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Dear Thought Leader,
                               Publisher Vodcast Welcome
Robert Martellacci
Welcome to the November edition of MindShare Learning Report, Canada's Leading, Learning & Technology eMagazine. In our Cross Canada Spotlight we're thrilled to share Nova Scotia's latest and greatest Innovative programs along with our special podcast interview with Deputy Minister of Education, Dennis Cochrane. Often ignored Professional Development (PD) is our 21st Century topic of the month and we offer a vast array of resources for you to explore to keep you current and engaged with today's learners, including Edutopia's 10 Top Tips for Teaching with New Media.

K12 teachers take note, be sure to checkout our Microsoft-MindShare Learning Report 21st Century Digital Classroom Challenge, where we have over $50,000 in classroom prizes up for grabs. Simply create a video sharing your classroom success story on how you integrate ICT and you qualify to win. We're pleased to announce the launch of our Microsoft-MindShare Contest Facebook Fan Page to help you stay current with the latest happenings and offer you tips on how to create a winning submission. On that note, be sure to checkout more of resident media specialist Tim Gard's Top 5 Tips on how to successfully enter the contest! Also from Tim Gard, a software review of award-wining software from Tech4Learning, Frames - Animation and Digital Storytelling Software.

Canada medals at the at the 27th ANNUAL AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE TECH & LEARNING conference. Congratulations to MindShare Learning Canadian clients, Faronics (three awards) and SMART Technologies. Other MindShare client winners included, EPSON, Pearson, Learning.com and Tech4Learning.

In our GreenIT section, we feature a must listen to podcast speech from actor and environmentalist Woody Harrelson as he receives an Honorary Doctorate at York University Fall '09 convocation.

It was inspiring to be in Kelowna recently where K12 education industry leaders connected with district directors at the fall ERDI Canada session. Retiring president and founding partner, Doug Jennings, was honoured for his contributions in building the organization as well as fostering the growth of this important organization that facilitates research and collaboration between industry and education in the K12 space across Canada.

It's not surprising with budget cutbacks that professional development (PD) is increasingly being forgotten, or neglected in the success equation when deploying ICT. Hence, I turned to Dr. Jeff Orr, Dean of Education from St. Francis Xavier University for his insights on how to deal with this most challenging knowledge gap. The bottom line is that everyone suffers especially the kids, not to mention the lost ROI (Return on Investment). True there are always exceptions, however, I once had heard a comment from a sr. ministry bureaucrat, "Whenever I visit schools, the computers are turned off."  What's your districts strategy? On that note, I challenged Will Richardson, EdTech Guru in a vodcast interview recently while in Toronto delivering PD at the Ontario Teacher Federation (OTF) 21st Century PD conference on the subject of PD and innovation and how to get beyond pockets of innovation.

As I travel across our vast and stunning Canadian landscape, I continually see awesome pockets of innovation, where teachers and professors are harnessing the power of tech to enhance student learning. Our challenge is to get beyond the pockets to level the playing field. Please share your thoughts!

The MindShare Report is about you and Inspiring you to share and engage with post-secondary, K12 and industry leaders to keep the learning curve steep in our efforts to transform education and level the playing field for all. Let's get beyond pockets of innovation to give our children a fighting chance as they compete on the global stage.

Are you twittering yet? Ok, I confess, I'm hooked on twitter I use it as a knowledge sharing PD tool, if that makes sense? I recently convinced a school board CEO to embrace it after discussing the value of how I use twitter. I'm amazing at the speed to which this web 2.0 tool is gaining traction. Please share with us what you like, or dislike about twitter and we'll post the top quotes in our quotes of the month section.

Thanks to our generous sponsors who make this digital publication possible. Be sure to explore and learn more about their solutions and services.

Until next time, keep the learning curve steep!

Cheers, R.

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Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™-- Connecting Education & Business to Support Student Success 
Go Green  Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser à l'Environnement.
Title Sponsor
Quotes of the Month

"Three of our products: Faronics Power Save, WINSelect and Anti- Executable have each won an Award of Excellence from Technology & Learning Magazine this year. I am very proud of this achievement and thank all 30,000 of our customers for trusting us with their technology needs. Carefully listening to our customers to constantly improve our products and level of service had made this multiple win a reality. The "Triple Crown" means we are on the right track of delivering a trouble-free, secure and energy efficient computing experience."

