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Dear Thought Leader,
                      Publisher Vodcast Welcome
Welcome to the April Spring edition of the MindShare Learning Report--Cross Canada Provincial Spotlight on New Brunswick.  Hope truly does spring eternal as 21st Century innovation has proved to be a consistent theme in our spotlight series. After an engaging inaugural interview last month with Alberta education Minister Dave Hancock, we now skip across Canada virtually to New Brunswick, where we were granted an exclusive podcast interview with education minister, Kelly Lamrock.  Be sure to tune into Minister Lamrock's podcast that promises to enlighten you with the secrets of success to one of Canada's most innovative provinces.

Our challenge at the MindShare Learning Report is to continue to engage our valued readers and "Walk-the-Talk" of innovation. We are especially proud to bring you yet another issue that we trust will exceed your expectations as we "mindshare" knowledge from some of the world's leading thinkers on education technology from a Canadian perspective. With this in mind, below are just a few of the highlights in this issue:
  • The HP & MindShare Learning Cross Canada CIO recorded webinar;
  • An exclusive podcast interview with Dr. Curtis Johnson, co-author of best seller, Disrupting Class;
  • Research and Tech Tools Article on "MIT Team Shows 'Sixth Sense' Wearable Computer," and a video interview with a teacher created custom "Wearable Computer Appliance" from FETC 2009;
  • Highlights from the recent Ontario provincial budget and its impact on both K12 and HED;
  • "Ask a Professor," Dr. Sharon Murray, St. Thomas University, article on  "Telementoring"
On the rumour front, I received a twitter note from a reliable source suggesting that the Ontario government may be cutting back on ICT funding for schools. This is quite concerning when other provinces such as Alberta and New Brunswick are investing more resources in ICT innovation. We'll be looking to dispel this rumor as our provincial spotlight next month takes us to our very own backyard in the province of Ontario.
I would be remiss if I didn't share my recent learning adventure to the Distributed Learning Symposium in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks to my partner, netTrekker for the invitation to attend this top class conference with the likes of keynotes Dr. Curtis Johnson and Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors who represent some of the very best technology solutions to enhance student learning and engagement. We encourage you to consider their best-in-class solutions as you plan ahead for your coming academic year.  

Until next time, keep the ICT learning curve steep!

Robert Martellacci

P.S. Follow me on twitter (MindShareLearn)

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™--Strategic Marketing Solutions
Go Green  Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
Title Sponsor
Readership Comments....
"Congratulations to you for reaching your first year milestone!   This newsletter continues to be something I read end to end for great education news so hats off to you, for continuing this quality publication and reaching your first year milestone. "

Karen Stefanishyn
Canadian Sales & Service Manager
Frontrow a division of Phonic Ear
HP and Mindshare Learning K-12 Webinar Recording - Click Image

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Cross Canada 21st Century Provincial Spotlight on New Brunswick

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Our April 2009 issue features our new Cross Canada Check-up Provincial Spotlight Series in an effort share regional trends and success stories across our vast Canadian landscape.
After an insightful inaugural interview last month with Minister Dave Hancock from Alberta, we now skip across Canada virtually to New Brunswick, where we interviewed Minister of Education Kelly Lamrock.  We hope you enjoy this month's provincial spotlight on New Brunswick.

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About Minister Lamrock--Kelly Lamrock was sworn in as Minister of Education, the Minister responsible for the New Brunswick Advisory Council on Youth, and the Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission on October 3, 2006.
A Liberal, he was first elected June 9, 2003 to represent the riding of Fredericton-Fort Naahwaak.  During his first term, Lamrock served as the Official Opposition House Leader, and a critic for learning, employment, innovation, and democratic reform.  He was a member of the Standing Committee on Estimates, the Standing Committee on Procedure, and the Legislative Administration Committee.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Thomas University (STU) in 1995 and a law degree from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in 1997.  He served as president of the student union at both universities, as national chair of the Canadian Federation of Students and was a founding president of the New Brunswick Student Alliance.
After graduation, he built a law practice focused on information technology law.  In 1998, he became the director of policy and communications for the New Brunswick Healthcare Association.  He also served as the director of student affairs at STU and has taught classes at both STU and UNB Saint John.
Mr. Lamrock and his wife Karen have two children, Kennedy and Kayleigh.

