Minister Harper (C) pictured with Michael Bator, former Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Director (L) and Robert Martellacci, MindShare Learning (R)


Political stripes aside, it was an honour to meet our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper at our conference hotel in Vancouver.  I was most impressed with the level of organization and sophistication of his party organizers.


Inspiring 21st Century Learning and Leadership Canada Video Project--Many thanks to Deborah Kagan and Gabrial Diamond of the Pearson Foundation, Marty Keast and Anne-Marie Scullion Pearson Canada for teaming up with MindShare Learning in staging video shoots in Vancouver and Toronto. Be sure to watch for Canada very own inspirational 21st Century video later this year funded by the Pearson Foundation.  

Special thanks to those interviewed:


Vancouver Video Shoot           Toronto Video Shoot

Mike McKay                               Don Tapscott

Naomi Johnson                           Janet Murphy

Chris Kennedy                            John Kershaw

Bill Hogarth                                 Karen Hume

Steve Caldwell                            Thomas D'Amico

                                                 Bill Muirhead


In discussions with award-winning education leader Angela Maiers (Twitter handle:@AngelaMaiers) recently to explore a potential strategic partnership. What an amazing thought leader and tireless educator, and did I mention fabulous keynote speaker?


Great catching up with Aerin K. Guy recently, who shared news of her new and exciting gig as Senior Digital Marketing & Partnerships Manager MySpark Technologies, a Toronto area  company, who are soon to release an education focused tablet. I'm honoured to have been invited to serve on the MySpark advisory board. We look forward to a product review.


Thanks to Bill MacKenzie, ECOO president for sharing important news -- ECOO Encourages Responsible Use of Social Media by Teachers"  Link 


From the twitter beat.... 


National Survey of Mobile Learning in Canada 


@inspiredfosssil Thanks Cindy. A pleasure meeting you and your class-Congrats on the MSL contest Creativity Award!  


@chriskennedy NEW POST on Culture of Yes - It's not the tools . . . It's the team 

#bced #opsoa11


Wow! The Tablet market seen surging to $49 billion by 2015 


Robert Martellacci presents Andy Schaefer, Vice-president Sales, Discovery Education with a sponsor appreciation award as part of the MindShare Learning Video Contest

























CEA proudly celebrates the innovative work of school and classroom practitioners, and researchers, through the

Pat Clifford,Ken Spencer, and Whitworth Awards.  These awards recognize their contributions, their promise, and their commitment to breaking new ground and revisiting commonly held assumptions in education policy, practice or theory in Canada.Deadline for Pat Clifford Award Nominations - May 31, 2011.


We're off to Canada 3.0 in Stratford, Ontario to take part in dialogue around envisioning Canada's digital future.

Until next time, walk the digital talk!


Cheers, R.




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Advisory Board Members 

The MindShare Report is grateful of the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board.  Members include: 


Dr. Greg Malszecki, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University

Dr. Ron Owston, Director, Institute for Research on Learning Technology, York University

Dr. Eric Hamilton, Associate Dean of Education, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Cheryl Paige, Principal, Joyce Public School, Toronto District School Board

Jamie McNamara, Superintendent of Schools, St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools, Leduc, Alberta

Joni Turville, B.Ed, M. Ed (Instructional Technology), Educator, AISI Coordinator, St. Albert Protestant Schools

Timothy Gard, Educator - Media Literacy & Technology, Toronto District School Board

Gary Kern, Principal, Technology & Innovation, West Vancouver School District

Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams

Marty Keast, President, Pearson Learning K-12 Canada 

David Marsi, AVP, Learning & Development, Invesco Trimark

Chip Fesko, Sr. Director of Advertising & Strategic Alliances, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia Magazine

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Valerie Rusnov, B.A. Hons., B.Ed., Editor



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