--Vik Khanna, COO, Faronics, October 29, 2009
"Over the last few years, the College has received a growing number of complaints about boundary violations related to online communication with students. As with other forms of interaction, when educators communicate with students online, it's always important to maintain a clear division between the personal and the professional."

--Marie Crowther, former Registrar, B.C. College of Teachers

"There's no question it's about that...as you move the curriculum forward you often encounter a fair amount of resistance .... sometimes you're dragging a number of people kicking and screaming and that's fine. The basis for that in Nova Scotia is a policy we adopted in 2005. It's called integration of Information and Communication Technology in the Curriculum."

     -- Dennis Cochrane, Deputy Minister of Education, Province of Nova Scotia in response to whether his province is embracing the notion of 21st century learning skills    

Microsoft-MindShare Learning 21st Century Digital Classroom Challenge - 2009/10

MSL Challenge

Game-on! Sponsors Gathered for the Official Launch of the Microsoft-MindShare Learning 21st Century Digital Classroom Challenge

Microsoft-MindShare Learning Contest Launch

Watch the Official Launch Video here courtesy of Mali Bickley, one of last year's winners.

Spotlight on last year's MindShare Learning Report Contest "Spirit Award" Winner: Laurie McIntosh, Grade 2 teacher, Father Lacombe Catholic School, Alberta

In recognition of the outstanding creativity, passion and vision demonstrated by Ms. McIntosh and her grade 2 students, the contest judge's panel created a "Spirit Award".

Tim Gard's Top Five Tips for Educators Interested in Submitting to the Microsoft-MindShare Learning Digital Classroom Challenge

Student Achievement. Sweet Technology. National Recognition. Challenge! I can imagine that there are many reasons you might want to enter this year's Microsoft-MindShare Learning Digital Classroom Challenge. In order however to enter a first-rate product and to extend your chances of garnering one of the $ 15,000 prizes, read on and apply the top tips for entering a first rate video!

Cross Canada 21st Century Provincial Spotlight on Nova Scotia

 Nova Scotia Flag

Dennis CochraneDennis Cochrane
Deputy Minister of Education

Podcast Icon
Podcast Interview with Robert Martellacci, Editor and Publisher of The MindShare Learning Report
Mr. Cochrane obtained a Master of Education in Administration and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Moncton. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of New Brunswick. During the period 1977-1995,
Mr. Cochrane held various political offices, including that of Councillor and Mayor of the City of Moncton; Member of Parliament for Moncton; Leader of the N.B. Progressive Conservative Party; and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Petitcodiac. Thirteen years as a teacher at the junior high school and high school levels, supplemented by the administrative and leadership roles associated with a vice-principalship and two principalships at the elementary/junior level, led to his appointment as Superintendent of School District 6 in June of 1995, in April of 1996, appointed Superintendent of School Districts 6 and 8 and in April 1998, Mr. Cochrane was appointed to Superintendent of School Districts 2 and 4. From June 15, 1998 to March 14, 2000 he served as the New Brunswick Deputy Minister of Education (Anglophone). Effective March 15, 2000,
Mr. Cochrane was named Deputy Minister of the Department Education for the Province of Nova Scotia, a position he still holds and thus is the longest serving Deputy Minister of Education in Canada. In recognition of his public service and educational leadership, he has been made an Honourary Fellow at Saint Thomas University and received an Honourary Doctor Laws from the University of New Brunswick.  

The History of Education in Nova Scotia - A Centre of Excellence for More Than 200 Years

Years before Canada became a country in 1867, Nova Scotia was already an educational centre. Canada's first English-speaking high schools and universities were founded here. Canada's first newspaper was published here. The country's first trade organization started here. And Nova Scotia elected the first responsible government of any British Colony.

Nova Scotia's tradition of enlightenment continues today. Our high school diplomas have gained students entrance into colleges and universities around the world. Nova Scotia Community College has seen its diploma graduates go on to university or directly into the workforce.

Our universities all award internationally recognized Bachelor's degrees, with some offering Master's, Doctoral and Professional degrees as well. Graduates have gone on to exciting careers or further study around the world.

Getting an education of this calibre can cost less in Nova Scotia than similar educations in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. When you consider the lower cost of living in Nova Scotia, an education here can be more affordable than in the rest of Canada.
Source: N.S. Dept of Education
Research and Innovation in Nova Scotia

Dartmouth School Wins National Award for Innovation
CEA 28/10/09
When the principal asked students how they learned best, they seized the opportunity to become a vital part of their school's decision making.

