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Publisher Vodcast MSL BannerWelcome
Dear Thought Leader,
We are pleased to bring you the first official issue of the MindShare Learning Report for 2009-- "Finding the Money-MakingIT Happen in Challenging Economic Times." 

As Canada's premier educational technology eMagazine, we feel a sense of responsibility to arm you with vital industry & education knowledge to help you maximize investments in today's economic climate, while not compromising the ultimate goal of enhancing student success. 
Hope springs eternal as we usher in the New Year. The demand for eLearning is projected to accelerate due to the need for re-training, cost saving measures to reduce travel and the "Green" movement.

Why the optimism? Education technology and particularly eLearning is coming of age as we face the technology revolution, the most significant transformation since the industrial revolution.
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Robert Martellacci
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™--Strategic Marketing Solutions
Go Green  Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
Title Sponsor
Readership Comments....
"There is no better publication out there for consumers/educators/innovators in the Canadian education technology space than the MindShare Learning eNewsletter.  The depth, accuracy and complete coverage of "hot" topics and innovation in the education space is second to none.  I would highly recommend any professional, educator or administrator to get on this mailing."
Darren Prosper
, Principal, Business Development, gWhiz, LLC
HP Mindshare Learning 21st Century Interactive Classroom Contest Winner

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Congratulations to Mark Melnyk of Markville Secondary in York Region and his students--December Winners of the HP MindShare Learning 21st Century Interactive Classroom Contest and a prize pack of over $10,000

Winning Video Submission

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York Regions District School Board officials, including Bill Crothers (Board Chair), Students, school officials and Sponsors gathered at Markville Secondary to Celebrate the HP MindShare Learning 21st Century Interactive Classroom contest Winning submission by teacher Mark Melnyk and his students.

Winning Submission Summary
Our submission traces our journey to show how technology is integrated into our History program at Markville Secondary School. Countless brainstorming sessions, philosophical discussions regarding the role of technology in student learning and our lives, and collaborative reflections on our teaching and learning environment led us to analyze how this all works for us as a seamless part of daily life.

This stop animation video attempts to capture the creative synergy we hope to engender by using technology as a tool to reach 21st century learners and promote a passion for history and a love of learning.

Winners Quote:

"One of the greatest parts of the HP Mindshare Learning Contest was working with our students to examine and analyze the way we teach, learn and interact with technology. Over three months our team engaged in numerous philosophical discussions and debates about the role that technology should play in our lives. We struggled with how we could build all of these ideas into our video. Our epiphany came when we realized that we simply wanted to capture how we interact every day, and the nature of our classroom experience. Ultimately, we wanted to communicate how we work together with technology as a seamless part of our every day life. Winning this contest is such an honour because we believe that it shows the power of engaged learners and the unique talents that are developing in ever changing and evolving 21st century classrooms."

Mark Melnyk, teacher, Markville Secondary and winner of the HP MindShare Learning Report contest

"Bringing the latest innovations in ICT into our classrooms gives York Region students hands-on experience with the new tools while opening up broad, new vistas of learning opportunity."

Bill Hogarth, Director of Education, York Region District School Board
21st Century Contest

HP MindShare Learning Report Contest Spirit Award--Laurie McIntosh, Grade 2 teacher, Father Lacombe Catholic School, Alberta
HP Spirit Award