- Podcast Interview with New Brunswick's Minister of Education, Kelly Lamrock -
Interview conducted by Robert Martellacci, Publisher of the MindShare Learning Report.

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Quick Tech Facts About New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a place where you can belong and be better. When Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, had a chance to tour around, he remarked how New Brunswick reminded him of his youth in Silicon Valley and a place he could move back to.
New Brunswick lays claim to the most extensive broadband and wireless coverage per capita in North America - no other jurisdiction is more connected.
New Brunswick is Canada's centre for advanced learning technologies, thanks to a number of "firsts", including the first province in Canada to offer a degree program in multimedia, electronic commerce, and computer science and the first to enact degree-granting legislation to online universities.
New Brunswick's technology infrastructure keeps McCain Foods growing on the cutting edge. Headquartered in Florenceville, New Brunswick, this international giant is the largest producer of frozen french fries in the world.

Technology Mentor Program
The New Brunswick Department of Education first introduced a technology mentor program in 1996 and currently has twenty-five active mentors in the nine Anglophone school districts.  The primary mandate of the program is to provide teachers and school administrators with ongoing support in the integration of 21st century technology coupled with instructional strategies that promote effective teaching, learning and professional growth.

Teacher Laptop Initiative
In the spring of 2006, New Brunswick became the first province in Canada to provide all teachers with a dedicated laptop computer for professional use.   This decision was based on the findings from the provinces 2004-2006 Dedicated Student Laptop Research Project which was conducted in three Anglophone middle schools.


New Brunswick Education Portal
The New Brunswick Education Portal is a password-protected area to facilitate online communication and collaboration. Established in January of 2003, It is accessible to all NB educators and Department of Education employees, with limited student access currently being piloted in five schools.

Innovative Learning Fund
The Innovative Learning Fund (ILF) was established by the Government of New Brunswick in 2007 to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches that increase student learning and academic performance, and enhance teaching practices.

Model Schools Project
New Brunswick is moving ahead with meeting the needs of 21st century learners by updating educational philosophy and practice to create a new culture of learning.  The Model Schools project is a three-year research project to trial and evaluate improved instructional and leadership practices, and to develop a replicable model for managing a high school transformative change process. 

New Brunswick Education News

Minister Unveils $35M in funding for research projects
TJ | 20/03/09
The federal government unveiled $35 million in funding Thursday for seven science and technology projects at the University of New Brunswick, which is set to receive research dollars for its state-of-the-art wind energy research lab.
Read More

New Partnership will help Create Innovative Schools
MR 22/01/09

An agreement to create innovative schools that will put New Brunswick on the leading edge of innovation and technology in the classroom was signed today between the province and Microsoft Canada.
Read More

Quebec-New Brunswick University Cooperation in Advanced Education and Research Program
STU 29/01/09
We are pleased to launch the 2009-2010 edition of the Quebec/New Brunswick University Cooperation in Advanced Education and Research Program. Again this year, a total amount of $70,000 will be invested by the Quebec and New Brunswick provincial governments to encourage cooperation between university faculty/students in these two provinces.
Read More

Mount Allison Students make Competition Finals
NBBJ 06/03/09
A team of students and researchers at Sackville's Mount Allison University have made the finals in this year's Breakthrough New Brunswick Business Plan Competition with their business plan and its potential benefit for the plastics manufacturing industry.
Funding Opportunities of the Month
Minister of Industry Launches $2 Billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program
MR | 09/03/09
Today's announcement is part of a series of announcements to release details on 24 research and development projects that will receive $51.8 million in AIF funding throughout Atlantic Canada.
Read More

$600M for PSE in Manitoba Budget
MNR | 27/03/09
Budget 2009 invests in education and training and skills development to continue developing a knowledge economy Finance Minister Greg Selinger said in unveiling the budget today.
Read More

$39M for Medical Research in Alberta
UCN | 27/03/09
AHFMR announces $39 million to fund outstanding research in Alberta.
Read More
K12: Headlines
Stable Funding Supports a Strong Publicly Funded Education System
CNW| 26/03/09
The Ontario Public School Boards' Association(OPSBA) views today's budget announcement related to 2009-2010 education funding as positive evidence of the provincial government's solid commitment
to the value of a strong publicly funded education system.