Students choosing where they should sit in the classroom may not seem like a big deal, but it was a crucial stepping stone for a group of 35 students from Sir Robert Borden Junior High School.
Read More

Nova Scotia Students Connect With Space Station Crew
N.S. Dept of Ed 28/10/09
A lucky group of Nova Scotia students will get a science lesson that is out of this world today, Oct. 28, when they learn about space from astronauts floating 340 kilometres above the Earth in the International Space Station.

Partnership to Make Power of Green Conference Carbon Neutral
N.S. Premier's Office 21/10/09
Nova Scotia will become on of the first provinces in Canada to make a national conference carbon neutral, while helping a local charity.
Read More

Six Selected for New Lunenburg P-9 School Education
N.S. Dept of Ed 16/10/09
The grounds and playing fields of Lunenburg Junior-Senior High School will soon be home to a new, modern Primary to Grade 9 school.
Read More

Province Funds Construction of CBU Research Education Centre
N.S. Dept of Ed 09/10/09
A $15-millionenvironmental research centre will be built at Cape Breton University to find industrial pollution solutions and to develop clean, green energy, the province announced today.

Nova Scotia: Technology and Education

Nova Scotia Dept. of Education - Learning Resources and Technology Services
Learning Resources and Technology Services is a Division of the Public Schools Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education.  Learning Resources and Technology Services provides video, computer, and multimedia resources to schools and manages the Correspondence Study Program.  LRTS also provides professional development opportunities for educators at the district level.
Read More

Nova Scotia Technology Education Association
Read More

Dalhousie University - Centre of Learning and Teaching (CLT)
The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) works in partnership with academic units, faculty members, and graduate students to enhance the practice and scholarship of learning and teaching at Dalhousie University. CLT takes an evidence-based approach to advocating for effective learning and teaching practices, curriculum planning, services to support the use of technology in education, and institutional policies and infrastructure to enhance the Dalhousie learning environment.
Read More

Funding Opportunities of the Month
OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund: Deadline - November 16, 2009
CeLEA 18/10/09
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is pleased to announce a new deadline for the OMDC Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund. Updated documentation is now available online (under Programs / Content and Marketing Funds / OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund).
Read More

CANARIE Invests Millions more in Cutting-Edge Canadian Research
CANARIE 13/10/09
CANARIE, Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network, is pleased to announce at the Summit 09 international cyber infrastructure conference, the second-round of winners in CANARIE's flagship IT research funding program. These nine winners, from research facilities across Canada, represent some of the very best and brightest IT research initiatives in the country.
Read More
ERDI Canada Fall 2009 Conference - 21st Century Spotlight

About ERDI--Education Research & Development Corp. (ERDI) has established a forum for meaningful dialogue between business leaders and chief executive officers (CEOs, superintendents and directors) of key school districts/boards/divisions across Canada. This dialogue is intended to have a positive impact on education in Canada by influencing the quality of services and products provided to school systems by the Corporate Partners of ERDI.

Read More

Outgoing ERDI Canada founding president, Doug Jennings (2nd from left) is honoured at the Fall conference in Kelowna, B.C. Also pictured, wife Cathy, Lyle McLellan, retired ERDI founding partner, Bob Lee, founding ERDI partner and Michael Lee, CEO


Laurent Burman
VP. Sales and Business Development, Global Scholar and MindShare Learning client (left) is welcomed to the ERDI Canada membership by Michael Lee, CEO

K12 Editor

Some PD Musings....

Professional Development is essential to the life, vitality and effectiveness of any school staff. And we know that by the witness of the countless number of research studies on student achievement that the one unmitigating factor that influences student success is quality classroom teaching by first-rate teachers. No one would argue that. But how do school districts deliver effective PD? More specifically, how do school districts deliver effective PD to teachers in the area of information and communication technology (ICT)? There are many different models, but as we move forward we need to seriously take note of what is and isn't effective. So how do we determine whether PD is effective or not?

Let's ask teachers! What works for you? What doesn't work for you? What changes your teaching? What would move you to integrate technology into your classroom program right across the curriulum? What do you need?