In recognition of the outstanding creativity, passion and vision demonstrated by Ms. McIntosh and her grade 2 student, the contest judge's panel created a "Spirit Award".
Funding Opportunities of the Month
Provincial Investments Translate into Growth for Distance Education Programs
Lab/NEWF Gov | 09/12/08
Advancing technology, especially to benefit rural areas of the province, is a goal of the Provincial Government. The Internet and the World Wide Web open up a new learning dynamic as people can study anywhere on the planet.
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Government of Canada commits $10.5 million in funding for Canada's GEOIDE Network
CDW | 17/12/09
The Networks of Centres of Excellence Program is continuing its commitment to the GEOIDE Network with $10,511,000 in funding over three years.
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Government Program Spending - Funding Post-Secondary Education
CACC | 13/01/09
The federal government, through the Canada Social Transfer (CST), provides the provinces and territories funding for post-secondary education, social assistance and social services (including early childhood development and early learning and child care). The CST cash transfer will amount to about $10.5 billion in fiscal 2008-09 of which, $3.2 billion is for post-secondary education.
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K12: Headlines
Education partners call for a continued investment in public education
CNW | 15/01/09
Nova Scotia's education partners are calling for a continued investment in public education. The partners, including school boards, teachers, administrators and parents, will be asking the public to urge their MLAs to put education first in this year's provincial budget.
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SMART Classroom Suite first all-in-one software suite designed for both teachers and students
SMART Technologies | 14/01/09
SMART Technologies announces SMART Classroom Suite, an integrated software solution that includes the award-winning SMART Notebook 10 for creating and delivering teachers' lessons, SMART Notebook SE for student assignments, scheduling and file management, SMART Sync 2009 (formerly SynchronEyes classroom management software) for managing computer-enabled classrooms, and SMART Response for student assessment.

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Faronics Insight v7.2 Introduces Thin Client Support and Student Testing
Faronics | 14/01/09
Faronics is making its mark on BETT 2009, the world's largest educational technology event, by officially announcing the release of version 7.2 of its popular classroom control software, Faronics Insight. This latest version introduces support for Windows 2003 Terminal Server and NComputing desktop virtualization environments, the ability to mute student workstations, and student testing capabilities.
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K12: Upcoming Events

The Learning Partnership
*Deadline: March 2, 5pm EST

Event: ....... FETC

Date: ......... January 21-24, 2009
Location: ... Orlando, FL
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Event: ....... OLA Super Conference
Date: ......... January 29-31, 2009
Location: ... Toronto, ON
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Event: ....... TCEA Annual Convention and Exposition ~ Accelerate Technology
Date: ......... February 2 - 6, 2009
Location: ... Austin, TX
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K12: Ask a Teacher? 
Timothy Gard
Timothy Gard, B.Ed, M.A. has had over a decade of hands-on involvement with students and teachers in information and communication technology. He loves innovative ideas, integrating technology across the curriculum and engaging students in the ever-changing world of technology. He currently teaches media literacy and communication at Sir Adam Beck J. S. in the Toronto District School Board.

Q: How do I introduce new technology in my class in challenging economic times?
A: A great way to introduce new technology into your classroom is through either a pilot project, or a research study. A pilot project gives you the opportunity to introduce and investigate new software or hardware in a classroom context that allows you to investigate the merits of that technology as it relates to pedagogy and curriculum. A research study is more formalized in that you have a clear hypothesis you wish to investigate, a research method, and a protocol that you are going to follow in order to study the merits of a particular piece of hardware or software technology as it relates to your hypothesis. Both of these opportunities are exciting, and rewarding; exciting because you get to learn about and introduce new technology to your students, and rewarding because as an educator you get to be involved in action research that makes a difference. Further, you get to investigate and report on this technology to the stakeholders who are interested to know the benefits of their technology in the classroom - a real-world context.
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Green IT
Green IT      Faronics : How Green Is I.T. Really?

Helix2009 (Green Education and Technology Conference)
March 19-20, 2009
The conference will focus on green computing, attendees will also have access to other topics in the areas of Web design and development; administration and leadership; teaching and learning with technology; and security, networking and infrastructure.
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HP Planet Partners Recycling
HP's Planet Partners recycling service provides an easy way to recycle any brand of computer equipment or HP printing supplies. HP's state-of-the-art processes ensure that unwanted hardware or empty HP printing supplies are recycled responsibly.
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HP Eco Solutions
HP is committed to reducing its environmental impact across all aspects of business - from operation to products to services.  With the environment in mind we design our products to be sustainable throughout their lifecycles, offer product reuse and recycling solutions and set high environmental standards in our operations and supply chain.
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Featured Web 2.0 Sites of the Month
  Doug Peterson
About Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is the Computers in Education Program Consultant for The Greater Essex County District School Board in Southwestern Ontario.  An educator since 1979, Doug has taught Data Processing, Computer Science, Accounting, General Business Studies, and Mathematics at the secondary school level and was the Director of Business Education at Sandwich Secondary School in Lasalle, Ontario.    