Read More 

New New Blackboard Learn™ for Apple® iPhone™ Application Lets Users Take Learning on the Go
Blackboard | 26/03/09
A recent survey by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) shows that parents are allowing their young children significantly less time to play video/computer games than to watch television, videos and DVDs.
Read More

Case Study: Online Tutoring Helps Reinforce School Lessons
PR.com | 23/03/09
In November 2008, Inge of Vancouver, BC was faced with the prospect of her son, Max, being held back a grade because of his failing math grades. "This Fall, I realized that Max had missed a full year of math instruction due to scheduling conflicts the past year and was now failing." Wanting to help Max catch up to his class, Inge turned to TutorJam's online tutoring programs to get the academic help Max needed.
Read More

Epson Extends Brighter Futures® Program
Originally focused on projection solutions, Epson's Brighter Futures program recently expanded its suite of K-12 and Higher Education technology products to include other Epson products such as business printers: Epson B-500DN, Epson B-300.  Education customers will enjoy special pricing up to 40% off on select products that support learning in classrooms, labs, auditoriums, and central office environments.  They will also get Epson's three-year warranty and toll-free tech support on projectors.  Visit epsonbrighterfutures.ca
or call 1-888-429-3725 for more information today.

More K12 Headlines...
K12: Upcoming Events

ISTE - NECC 2009

Event: ....... TCDSB's AICT Conference

Date: ......... April 7, 2009
Location: ... Toronto, ON
Read More
Event: ....... TLP Round Table on Technology - ICT Mini-Summit
Date: ......... April 15, 2009
Location: ... Hewlett Packard, Mississauga, ON
Read More
Event: ....... York Region District School Board - 1st Annual "Blueprint for Change" Symposium
Date: ......... April 29, 2009
Location: ... Unionville. ON
Read More
More Upcoming Events...
K12: Ask a Teacher? 
 Timothy Gard
Timothy Gard, B.Ed, M.A. has had over a decade of hands-on involvement with students and teachers in information and communication technology. He loves innovative ideas and taking risks, integrating technology across the curriculum and engaging students in the ever-changing world of technology. He currently teaches media literacy and technology at Ecole Sir Adam Beck J. S. in the Toronto District School Board.

Q: What impact will e-Learning have on the classroom?
I just recently received in the mail my alumni magazine from the University of Toronto. After leafing through the first couple of pages, I came to the President's Message. What drew my attention wasn't so much the  president's musings but the pull quote that hovered at the top of the page:
"We must prepare U of T for a borderless world."
He was right of course, but only partially right.

Read More
Green IT
Green IT      Faronics : How Green Is I.T. Really?

Sustainable Computing Assessment - Discover How Green You Really Are!
See how your IT lifecycle management policies stack up to industry best practices. Complete your Sustainable Computing Assessment!
Read More 
Making Education Greener
CNW 26/02/09
To signal its commitment to environmental education, starting in fall 2009, schools will begin implementing a new policy framework, created as part of the advice of the Curriculum Council and recommendations made by a working group on environmental education chaired by Dr. Roberta Bondar.
Read More

McGuinty Government Creates New Fund to Support Green Tech Companies and Jobs
MR 18/03/09
Ontario is creating a new fund to drive start-up investment in green technology companies and other high-tech businesses.
Read More 
Web 2.0 Technology Spotlight
  Doug Peterson
Brenda Sherry
Itinerant Technology Teacher,
Upper Grand District School Board
Chair, ECOO Conference 2009

How has Web 2.0 technology enhanced your teaching and learning?
Web 2.0 tools like blogs and wikis (engaging readers and writers in communication with an authentic audience), multimedia tools for presentations (MovieMaker, Audacity, Scratch, Kid Pix and Hyperstudio, MicroWorlds) and robotics with Lego Mindstorms are some of the projects I like to promote.  Global projects such as http://www.myhero.com, iEARN http://www.iEARN.org or Taking It Global http://www.tigweb.org , are also resources that I like to share with teachers as much as possible since the use of technology enhances and supports engaging cross-curricular projects that promote global citizenship at the same time.
Read More
Higher Education: Introduction