I'm beginning to see that there is only one model that will be truly effective in the long run. This model is, quite frankly, expensive, but it would be effective. Most teachers that I've worked with in the area of ICT PD would acknowledge that having another teacher work hand-in-hand with them is powerful. They could then observe an effective lesson in ICT delivered by an exemplary educator, then deliver a lesson themselves, and afterword deconstruct this same lesson with the partnered educator. This wouldn't be a one-time deal. This relationship would continue on for at least a term, and then this same model teacher could move on to work with another teacher. Multiply this model district-wide. Hire exemplary teachers who are both grounded in ICT and are solid curriculum leaders and empower them to work with 2-3 schools as itinerant ICT integrators. Develop a pod-like mentality where each of these teachers reports back to a co-ordinator who then collates data of what is working and how this sort of design is or is not making a difference. Teachers who make the effort to work alongside these experts would be given access to more technology and could in turn lead others in their schools.

Expensive? Well, yes, but I think the hundreds of hours spent delivering PD that neither engages educators, or enables them to make meaningful change in their classrooms through changed practice adds up not only to wasted dollars, but wasted teacher time. Let's look for better solutions! It will be more expensive in the long run if we simply deliver the same old PD models - let's be innovative and take some risks!

Timothy Gard, K-12 Editor
SMART Banner

K12 Feature Headlines

Financial Literacy Essential to Student Success, Stronger Economy - McGuinty Government Integrating Financial Literacy into Curriculum
Ontario Education 02/11/09

Starting in September 2011, Grade 4 to 12 students in Ontario will be learning to make informed choices and effective decisions about the use and management of money. The global economic challenges of the last year have highlighted the need to ensure a financially literate population.

27th Annual Awards of Excellence Winners announced by Tech&Learning Magazine
Outstanding Education Technology Products Saluted
Tech&Learning 28/10/09

Tech & Learning magazine today named 65 education technology products as winners in its prestigious 27-year-old recognition program.  Honored software, hardware, network, and web products include innovative applications that break new ground as well as those that added significant enhancements to proven education tools.

Growing Number of Institutions Continue to Choose Elluminate Solutions to Meet the Needs of Today`s Learners, Reduce Costs, and Generate New Revenue Sources
Reuters 28/10/09

Elluminate, Inc., the leading provider of web, audio, video, and social networking solutions that support 21st century teaching, learning, and collaboration, announced today continued growth in adoption, usage, revenue, and customers. Bookings for the third quarter of 2009 grew over 60 percent year-to-year, fuelled by significant customer renewals and upgrades, as well as many new global customers for both K12 and Higher Education markets.

SMART products to be showcased at NSBA T+ L conference
eMINTS model classroom to feature SMART education solutions
SMART Tech 28/10/09

SMART Technologies announces that several of its classroom technology products will be featured in the enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies (eMINTS) model classroom at the 2009 National School Boards Association (NSBA) Technology and Learning (T+L) conference. 

Show and Tell Day Highlights Classroom Mics
Epoch Times 22/10/09

Children at nine schools across the country got the chance to try out the latest in wireless sound technology on Tuesday, National Show and Tell Day.

Preparing Classroom Teachers to Educate Students with Autism Places Huge Demand on School Districts
90% of teachers surveyed feel unprepared having a child with autism in their classroom
AutismPro 30/09/09

According to the United States Department of Education, more than 80 percent of children with autism are in general education classes for at least part of each day. This means that approximately one in four general education teachers' works directly with a student with autism.

K12: Upcoming Events

Event: ....... ECOO Conference
Date: ......... November 11-13, 2009
Location: ... Markham, ON
Read More

Event: ....... Ontario Principal's Conference
Date: ......... November 12-14, 2009
Location: ... Toronto, ON

Event: .......STAO
Date: ......... November 12-14, 2009
Location: ... Mississauga, ON

Event: ....... Leadership Summit: Change Wars
Date: ......... November 15-18, 2009
Location: ... Richmond Hill, ON

Event:....... FETC 2010
January 12-15, 2010
Orlando, Florida
Read More

Event:........ Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2010
Date:.......... February 24-27. 2010
:.... Toronto, ON

Countdown to ECOO  November 11-13, 2009!    Inspire, Connect, Teach


ECOO 2009  November 11-13  
It's not too late to register! Register here
Sheraton Parkway North Hotel
Richmond Hill, ON

For more information email

Brenda Sherry
Conference Chair 2009

Wordle Created from all of the 2009 Presentation Titles - Looks like an amazing event!

