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Dear Thought Leader,
Welcome to the May edition of The MindShare Learning Report™ -- Canada's Source for Learning & Technology Industry News. The theme for this month's issue is Technology Leadership.
What an incredibly inspiring and hectic month April proved to be as I had the good fortune of traveling across Canada taking in several conferences: ERDI Canada Director's/Corporate partners in Halifax; the Microsoft Summit in Ottawa; the Ontario Catholic Principal's Conference in London; and most recently, the B.C. Ed Online conference in Vancouver.
There was a common theme that spanned the country-- I was struck by the passion, vision and desire of educationalists to share successful practices and enhance student achievement through the effective use of technology. 
However, while we've made tremendous strides in our efforts to embed tech in our teaching practice, we have a long way to go in making technology transparent to the point that it's like dialing our cell phone. The regional difference I observed suggests some provinces are more successful than others. Do you agree? Please take a moment to complete the Online Poll that asks for readership input. On that note, I'm not surprised that last month's poll unanimously 'shouted out' for the desire to host a national education technology conference, similar to NECC in the U.S. or the BETT conference in the U.K.  The Mindshare Learning Report is committed to exploring this apparent pent up demand with interested partners across Canada and beyond.
An emerging interest for me most recently inspired by my travels is the 'Greening of Education' through eLearning that has yet to be truly understood and appreciated. I challenge education and industry to embrace the benefits of less paper, reduced emissions, cost savings and time savings as a result of the efficiencies that online or blended learning can offer.
Finally, I would be remised if I didn't highlight our inaugural MindShare Learning Report advisory board meeting in early April hosted by Professor Ron Owston at York University. As experts in the field, our highly talented and passionate members shared their thoughts in reinforcing our mission and offered constructive ideas on how to enhance future issues.
It is my hope that you are engaged by this issue to the point where we inspire you to share your success stories. I also encourage you to share this issue with your colleagues. Your comments are most welcomed!
Until next time, keep the learning curve steep! 
Cheers, R.
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™
President, MindShare Learning™
Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser l'Environnement.
Dr. Seymour  PapertP.S. As a tribute to Dr. Seymour Papert, Professor Emeritus MIT and his global technology leadership, I've embedded an exclusive Podcast interview I conducted on Skype with Dr. Papert while completing my studies at Pepperdine University. I hope you enjoy this thought provoking interview.
Premier Sponsor 
Readership Comments....

"Just finished reading the April issue. This is really nice work.  I know how much effort this takes. You are doing great work here.  Keep it up."

Anne Wujcik
Education Market Analyst
Scholastic QED/The Heller Reports

"The Mindshare Learning Report looks fantastic.  What an ambitious project!  It is a great way to position yourself and develop contacts in the innovator and educator communities.  I thought that including a funding source was an excellent idea."
Gord Robinson
Educator and former Toronto District School Board, 
ICT Coordinator

Send your thoughts to [email protected]

Funding Opportunity of the Month


CNW | 24/04/2008 

Ontario is supporting environmental education with $3 million in funding this year to continue to implement the Bondar Report. It will be used for teacher and classroom supports for delivering environmental education in all subjects in all grades. Some of the supports include e-learning resources, lesson plans, webcasts and workshops for teachers.