Mitchel N. Townsend

Welcome to the April 2009 Issue of the MindShare Learning Report, Canada's Premier Education and Technology eMagazine
My name is Mitchel N. Townsend, your Higher Education Editor.
The Higher Education Headlines section contains a wide range of great articles from the Auroramax Project, to Ryerson Universities President urging Toronto to become the next digital powerhouse, to several articles illustrating the evolutionary effects that social networking technologies are having on all aspects of Higher Education.
The Ask a Professor Section features Dr. Sharon Murray from St. Thomas University.  Dr. Murray shares her essay titled "Telementoring" which discuses using technology to help facilitate mentoring processes.
The Research and Tech Tools Section continues to illustrate a wide variety of Information and Tools that will augment the already growing inventory, in your Tech Tool Boxes. Don't forget to read the Article from MIT about "Sixth Sense" wearable computers, also check out the MSL Report video interview with an independent parallel prototype developer at FETC 2009.
The GreenIT Section sponsored by Faronics, is an emerging area of importance, and through our collaborative partnerships we continue to bring you the latest research and information.  The article by Google's GreenIT czar previews its role and plans for its emerging GreenIT leadership role.
The Funding Opportunities Section this month contains resources totaling over 2 billion dollars in current funding.
Finally, from all of us at the Mindshare Learning Report, "Thank you for your continued support and loyal readership".
Enjoy this months issue and remember the challenges may be vast and resources tightening but we as Canadians are up to the challenge.

Mitchel N. Townsend, M.A. EdTech
MindShare Learning Associate
Editor, Higher Education

Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
  Software Review: Faronics Power Save
Timothy GardTimothy Gard, B.Ed, M.A.

Do you manage a large network? Do you want to save a bundle of money? Have you introduced software that will keep tabs on each computer on your network and put idle computers into a lower state of energy consumption? The question of wanting to save money is, of course, rhetorical - who doesn't want to save money, especially in an economic climate where frugal spending is a must?

Read More
21st Century Technology Spotlight

Interview with Dr. Curtis Johnson co-author of Disrupting Class, following a keynote delievered at the Alberta Learning Symposium, March 2009.

CURTIS W. JOHNSON: Curtis W. Johnson, Ph.D. is a writer, facilitator, consultant and speaker whose former titles include college president, head of a public policy research organization, and policy advisor and chief of staff to a governor. He is the co-author of two books, Citistates (1993) and Boundary Crossers (1997), and the president of Citistates Group, which publishes feature reports on strategic issues facing America's metropolitan areas and suggests policy changes that could shape the regions' futures. A regular on conference speaking line-ups, Dr. Johnson has helped major business organizations develop positions on key issues and find ways to collaborate across political jurisdictions on strategic regional issues. He holds a doctorate from the College of Education at the University of Texas.

Higher Education: Headlines
AuroraMAX: New Project Puts the Northern Lights Online
CSA| 25/02/09

Today, the Canadian Space Agency, the City of Yellowknife, the University of Calgary and Astronomy North announced the creation of AuroraMAX, an online observatory and outreach project that will feature live broadcast of the northern lights from Yellowknife.
Read More 
Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy Urges Toronto to Become Next Digital Powerhouse
CNW | 05/03/09  
In an address given to a sold-out crowd at the Empire Club today, Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy dared Toronto to dream big and dream digital.
Read More

Podcast Lectures at U of Saskatchewan
USask| 05/03/09
A pilot project at the University of Saskatchewan in which class lectures are recorded as audio files has received positive responses.
Read More

More Higher Education Headlines...
Higher Education: Upcoming Events 

Event: ....... 14th Annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference
Date: ......... April 14-16, 2009
Location: ... Online
Read More

Event: ....... TLt 2009
Date: ......... April 26-28, 2009
Location: ... Regina, Saskatchewan
Read More

Event: ....... WCCCE 2009
Date: .........
May 1-2, 2009
Location: ... Vancouver, BC
Read More

More on Upcoming Higher Education Events...
Higher Education: Ask a Professor 

Dr. Sharon Murray

Dr. Sharon Murray
Associate Professor of Education
University of St. Thomas

Sharon received her doctorate in 1999 from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England where she studied policy and program evaluation. She has taught in New Brunswick at all levels of the education system - elementary, high school and post-secondary. She currently teaches technology and social studies courses in the Education Faculty of St. Thomas University.