K12: Ask a Teacher? 
 Timothy Gard
Timothy Gard has had over a decade of hands-on involvement with students and teachers in information and communication technology. He loves innovative ideas and taking risks, integrating technology across the curriculum and engaging students in the ever-changing world of technology. He currently teaches media literacy and technology at Ecole Sir Adam Beck J. S. in the Toronto District School Board.

  Tweaking Video for the Microsoft-MindShare Learning Digital Classroom Challenge

 After sitting on the judges panel for MindShare Learning's inaugural Digital Classroom Contest last year, I was both amazed and disappointed by what I saw. I was amazed because I witnessed courage, risk-taking and pure passion for integrating technology across the curriculum from most every educator who submitted to the contest. I was disappointed, not because of the quality of the ideas, or the intent, but by the unfortunate results of the videos that didn't convey the message that many educators wished to convey. In short, the medium became a poor mode of communication. Obviously, this begs the question. What does one need to do to submit a quality video? Let me outline some basic steps that any seasoned, or not-so-seasoned teacher, can take to ensure that his/her video submission communicates the intended message in a clear and cogent manner.

Here are a few basic tips to help you configure your video output so that you show your classroom in the best possible light - no pun intended!

1.)     Focus on the lighting.

Nothing can spoil a good video than the absence of adequate lighting. Make sure you have adequate lighting for your video. Too many videos are made and it's not until much too late that the creator has realized that you can't see what you need to see, and clearly! Use as much natural light as possible, but make sure you turn on all of the lights in the room you're going to use!
2.)     Use a storyboard to plan out your video.

Plan out your video! You end up with a much more cogent piece of work, and you tell the story that you really want to tell. Flying by the seat-of-your-pants never works for creating a video for this type of audience.

3.)     Use HD if possible.

High Definition is clearer, and you always want a clearer picture! Enough said!

4.)     Tell a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Pretty basic idea but you would be surprised how many videos are produced that look like they were put together without any idea of what kind of story the creator wanted to tell. What's your hook? How will you sustain the viewer? What kind of a powerful conclusion do you wish to make, and ensure that your viewer understands?

5.)     Use more than one camera for different angles and views.

If you can, use two or more video cameras so that you can give different views on the subject(s) with maximum effect. It will give you more options with the software you use to edit your work. Remember, you want to win this thing!
Green IT

 Green IT Faronics : How Green Is I.T. Really?

Actor and environmentalist Woody Harrelson receives an Honorary Doctorate at York University Fall '09 convocation
York U 28/10/09

Faronics Wins Triple Crown at Tech & Learning Magazine Awards of Excellence
Faronics 28/10/09

Tech & Learning magazine has saluted Faronics Power Save, Anti-Executable, and WINSelect as three of the most outstanding education technology product offerings of the past year.

Clean Tech: Schools bet on the next big thing
eSchool News 27/10/09

A new concept is gaining traction in the business world. It's called "clean tech"--alternative energy, more efficient power distribution, and new ways to store electricity, all with a reduced environmental impact. Now, schools and colleges are accelerating the trend by creating clean-tech programs that give students real-world training and expanded job possibilities.

Canada's Building Performance Program for K-12 Schools

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has begun a multi-year project to improve the energy and environmental performance of buildings in Canada aiming at deep reductions in energy, water use, and greenhouse gases.  In 2008, 25 school boards (250 schools) took part in CaGBC's pilot project, which established a national building performance database totaling over 1.5 million m2.  The pilot developed and tested the new Green Building Performance System (GBPS).

Software Review: Tech4Learning's Eddie Award Winning Software: FRAMES
Timothy GardTimothy Gard
Educator, Toronto District School Board

Timothy Gard has had over a decade of hands-on involvement with students and teachers in information and communication technology. He loves innovative ideas and taking risks, integrating technology across the curriculum and engaging students in the ever-changing world of technology. He currently teaches media literacy and technology at Ecole Sir Adam Beck J. S. in the Toronto District School Board.