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K-12: Headlines

Thousands choosing computers over classroom
Program offering distance-learning courses has nearly tripled its online student body since its launch less than three years ago
The Globe and Mail | 30/04/2008
Logging onto the computer at home is now the preferred method of education for thousands of British Columbian students who are abandoning bricks-and-mortar schools for Internet classrooms run by teachers kilometres away.
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Wii virtual race gives students a track and field workout
Real exercise for short periods 'better than doing nothing
EDN Journal | 26/04/2008
A group of junior high school students burst out of the starting blocks, rapidly pumping their hands and feet, with the finish line in sight. By the end of the 100-metre race, they're gasping for air.  But this is a virtual race, played on the Nintendo Wii video game system. And it begs the question: Can video game-based exercise be as good as the real thing?
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Ontario Students Celebrate Earth Week
CNW | 24/04/2008
Schools across the province are participating in environmental activities to celebrate Earth Week. Ontario's environmental education initiatives are just one part of the government's plan to address climate change.
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Education Ministers release Learn Canada 2020
CNW | 15/04/2008
A bold new vision for learning in Canada was released today by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), to address the education needs and aspirations of Canadians. The statement comes on the second day of CMEC's innovative Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum, which is being held in nine different locations across the country.
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E-journalism teaches students value of literacy
Leader Post | 15/04/2008
Some elementary students had the chance to put their literacy skills to work at the Pan-Canadian literacy forum on Monday. "It's a fun and educational experience," said 13-year-old Alex Ironeagle.
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Technology transforms teaching; Schools are bringing the latest methods into classes, but some question the impact on learning
The Sun Times | 15/04/2008
School principal Cheryl Paige is a self-described "Mother Hen," who dotes on her students like they were her own children. Her kind, grandmotherly smile as she walks her school's halls and gives hugs to her students - hugs! in this age of lamentable "no-touch" policies belies the fact Paige has her veteran educator's finger firmly on the cyber-tech trigger.
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China Education Resources Launches China's First Comprehensive Education Services Portal (ESP)
Marketwire | 14/04/2008
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2008) - China Education Resources Inc. ("CER," the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:CHN)(PINK SHEETS:CHNUF) today announced the successful launch of its comprehensive Education Services Portal (ESP). Designed to support the administrative, teaching, and learning needs of K-12 schools in China, ESP is a subscription-based service that seamlessly integrates with CER's flagship project, the learning portal CERSP.COM.
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Brighter Minds and HIT Entertainment Ink Deal for Educational Children's Software and Online Games with Bob the BuilderTM and Thomas & FriendsTM
Marketwire | 14/04/2008
Brighter Minds Media, Inc. (the Company) (TSX VENTURE:BRI) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Brighter Minds Media, LLC (Brighter Minds) will develop and launch educational software for children based on HIT Entertainment's popular preschool properties, Thomas & FriendsTM and Bob the BuilderTM. The games will be made available both online, as downloadable games for purchase, and through traditional retail outlets starting in April 2008.
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HP unveils small laptops for students
eSchool News | 08/04/2008
Hewlett-Packard Co., the No. 1 seller of personal computers worldwide, on April 8 said it's throwing its weight behind a new class of miniaturized laptops targeted primarily to students, a fledgling market already populated with products from Intel Corp., the world's largest semiconductor company, and Asustek Computers Inc., the world's largest maker of computer motherboards.
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Lions Gate Leaps into Multiyear Worldwide Agreement LeapFrog To Create Educational, Story-Driven DVDs
CNW | 01/04/2008
LIONSGATE(R) (NYSE: LGF), the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, continued to build momentum in the family home entertainment space, announcing today that it has entered into an agreement with LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., a leading developer of technology-based learning products, and rights holder and producer Chris D'Angelo, to develop, produce and distribute multiple direct-to-DVD feature films, it was announced today by Lionsgate Executive Vice President of Marketing and Family Entertainment Anne Parducci.
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Are Schools Inhibiting 21st Century Learning?
T.H.E. Journal | 01/04/2008
The idea of technology in education is to enhance learning, not limit it. Yet a large portion of students say teachers and school IT departments are doing just that: throwing up barriers to learning with the very technology that's supposed to facilitate it. And teachers, administrators, and parents seem to be largely unaware of this, according to the results of the 2007 Speak Up survey released Tuesday by Project Tomorrow.
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Interactive Bullying Surveying and Student Self-reporting of Incidents
MediaX | 25/05/2008
What's Up software for web and student response clickers Creating interactive surveys for students, and giving them the opportunity to report on incidents and concerns will soon be much easier, thanks to new software from Media-X Systems.
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K-12: Upcoming Events