Sharon's involvement with technology education began in 1982 when she taught a high school computer studies course. In the late 80s when she moved to the university setting she instituted a Technology, Issues, and Instructional Design course that became and continues to be compulsory for all Bachelor of Education students. Her interest in the introduction of technology education became part of her doctoral research.  Her thesis was a policy and program evaluation of the introduction of technology education in New Brunswick secondary schools. Her current research interests are focused on informing professional practice and improving student learning particularly in the areas of technology integration in education, mentoring, and communities of practice.
Telementoring: Pre-service Teachers and Teachers Partner for Technology Integration
Abstract: This paper is a report on phase one of a partnership project involving education students and teachers. The partnership was formed around a common goal - planning for effective technology integration in the classroom. The project expectations were to provide authentic learning experiences for pre-service teachers and generate communities of practice between the two partners. Teachers experienced in effective models for technology integration telementored via email education students who then planned a lesson or activity for the teacher's class. The teachers provided feedback on the implementation of the student plan and the students showcased the results of the collaboration at the end of their technology course. Findings indicate that the partnering model was moderately successful. The major impediments were time for the development of shared goals and effective community building.
Read More 
Career Opportunities


Position:     Chief Information Officer
Location:    District School Board of Niagara

Reporting to the Director of Education, the Chief Information Officer will provide the leadership and strategic vision to oversee and drive the technological information and information service requirements of the District School Board of Niagara.
Read More
Position:    Chief Superintendent
:   Calgary Board of Education

In partnership with the Board of Trustees, and as an experienced executive in a diverse, urban public education system, you will further the Calgary Board of Education's reputation for world class education. You will champion public education, lead with visionary impact, empower change and innovation, build leadership capacity and work respectfully with diverse groups and stakeholders.

Higher Education

Position:    Continuing Education-Executive Director
Location:   Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is looking for an energetic and creative academic entrepreneur to serve as Executive Director of Continuing Education. Contact; PINTON FORREST & MADDEN / THE CONSCIENTIA GROUP
Suite 2020, 1055 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
Phone: 800.864.9970 / 604.689.9970 Fax: 604.689.9943
Email: [email protected]

Position:    Academic and Instructional Development Associate
Location:   Saint Mary's University

Saint Mary's University
923 Robie Street
Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3
E-mail: [email protected] or fax 902-496-8116
Read More

Position:   Educational Technology, Senior Instructor
Location:  University of Victoria
Applications should include curriculum vitae and the names of three referees, and should be sent to: Dr. Robert Anthony, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, P.O. Box 3010 STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 3N4; Fax: 250-472-4616; Email: [email protected]
Read More

To place your career opportunities, please contact: [email protected].
Research and Tech Tools
MIT Team Shows 'Sixth Sense' Wearable Computer
THE Journal Jan 09
Those educators among us who are familiar with constructivist and constructionist models of learning understand the impact that social learning theory has had on the field.
Read More 
Imminent Changes in Higher Education and its Delivery
MIT 03/03/09

Thanks to the Internet and associated technology, there have been rapid advances in the way we access and assimilate information.
Read More
Second Life: Engaging Virtual Campuses
Cam Tech 04/03/09
A number of campuses have clear and immediately accessible signage and marketing materials that tell the story. They explain that the build is a replica of their campuses and is used for information dissemination and recruiting and to show off the aesthetics of the buildings. On other campuses, you can actually see student projects, with signage describing the goals and uses.
Read More

More Research and Tech Tools...

MindShare Learning Report Video Interview with Chris Dide. Chris is a Florida Middle School Teacher and Innovator at FETC 2009.

He's wearing a Prototype of the "Wearable Computer" called "Gargoyle"

Chris Dide - FETC 2009

Pepperdine University Online M.A. Ed Tech Faculty, Students and Alumni team up at FETC 2009 to celebrate the launch of the Alumni Ed Tech Chapter.

MindShare Musings...