Doug's formal education includes a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.  Ontario Ministry of Education and Training qualifications are in Data Processing, Computer Science, Accounting, and Mathematics. 

MSL BanneriPod and iPhone in the Classroom
As an iPhone user, I was intrigued by Doug's pet project in identifying a suite of education apps for iPhones, iPods and iPod Touch devices. His wiki is encouraging educators to contribute their suggestions.


RCAC conference a great success
Hats off to Doug Peterson, RCAC conference chair for an outstanding one-day EdTech think tank in London, Ontario last month. While the target audience was south western Ontario, his event attracted some 500 education and industry leaders from across Ontario.  If you  couldn't make the conference, click here to get a comprehensive summary courtesy of Doug Peterson. I'm now a fan of the two keynotes, David Warlick and Amber MacArthur . Thanks again Doug for the invite to attend your excellent event.

Higher Education: Introduction

Mitchel N. Townsend

The Higher Education Headlines section contains several great articles from helping parents trying to save for their children's education, a major college admissions applications jump, five Ed Tech stories to watch for in 2009 and a New Virtual Teacher Training Tool developed at Acadia University in cooperation with Pearson Education.

The Ask a Professor Section features Dr. Doug Player, a seasoned education executive and professor who describes his suggestions for getting educational funding in these current tough economic times.       
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Mitchel N. Townsend, M.A. EdTech
MindShare Learning Associate
Editor, Higher Education

Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
Technology Product Spotlight 
Timothy Gard

Timothy Gard
, B.Ed, M.A.


Put away those ancient overhead projectors, or any other device you might use to display a two or three-dimensional object in your classroom! Today's 21st century projector is called a document camera, and it's more than what the name might suggest. These devices will display text, pictures, or three-dimensional objects onto your overhead screen, or interactive whiteboard. In fact, it makes most sense to use these devices with an interactive whiteboard so that you might capture your external object - whatever it might be! - and digitize it for use in a lesson, or an activity. Or, maybe you want to do some choral reading, or read aloud a book that has some amazing illustrations. A document camera is an overhead projector that incorporates the capabilities of a scanner, microscope, interactive whiteboard and computer. It's a technology that is well worth investigating!
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Epson DC-10
ents Camera
Higher Education Spotlight
  MSL Banner

Ron Owston, PhD, Director,
Institute for Research on Learning Technologies and University Professor of Education
York University

I am pleased to announce the release of the alpha version of the Open Virtual Usability Lab (OpenVULab). This open source application is designed for remote usability testing and is being developed as part of the Fluid Project with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and previously from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada.
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Higher Education: Headlines
Pearson Education Canada and Acadia offer "Real-Time" Teacher Training
Acadia Release | 03/12/08

First time classroom jitters may be a thing of the past thanks to a new teacher-training tool developed at Acadia University. Managing to Teach (M2T) simulates realistic classroom situations to allow new educators to make decisions in a safe environment - the virtual school.
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New system can improve video-sharing websites like YouTube
UofT Release | 08/12/08  
The Tiny Videos system, created by computer engineering graduate student Alex Karpenko, is a groundbreaking system that allows extremely large amounts of video data to be compressed and then searched based on content.
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Free Speech on Campus: Selective Silencing
Globe and Mail | 08/12/08
Students once led the push for greater civil rights and liberties. These days, they appear to want to limit freedom of speech, at least for some. Recent efforts by students to silence anti-abortion groups on university campuses across Ontario suggest that the kids are not all right.
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Higher Education: Upcoming Events 