Event: ....... Leading Learning 2008 - Elearning: Education in Motion
Date: ......... May 5-6, 2008
Location: ... Toronto
Event: ....... 5th International Computer Refurbishers' Summit (ICRS)
Date: ......... May 5-6, 2008
Location: ... Toronto
Event: ....... Joint Conference of Campus Saskatchewan and The Educational Technology Consortium
Date: ......... May 14-16, 2008
Location: ... TCU Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Event: ....... CHARTING NEW WATERS : The 26th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Principals Delta Hotel
Date: ......... May 14-16, 2008
Location: ... St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Event: ....... Bridges to Learning, National Technology in Education Conference
Date: ......... May 16-17, 2008
Location: ... University of Toronto, Mississauga
Event: ....... 2008 ECNO  (Education Computing Network of Ontario) Conference
Date: ......... June 1-3, 2008
Location: ... Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston, Ontario
Event: ....... NECC 2008
Date: ......... June 29-July 2, 2008
Location: ... Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston, Ontario
Event: ....... Canadian Association of School  Administrators
Date: ......... July 10-13, 2008
Location: ... Halifax, Nova Scotia
21st Century Technology Leader Spotlight:
Cheryl Paige 
 Cheryl Paige, Principal
 Joyce Public School, Toronto District School Board
Congratulations to Cheryl Paige, our inaugural 21st Century Technology Leader Spotlight recipient. "Cheryl is a world wide leader with implementing technology in her school," says Jeff Hainbuch, Superintendent of Education -NW4, Toronto District School Board. "She effectively uses her extensive knowledge of SMARTboard and adaptive technologies to lead and support teaching and learning with our family of school principals, vice principals and teachers.  Most recently she organized a full day in-service on math walkthroughs and technology to improve student success.  She shows tremendous leadership in her field."

Ms. Paige is a past recipient of The Learning Partnership's 'Principal of the Year Award'.  She is best known for her innovative programming, strong community involvement, partnerships with international education organizations, businesses, universities and government organizations. Some of her achievements include establishing an outstanding instrumental music program within her school and weekly outreach music programs for parents and children. This program was successful in bringing parents into the school and building community connections.
I've had the good fortune of collaborating with Cheryl Paige while completing my Masters Research thesis on Interactive Whiteboard Technologies at Joyce Public School this past year. I was truly struck by her inspiring leadership style, passion for innovation and desire to enable her teachers and students to succeed through the integration of technology in the classroom.
The staff at Joyce Public School are involved in curriculum development, particularly in the area of ICT, and the school has initiated several research studies with the University of Toronto and York University. Teachers at Joyce have been involved in teaching AQ courses and have presented their programming at universities and conferences. With her support, teachers at Joyce PS have won prestigious awards, including the Toronto Sun Teacher of the Year, York Alumni Teaching Award of Excellence, The Claude Watson Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.
When asked what the key factors to successfully implementing technology in schools today, Ms. Paige responded with the following: 
  • The technology must to be purposeful and support the curriculum
  • Implement the technology in one curriculum area and the others can follow
  • Strategically place your technology leaders throughout the school building and encourage collaboration
  • Take the time to make sure the technology is working
  • Hire staff with the same beliefs
  • Build expertise by allowing teachers to learn from each other
  • Embed the technology in the curriculum
  • Encourage teams (teachers) to present at conferences
  • Need to recognize progress in everyone and make teachers comfortable in sharing.
  • Constantly bring exemplary practices to the forefront
  • Create forums online to share lessons
  • Support outstanding teachers wanting to attend conferences as a reward for their leadership
    Host Open Houses for other principals
  • Engage parent councils and inform them of the benefits of technology integration
  • Be creative when it comes to funding-look for grants and mutually beneficial business partnerships
  • Forge university partnerships as you always want to know whether the technology is making a difference through research
In final analysis, a teacher has to believe the technology is making them a better teacher.

By Robert Martellacci

Please be sure to send us your nominees for next month's 21st Century Technology Leader Spotlight to

[email protected]
K-12 Video Spotlight--A Vision of K-12 Students Today
K-12 Videocast