Robert Martellacci
My learning adventure to the Alberta Distributed learning Symposium 2009 was time well spent with my partner, netTrekker last month. A safe and secure search engine for education, netTrekker continues to gain traction in Canadian schools, given the appeal of the teacher recommended resources. Given the escalating incidents encountered by children browsing the web, a teacher approved portal is a great option to avoiding inappropriate information or abuse.  It was great to catch-up with Joni Turville, MindShare Learning's advisory board member now seconded to the Alberta Education Department.  Besides a stellar line-up of presenters, the conference was extremely well attended and the conversations continued with an online community forum. To get a glimpse of the conference and its presenters, check here. Congratulations to conference organizers for a successful collaboration between the Alberta Teachers' Association, ADETA, the Alberta School Library Council, Education Technology Council and  Alberta Education.  
Thanks to Damian Bolton and Mona Csada, SMART Technologies for a tour of their new digs in Calgary, strategically located across the street from the University of Calgary. This state of the art Green building speaks to the leadership that SMART has demonstrated as an overwhelming market leader in the IWB space. I even had the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind SMART's new multi touch table that was on display at the Alberta conference.
 Guy Kawasaki
Final thoughts on the Alberta conference. One of the highlights was meeting Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Evangelist who was a conference keynote. Guy is a highly engaging presenter.  We studied his craft in our masters program at Pepperdine, reading his book "Selling the Dream." His book "Reality Check," looks very interesting and is highly recommended. enjoyed chatting with Guy following his keynote and discovered a common interest - the sport of hockey. Although he resides in California, hockey is a BIG passion for both of us.
OSAPAC recently met and will be announcing its priorities for tendering for 2009/10. For further information, go here.
Derek Merilees of HP shared the news recently that they are sponsoring the York Region District School Board "Blueprint for Change" Symposium, April 29th. For more information, click here.
Jacob Chan, CIO Toronto District School Board retired in February. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jacob while in NFLD in the Fall at the Microsoft Summit.  Jacob is quite a talented photographer based on the pics shared using Groove while at the conference. Congrats Jacob and enjoy your travels!

Michael Bator former Director of Education, now ED of the Catholic Curriculum Corporation was recently appointed to the board of Knowledge Ontario.

Christine Brown, touched base recently to share the excellent news that she successfully defended her doctoral thesis at York University, where we both served on the advisory board for the Institute for Research on Learning Technology. Ms Brown is now a lecturer at Ryerson University. Congratulations Christine, I'm inspired by your excellent news.

Congratulations to School District #87 Technology and Atlin Students Combine to Make History.The Grade 6-9 class in Atlin has been active for months with a technology Internet based learning project called Destination Imagination. Over sixty schools started this initiative and Atlin was one of two schools to complete their project. History was made when the students participated in the first ever Destination Imagination Tournament on-line. Elluminate brought schools and instructors together from across British Columbia.

In case you're wondering, Atlin is just two hours south of Whitehorse according to teacher, Gerry Brennan of SD #87. He further added, "Simply stated, rural and remote communities can make great gains in learning when technology is used effectively to support learning. The better it gets, the more students can benefit under the guidance of dedicated teachers." Well stated Gerry and thanks for dropping me the email to share your further thoughts.  If you'd like to drop Gerry a note to explore making connections with your students, you can reach him here.
In closing, I'm looking forward to our first ERDI Canada panel in Winnipeg later this week, where we'll be teamed up with five school district directors from across Canada to explore a future roadmap for MindShare Learning services.
If you have a success story or nuggets of news to share, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™
Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
Advisory Board Members 
The MindShare Report is grateful of the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board.  Members include: 
  • Dr. Greg Malszecki, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University
  • Dr. Ron Owston, Director, Institute for Research on Learning Technology, York University
  • Dr. Paul Sparks, Director, Online Masters in Education Technology, Pepperdine University
  • Joni Turville, B.Ed, M. Ed (Instructional Technology), Educator, AISI Coordinator, St. Albert Protestant Schools
  • Timothy Gard, B. Ed. M.A., Educator - Media Literacy & Technology, Toronto District School Board
  • Cathy Phillips, M. Ed., Director, Round Table on Technology, The Learning Partnership
  • Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams
  • Marty Keast, President, Pearson Learning K-12 Canada  
  • David Marsi, AVP, Learning & Development, Invesco Trimark
  • Chip FeskoSr. Director of Advertising & Strategic Alliances, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia Magazine
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