Ready! Set! Frames! Finally a piece of software that creates some amazing animation, including stop motion animation, is easy to use, provides powerful output and can be easily taught and learned by students from grades 2 to 8, and beyond. When I first started using Frames I quickly realized that my students in my media literacy classes were going to have a blast creating media content. Who wouldn't? You can create Flash-animation that in many ways emulates the projects created in other much more sophisticated programs, including Flash itself. Students can easily export their completed projects for various platforms, including the major formats currently being used such as SWF, AVI, MP4 and Mov.  Once you start using the program you'll come to the same conclusion that I came to: start integrating this program into your classroom as fast as you can! Let me quickly provide some highlights.
Web 2.0 Technology Spotlight

Technology and innovation fit hand and glove - no great argument there! There are always new websites to check out and new avenues to explore down the 'netscapes' of the virtual universe. And of course, most of these new and exciting ventures are made possible by those individuals wishing to become the next Twitter, or Facebook. Why wouldn't you want to retire in your early to mid-twenties in a nice villa over-looking the ocean while sipping on a freshly made Margarita? We've put together a small sample of what's out there. Have a look and discover what you can do online! Click the icons for a link to each web site. (T. Gard)

Wiggio is the easiest way to communicate and work in groups.

Group Scribbles offers implementers, instructors and students a powerful metaphor for thinking about and realizing collaborative learning activities.

doingtext makes writing, sharing and gathering feedback a no-fuss experience.

Post Secondary Education

As part of our innovative practices, each month we will profile a "Visiting Professor - Virtually!"

21st Century Podcast Interview with Dr. Jeff Orr, St Francis Xavier University

Dr. Jeff Orr

Dr. Jeff Orr
Dean, Faculty of Education
St Francis Xavier University

Podcast Icon
Dr. Jeff Orr is Dean of the newly formed Faculty of Education at St Francis Xavier University. He began his teaching career in northern Saskatchewan in the mid-1980s.  He has 10 years of experience as a university administrator, serving as both Department Chair and Director of the School of Education, since his arrival at StFX in 1995. He has a strong research record including more than 30 refereed publications and has held 8 research grants and contracts totaling $300,000 supporting his main research program in Aboriginal educational policy since 1999. Orr has been a strong advocate for the integration of research, teaching and service, as well as internationalization, service learning, and Aboriginal programming, throughout his university career in teacher education. StFX has been offering teacher education programs for more than 70 years, and in 2009 is celebrating its 60th anniversary since granting its first B.Ed. degrees. The Faculty of Education has a total enrollment of 215 B.Ed. and 350 M.Ed. students, with 19 full-time and more than 30 part-time faculty members.
21st Century Professional Development Spotlight

Vodcast Interview with Will Richardson from the Ontario Teacher Federation (OTF) 09 "Tools for the 21st Century Classroom" conference in Toronto recently

Will Richardson

Robert Martellacci with Will Richardson at OTF Conference.

Vodcast Interview with Will Richardson

Learning the Art and Science of Teaching - Simcoe County District School Board

Anita TownsendAnita Townsend
Project Lead - ICT Integration
Simcoe County District School Board
Midhurst, ON

Learning by Seeing, Doing and Guided Reflection - Professional Collaboration Sites

Learning the art and science of teaching in Simcoe County District School board in Ontario Canada is no longer about going to get the information but going to see learning in action and interacting with peers.  Creating 21st century learning environments where technology is seamlessly integrated into classroom practice has proven challenging. The traditional forms of professional development with one size fits all are ineffective in enabling teachers to make the paradigm shift required in teaching to meet the needs of  today's learner.  A commitment has been made in the Simcoe County District School Board to provide teachers with more on the job learning opportunities by establishing numerous Professional Collaboration Sites in the school district where teachers observe, dialogue and collaborate.

Edutopia, where educators come together to prepare students for 21st Century success!
Edutopia 29/10/09

aims to inspire, inform & stimulate educational reform. Through a brand new Online Community for educators, classroom tested "how-to" guides and much more, Edutopia highlights and documents what works in learning today! Please enjoy and share these great resources.

Watch Schools That Work: Videos and stories featuring schools that are achieving and maintaining excellence. Learn what works as we share their tools for success!

Download Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media - A succinct guide to help teachers harness the power of new media in your classroom.

Pepperdine University

An Evolving collection of Technology Tools for Collaborative Work and Online Education, courtesy of publisher's alma mater

Maintained by Dr. Margaret Riel, and faculty and cadres from the Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies,
from the Graduate School of Education and Psychology from Pepperdine University
--feel free to start a discussion around any of these tools or add a tool.