Higher Education: Introduction

VodcastMitchel N. Townsend Welcome 
Welcome to the May 2008 edition of the MindShare Learning Report, Canada's Premier Education and Technology publication. This month's edition focuses upon Leadership and Technology.
The headlines section contains several articles highlighting different leadership efforts.
One such effort is being lead by the Canadian Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. 1.5 billion dollars has recently been committed in the 2008 Ontario budget to modernize equipment, technology and software. 
Another such leadership effort relates to the emerging consciousness of the environmental benefits of elearning. We have included a light hearted article about how your degree could help save the planet.
Out in Vancouver and North Island leadership efforts are underway to help make education more affordable by organizing fundraisers and developing unified voices through collaborative networking.
Finally, there is an article of particular interest concerning the development of a new psych-social phenomena described as being a "nomad'. This concerns elearner's reliance upon mobile connectedness and how these new learners are extremely fluid and flexible concerning their social structures and cyber life cultures.
As always this publication is about you and we actively encourage your participation through joining the MindShare Learning Community.
Enjoy this months issue and remember to keep the learning curve high!
Mitchel N. Townsend, M.A. EdTech
MindShare Learning Associate
Editor, Higher Education
Go Green Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser l'Environnement.

Higher Education: Headlines
Open Text Partners with the University of Waterloo to Create Leading Institute for Web 2.0 and Digital Media
Open Text | 08/04/2008
Open Text™ Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), a global leader in enterprise content management (ECM), today announced a partnership with the University of Waterloo to create one of the world's largest centres dedicated to research and innovation in digital media and Web 2.0 for business, government and cultural applications.
Read More
Federation Calls for Emergency Summit of Post-Secondary Leaders
CNW | 09/04/2008
We need to take a united stand against provincial funding cuts say post-secondary educators.
Read More
Vancouver Film School And YouTube Team Up To Offer International Scholarship Competition
CNW | 18/04/2008
People from around the world will have the opportunity to share their film, animation, or creative pitch in a 3-minute video to win a full-tuition scholarship.
Read More
North Island College Foundation makes school more affordable
SIC | 21/04/2008
Paying for an education can be tough, but North Island College Foundation is committed to ensuring quality post-secondary education is accessible to every student.
Read More
Mobile Learning in Higher Education
CamTech | 23/04/2008
The term "Nomadic" has been used to describe the current college students' culture of wireless and mobile connectedness in the sense that they are not "rooted" but incredibility flexible and fluid when it comes to their social connections and their virtual life culture.
Read More
Nine Ways to Save the World with Your College Degree
WWL | 24/04/2008
The virtual classroom streamlines the educational process, making college degrees more accessible to students--and a lot easier on Mother Nature. As we finally start trying to reverse the effects humans have had on the planet, it's not a moment too soon.
Read More
The 2008 Ontario Budget invests $1.5 billion in colleges, universities and training programs
"To compete in tomorrow's global economy, today's students must be Investing in our students is an investment in Ontario's future," said Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy, trained on the most modern, up-to-date equipment and software available.
Read More
Legislation Paves Way for New Universities in B.C. 
Changes to the University Act introduced today will allow the Province to create new universities that will give students greater access to university degree programs, Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell has announced.
Read More
Higher Education: Upcoming Events
Event: ....... Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training
Date: ......... May 8-9, 2008
Location: ... University of Manitoba
Event: ....... Shaping our Future:Toward a Pan-Canadian Elearning Research Agenda
Date: ......... May 12-26, 2008
Location: ... Cyber Conferences
Event: ....... Teaching for Learning: New Approaches for a New Generation
Date: ......... May 13-15, 2008
Location: ... Simon Frazer University
Event: ....... WILU 37
Date: ......... May 14-16, 2008
Location: ... Kelowna, British Columbia
Event: ....... Providing and measuring services to online students and faculty
Date: ......... May 21, 2008
Location: ... Online
Event: ....... Forest of Change
Date: ......... May 25-28, 2008
Location: ... Prince George, British Columbia
Event: ....... Distance Education Technology Symposium
Date: ......... June 12-14, 2008
Location: ... Edmonton, Alberta
Event: ....... CANHEIT 2008
Date: ......... June 14-18, 2008
Location: ... Calgary, Alberta
Event: ....... 6th Annual Canadian E-Learning Conference
Date: ......... June 17-20, 2008
Location: ... University of Calgary Campus
Event: ....... SCUP's Annual International Conference and Idea Marketplace
Date: ......... July 19-23, 2008
Location: ... Montreal, QC
Higher Education: Ask a professor?
  Paul Sparks 
Dr. Greg Malszecki
Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University
Dr. Greg Malszecki, is an award winning professor in York University's School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health. He believes it is critical for students to look at the social factors - race, class, income, gender - that affect an individual's life chances.