Event: ....... Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2009
Date: ......... January 28-31, 2009
Location: ... Toronto, ON
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Event: ....... Licensing Issues in Higher Education
Date: ......... February 9-20, 2009
Location: ... Online
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Event: ....... eConcordia Summit 2009
Date: .........
March 12, 2009
Location: ... Montreal, QC
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Higher Education: Ask a Professor 

Dr. Doug Player

Dr. Doug Player

Doug is a former Superintendent of West Vancouver School District. He holds a BA from UBC, a MEd., from WWU and an EdD from USD. Doug was noted for his innovative leadership during which he initiated the first international student program in BC, the super achievers program, all day kindergarten and computer immersion. While a superintendent, Doug was President of the Canadian Association of School Administrators (CASA) and an Associate of the Education Research and Development Institute of Canada (ERDI). He currently serves as president of Player-Works Inc, Vice President of Destination Imagination BC and is working to develop Whistler U, a fully accredited university in Whistler. His consulting clients have included Chancery, the NHL, the Canadian Educational Resource Council and Dell as well as numerous school districts across Canada.

Doug was awarded CASA's Distinguished Leadership Award for excellence in leadership in education in Canada as well as the BCSSA Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to education in BC. Doug taught leadership for ten years at San Diego State University and currently teaches the Masters in Educational Leadership program for City University in Seattle. When not consulting or speaking on RIPPLE Leadership©, Doug can be found on the nearest links or cruising the slopes of Blackcomb.

Q: How do we bring technology to education in tough times?
A: Educate the educational leaders--The best marketing money technology companies may wish to spend is to educate the decision makers in the education industry.  Directors/Superintendents are the key decision makers in school districts and they are often run off their feet with the multiple demands on their time.  Many of them are not aware of the advances in technology that could save valuable dollars now being spent on staff positions or the unique approaches that could bring efficiencies to the classrooms of their schools.   
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Career Opportunities

Grade 6-9 Industrial Arts/Computer Teacher
Gods Lake Narrows School
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Manager, Learning & Performance Consulting Scotiabank
The candidate for the position of Manager Learning and Performance Consulting will be responsible for the activities involved in performance consulting, conducting needs assessment, instructional design, development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of assigned training and learning projects (e-learning, classroom, other) supporting business initiatives for International Banking.
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Dean, Faculty of Education
Simon Frazer University
Contact Caroline Jellinck, Brent Cameron or Tyler Cheyne in our Vancouver office at 604-685-0261
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To place your career opportunities, please contact: [email protected].
Research and Tech Tools
How IT Asset Management Affects Public Funding
By logging in to the Absolute Customer Center, Nguyen and his team have access to at-a-glance information on every computer they are responsible for including: its location and user, hardware and software installed, current virus protection status - even whether students have installed prohibited software or tampered with hardware.
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Assessing and Comparing Interaction Dynamics, Student Learning, and Satisfaction within Web-based Online Learning Programs
JOLT | DEC2008

This study measures student learning, satisfaction, and interaction dynamics within Web-based online learning programs.
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Free Ebook: The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro
One of the great benefits of rapid e-learning is the ability to create e-learning courses much faster and easier than ever before. However, going faster and making your job easier are not the only considerations.
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Mississauga Companies Leading the 21st Century Learning Charge
It takes leadership, partnership and innovation to push the 21st Century learning envelope to prepare students for the 21st Century Global Economy. That's exactly what the HP MindShare Learning 21st Century Interactive Classroom contest set out to accomplish. Thanks to the generous support of Mississauga based companies, frontrow, HP, Microsoft, and MindShare Learning, a vision became a reality. "It's gratifying to see educators embrace our mission locally and nationally," Robert Martellacci, President & Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report

MSL Banner

Grade 5 teacher Alberte Jean-Jacques of St. Jean Baptiste School picture in the foreground, Nadia Santoli, FrontRow; Robert Martellacci, MindShare Learning; Jason  Breukelman, Microsoft Canada; Jassie Sidhu, HP show off prizes that are part of the HP MindShare contest (off to right); Ms. Jean-Jacques students' look on in the background.