WEB 2.0: The Web You Help Create As Well As Use

Web 2.0 is the read/write version of the internet; sometimes called the participatory web.
Students across a number of cadres have collected a set of tools that they find useful.
In addition to the links to the tools on this page, there are two other resource

*Special thanks to Dr. Margaret Riel and Pepperdine MALT students for sharing  
Post Secondary Education Feature Headlines

U of T Mississauga breaks ground for health sciences complex will house new Mississauga Academy of Medicine
UofT 26/10/09

Shovels in hand, blades gleaming, University of Toronto and U of T Mississauga community members, politicians and hospital representatives today celebrated the groundbreaking for an innovative facility that will train the future community health leaders of the next generation.
Read More
What happened to Canada's education advantage?
We steered away just as the world was entering the knowledge economy
Toronto Star 20/10/09

In 1992, education wasn't on many Canadians' radar screens. Our national attention was focused on debt and deficits. Things were getting desperate. The federal deficit had ballooned from $1 billion in 1971 to more than $40 billion in 1992-93.
Read More
Government of Canada Recognizes Excellence in Innovation With 2009 Synergy and Innovation Challenge Awards
Marketwire 19/10/09

This evening, the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology) (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario), joined Suzanne Fortier, President, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), in recognizing successful partnerships between universities and industry that have led to important innovations and discoveries.

Former CANARIE President honoured at University of Manitoba
Dr. Andrew K. Bjerring receives honorary degree for his invaluable contribution to Canadian research
CANARIE 22/10/09

Founding board member and former CANARIE President, Dr. Andrew K. Bjerring, will be given a prestigious honorary Doctor of Science degree today at the University of Manitoba's 42nd fall convocation ceremony.
Read More

Post Secondary Education: Upcoming Events 

Event: ....... Educause Annual Conference 2009
Date: ......... November 3-6, 2009
Location: ... Denver, CO
Read More

Event: ....... FETC 2010
Date: ......... January 12-15, 2010
Location: .... Orlando, FL
Read More

Event: ....... Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2010
Date: .........
February 24-27, 2010
Location: ... Toronto, ON
Read More
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The effectiveness of work-experience programs in Canadian high schools
CCL 22/10/09

Work-experience programs, which are commonplace in most Canadian high schools, are designed to enhance learning for students while providing them with the opportunity to explore their career options.
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Teachers warned about Facebook, Twitter and other online communications                                              
The Vancouver Sun 21/10/09

Teachers are being warned again by their professional regulator to be careful when communicating online, especially with students.
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State of Mind
America's teaching corps is made up of three groups with distinct attitudes about their profession, which has implications for policymakers.

Two out of five of America's 4 million K-12 teachers appear disheartened and disappointed about their jobs, while others express a variety of reasons for contentment with teaching and their current school environments, new research by Public Agenda and Learning Point Associates shows.
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Schools step up web-safety instruction
New law has yet to take effect, but many schools already are teaching internet safety
eSchool News  13/10/09

As part of a new federal mandate that requires schools to teach internet safety to obtain e-Rate funding, schools are reaching out to internet safety awareness groups to establish programs that will educate both teachers and students about secure and proper online behavior.t

Technology in Education Integration: People not Laptops
OLPC 9/10/09

I am the Director General (aka Superintendent) of a rural-urban public school board, located approximately 80 miles east of Montreal. In our public school district in Quebec, Canada, we are one of the very few educational districts in North America that has pioneered a free 1:1 laptop deployment for all students/teachers from Grades 3-11.

Access Copyright - Implementation of New Tariffs

As a result of the recent Copyright Board ruling invoices for Access Copyright are currently being received by our member boards. The current invoices reflect the requirement for the first installment on retroactive tariffs to be invoiced by August 31, 2009.

Bits and Bytes
Dr. Michelle Jacobsen
Congratulations to Dr. D. Michele Jacobsen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary, winner of the signed copy of Outliers, for correctly answering NECC as the conference Malcolm Gladwell keynoted at earlier this year.
MindShare Musings..."The Connectors, Leaders and People on the Move"

Robert MartellacciWhere am I getting my professional development (PD)? And how do I keep pace with the innovation and staying ahead of the curve? As you've probably gathered, I attend many face-to-face conferences. Although there is a growing trend toward webcasting and using social networking tools like twitter (fast becoming my professional learning network (PLN)) to provide opportunities for virtual delegates.  I'm becoming more reflective and in tune with the realities of the school market these days. I stopped into the Ontario Teacher Federation 21st Century PD session last week where over 100 educators where immersed in hands-on face-to-face PD exploring some of the latest and greatest software tools for the classroom. Doug Peterson,  computer guru, Greater Essex County District School Board very nicely summarized the conference in his recent blog.