Professor Malszecki has engaged and inspired thousands of students he taught over the years through his collaborative teaching style. As a former student of professor Malszecki's, he was one of the first to challenge me to integrate technology in my class activity through interviewing and recording a former professional athlete. As I reflect back, professor Malszecki's collaborative and constructive learning approach provided the richness of learning that all educators should aspire to. I was intrigued to learn recently that professor Malszecki's course last year had amongst the highest number of student postings for an online course at York University which proved to be the inspiration for this interview.
By Robert Martellacci
What is your Online Learning Philosophy?
Fundamentally, most people like learning but not being taught.
When it comes to blended learning courses. The course website needs to be truly collaborative, allowing students to feel free to participate. The professor needs to have a presence i.e. quotes, topics, and new links to make it worthwhile for students.

Today students expect an active course website. To accomplish this, professors can change colors, add new links and articles. You know you're being effective when students are also participating in the process and engaged in sharing.

Clearly outline in the beginning that the students' contribution will uplift the class or degrade it.
If you ask a question in the forum, a fellow student with the answer should feel empowered to answer it.

One needs to make sure that students don't feel they are on the receiving end and do what it takes to be smart, funny, wise and intriguing.

As part of the class altered, that all in this together, and creating collaborative and mutually supporting relationships.

When truly collaborative, workload and email is reduced for the professor.

What role did Technology play in Course Success?
One of York's largest undergraduate classes I taught was monitored along with graduate assistants, and technology made it possible to communicate.

How do you define success in online learning?

A sure sign of success in a blended online course is enhanced attendance in a live class.  The live part becomes the crown jewel.

There is a coherent evolution of authenticity that is created as interaction matures.

Students get a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is generated.

You observe greater friendships developing among students.

Students contribute to the learning by sharing their knowledge with each other.

How did you come to these conclusions and observations?

Learned lessons from the Intro course with 500 students we critical to developing an evolutionary process of course development.

Lessons learned allowed me to distill an extremely high quality course at the 4th year level.

In summary, it's like the jazz paradigm, each makes a unique contribution. Collaborative projects enable you to bring out the best in everyone. In the end, everyone is happy, when singing from the same song sheet. 

Dr. Malszecki's ideas and observations seems to parallel many of those of Dr. Seymour Papert the eminent Constructivist Learning Theorist.  A Podcast interview selection, in which Dr Papert is interviewed by the Executive Editor Mr. Robert Martellacci, is available in this month's edition of the MindShare Learning Report.
Career Opportunities
1. Software Programmer
The NECTAR Foundation has an immediate need for two programmers to develop educational software programs. Candidates must be proficient in Mathematics, Flash, and Flash ActionScript 2 or 3 programming. Strong preference will be given to successful graduates of a university or college computer science program. Candidates must be creative individuals with excellent problem solving, communication, time management, interpersonal and teamwork skills. NECTAR offers a creative atmosphere and a productive teamwork environment. Send resumes to: [email protected]
2. Associate Dean, Graduate Division of Educational Research Faculty of Education University of Calgary
You can view more details about this position by visiting the AcademicKeys.com website:
The Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor for the position of Associate Dean, Graduate Division of Educational Research (GDER) in the Faculty of Education.
To place your career opportunities, please contact: [email protected].
Research and Tech Tools
The Best Information Comes Wrapped Up in People! by Dr. Greg Malszecki
April 2008 
Simply, the most important dimensions of your life are qualitatively contoured by your skills in listening:  family relationships, sustaining friendships, effectiveness at work, teambuilding & community service, and your self-image.
Read More 
eSolutions, greatly benefit the Environment
Bell Canada | 03/04/2008
Telecommunications services are bringing people together in simpler and faster ways than ever before, while delivering important benefits for society and our natural environment:
Read More 
Blooms Taxonomy and the Digital World
Ed Net | 23/04/2008
Thanks to some great work by Andrew Churches, educators have a basis by which to compare digital techniques to the more traditional standard that Bloom created.
Read More
Crossroads in Education: Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools
April 2008 Journal
We are at a crossroads in educating our youth. Advancements in technology, principally Web 2.0, social software, and digital tools, have challenged what it means to be educated and how we proceed to educate our youth in a culture where innovation and creativity, lifelong learning, personalization, and knowledge from and with the collective vie for a rightful place.
Read More 
Spotlight: Free Social Media Tools for Educators
April 2008 Journal
While most districts are still tackling Web-based collaboration tools from pedagogical and security perspectives, a large number of teachers are already out there using these tools to supplement instruction, engage learners, and encourage their students to become producers of information, as well as consumers of it. In other words, they're experimenting. And here are some of the free tools they're using to do it.
Read More
WebSphere Portal 6.1 To Couple Web 2.0, Enterprise Technologies
April 2008 Journal
IBM revealed Wednesday that it will ship WebSphere Portal 6.1 this quarter (i.e. by the end of June) with new collaboration, administrative, deployment, and Web 2.0 features based on input gathered from some 4,000 beta testers.
Read More
MindShare Musings