Photo credit: Stephen Uhraney

The Learning Partnership Round Table Technology Recently Featured EdTech Industry Leaders Exploring the Converging Digital Classroom

Learning Partnership Round Table

Robert Martellacci, Publisher, MindShare Learning Report,
Sandra Nagy, eLearning Manager, Pearson K12 and Michael Ward, Eastern Canada, Education Manager
MindShare Musings--"The Connectors, leaders and People on the Move"
Robert Martellacci
I sense an air of optimism for 2009, despite the challenging economic times. Top-of-mind this week has been "Obamamania" that has galvanized Americans and certainly has spilled over into Canada. On that note, I am pleased to share a little trivia in that Toronto born CEO/Founder of FableVision and New York Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds  emceed the 2009 LINK-live Presidential Inaugural Gala at The Corcoran Gallery of Art on January 20, 2009. I've met Peter at various EdTech conferences in the U.S. My connection to Peter is through his twin brother, Paul Reynolds, who is a fellow Pepperdine U OMET alum. Speaking of Pepperdine, I'm honoured be playing a leadership role as part of the launch team of Pepperdine's first Virtual alumni network. Our pre-launch strategy meeting will be happening later this week at the Florida Education Technology Conference, January 22-24.  Special thanks to Claudette LeCour, director, advancement services at Pepperdine U for her support.
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Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™
Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser ą l'Environnement.
Advisory Board Members 
The MindShare Report is grateful of the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board.  Members include: 
  • Dr. Greg Malszecki, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University
  • Dr. Ron Owston, York University, Director, Institute for Research on Learning Technology
  • Dr. Paul Sparks, Pepperdine University, Director, Online Masters in Education Technology
  • Joni Turville, B.Ed, M. Ed (Instructional Technology), Educator, AISI Coordinator, St. Albert Protestant Schools
  • Tim Gard, B. Ed. M.A., Media Literacy & Communication Teacher, Toronto District School Board
  • Cathy Phillips, M. Ed., Director, Round Table on Technology, The Learning Partnership
  • Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams
  • Marty Keast, President, Pearson Learning K-12 Canada  
  • David Marsi, AVP, Learning & Development, Invesco Trimark
  • Chip FeskoSr. Director of Advertising & Strategic Alliances, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia Magazine
About Us

The MindShare Learning Report team is made up of the following individuals:

About The MindShare Learning Report™ -- Canada's Premier Educational Technology eMagazine.

Our mission is to transform education by sharing knowledge of 21st Century innovative best practices and success stories in the Canadian education market space and beyond. We harness the power of Web 2.0 technologies to feature engaging Vodcasts, podcasts, polling, Canadian educational technology news headlines & upcoming strategic industry events in the K-12, Higher Ed and corporate eLearning market segments. Other elements of the MSL Report eMagazine include: successful practices, ask an educator, ask a professor, research & tech tools, GreenIT and career listings, to support educators and educational technology providers in maintaining a pulse for emerging trends in Canada. http://www.mindsharelearning.com/report
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MindShare Learning is a privately held company based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Its hallmark is providing strategic marketing solutions to learning & technology solution providers in the K-12, HED and corporate learning markets, to support new market expansion and revenue growth. MindShare Learning's partial client list includes: Adobe (Macromedia), Blackboard Inc., EPSON, RM PLC UK, Softease Ltd. UK, THINKronize (netTrekker), IMSI (ClipArt.com), CERC (Canadian Education Resources Council), NECTAR Foundation and ERDI Canada. http://www.mindsharelearning.com