Back to reality. The very same week, I was working with my grade 8 twin boys in completing their first PowerPoint Project (don't get me started), where the teacher asked them to burn a DVD, so he could play it as a movie on his TV in the class.  This assignment came with no written instructions and no in class time. Nor did the teacher have a clue as to how to help with any technical challenges.  I am not a "techie," although I am fairly technical. However, after spending more than 10 hours teaching and helping support the project completion, I was reminded that this is the reality of public education and that not all schools are created equally.  We worked collaboratively to get the task done and the boys did finish with good grades. Fortunately, I had the technology to do the job, however, other kids didn't have the access and I don't know whether the one computer lab at school with the bubble Macs (are we talking almost a decade old?) were accessible.  What a humbling and sobering experience dealing with the realities of ICT in schools.

Just two weeks ago, I visited the Lakeshore Discovery School in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I toured the school with the Superintendent, John Howitt and Doug Peterson, who kindly arranged for the tour.  It was truly a state-of-the-art school with leading-edge technology and 300 artifacts displayed throughout the school that enables teachers to go on "mini field trips" to explore dinosaur, Leonardo DaVinci, or Egyptian artefacts. Where's the equity in our public school system? The scenario replays itself across the country.  Further, how do we prepare teachers to deliver 21st Century learning, when we're still back in the 20th Century? I honestly cannot blame my sons' teacher. He is only doing his job with the tools that he's provided. Most schools still frown on teachers bringing in their own laptops. Perhaps new standards for ICT across the country endorsed by CMEC would be a good start.

Sorry, I digress from my usual highlights of the past month's activities, but felt it was apropos, given the theme topic of the month.

I enjoyed catching up with Karina LeBlanc, VP Business Development, Virtual Expert Clinics, Inc. recently while in town. They are a start-up company from New Brunswick, who have developed a software solution, AutismPro that was designed by leading experts in the field. They have a sharp management team that includes Kevin Custer, CEO, who is an old friend from the EdTech space.  I'm planning to catch their upcoming webinar on November 10th.

Malcolm Gladwell is on the roll with yet another new book entitled, What the Dog Saw. I enjoyed Outliers and Tipping Point and will be sure to pick-up his newest release featured in our recommended reading list.  Although Malcolm lives in the U.S., he is a very proud Canadian as is evident in a recent tweet I came across on his site. "Nearly forgot the magnitude with which I love Canada. Can't say how much I appreciate the feedback post events, and as per the new book."  While chatting with Linda Fabi, Director, Waterloo District School Board, she shared that Malcolm, a graduate of the district, who grew up in Elmira, Ontario, talks annually to their management team. His brother is also a principal at the board.

It was great meeting Renée L. VilleneuveAIM Program - AIM Language Learning, an observing company at the ERDI conference recently.  Renee has the best of both worlds where she divides her time teaching at Havergal College in Toronto and working as a curriculum consultant for AIM Language Training. The AIM Program has proven to be a revolutionary approach to second language instruction. It is based upon the use of stories and music for the teaching of French. Specifically designed tales in the form of plays become the focus of the whole gamut of exciting activities that help students develop confidence and competence in the language as they progress through each unit.

I enjoyed participating in a virtual gathering with the Pepperdine University Online Learning Technology Community last week in my role as alumni president of MA EdTech program. The topic presented by a fellow alum, Kathy Milhauser, Program Director at City University of Seattle School of Management, was most intriguing, Distributed Teams - Keys to Effective Collaboration. Kathy "Cat" Milhauser is a recognized expert on distributed team collaboration with valuable experiences gleaned from her tenure at Nike, Inc where she spearheaded their Global Learning Initiative.  Milhauser is currently working on a book devoted to this topic with IGI Publishing. It was great to reconnect with Dr. Margaret Riel, Dr. Paul Sparks and fellow alumni. Special thanks to Claudette LaCour, Director Advancement at Pepperdine University, GSEP Faculty.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank Mike Sproule, COO, Education Canada Network, a new partner to MindShare Learning for his hospitality while in Kelowna recently. It was great to tour the offices and get to know the company and the people behind the scenes. They are certainly leading the way in Canada in providing with the education career portal.

Correction notice: It was brought to our attention last issue by George Siemens that we incorrectly identified Mr. Siemens as having a PhD which he is in the process of completing. We apologize for this error.

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™
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