Robert MartellacciThere is no shortage of news in thanks in part to my travels across Canada.  These have provided me with varying perspectives on how Canada ranks internationally with respect to learning technology frameworks.  Overall, I'm proud of the many leading-edge initiatives I've been privy to; however, I see a great need for national collaboration and communication as a means of achieving economies of scale. 

I'll begin with my learning journey to Ottawa at the Microsoft Summit. Thanks to Jason Breukelman from Microsoft for the invitation to attend my first summit event.  Congratulations to Laura Williams, CIO, Peel District School Board, recipient of the inaugural Bob Allison Leadership Award. Laura received the award for her outstanding contribution to the field of technology and learning.  There were a number of excellent presentations, including Jim Grieve, Director, Peel District School Board, who is the sponsor of the District's technology strategy and inspired all of us with his vision and commitment to supporting teachers with the technology tools needed to be successful.

ERDI's Spring Session in Halifax was one of the best ever. Congratulations to the ERDI partners for hosting another successful event.  ERDI provides a forum for Director's of Education to connect with business in a collegial fashion that is research based. For more information on how to join membership, contact Lyle MacLennan, [email protected]. It was great to see Mike McKay, Superintendent of Surrey School District while at ERDI. Congrats to his daughter who is on a basketball scholarship in the U.S. and off to the UK to play for their national basketball team, thanks to her duel citizenship.  As a parent and former sport information director at York University, I am a huge proponent of academic and athletic excellence and share this philosophy with the peewee hockey team I coach. I managed to drop into see Michael Jeffrey, Director of Learning Resources and Technology with the Department of Education, Nova Scotia.  Despite limited resources, they are making excellent strides with the integration of technology in the classroom and online.

The MindShare Learning team was honoured to learn of the recent nomination of MindShare Learning for the Mississauga Technology Award for the innovation use of technology in launching the MindShare Learning Report national eNewsletter. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty will be on hand June 16th, 2008 at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga for the celebrations.

Dr. Richard Levy, University of Calgary and founding member of the Virtual Reality Lab touched base to let me know he's been testing the Knight Elimar's Last Joust: A Virtual Environment Game for Promoting Literacy Across the Curriculum, with Grade 5 students in Calgary. I recently had the opportunity to sit in on one of his guest lectures at York University where Dr. Levy is collaborating with Dr. Ron Owston of the Institute for Research on Technology & Learning.

I received a note recently from my alma mater, Pepperdine University, where Dean Weber announced  Dr. Eric Hamilton has accepted the invitation to join Graduate School of Education & Psychology as the associate dean for the Education Division. Hamilton will also serve as a professor within the division.  Congratulations Dr. Hamilton.

Dr. Alex Kondra has been appointed Executive Director of the Centre for Innovative Management (CIM), home of Athabasca University's MBA program, for a two year term as of April 1.  It was great to see my friend, Dr. Barry Carbol, Publisher of eTraffic Solutions Press at the B.C. EdOnline conference last week. Dr. Carbol gave a terrific presentation at the conference on digital publishing.  His perspective on meeting the needs of today's learners is most thought provoking and leading-edge.

Congratulations to Gordon Milne, President of the Virtual School Society and his to team for hosting an excellent conference with an impressive slate of keynotes and presenters. I managed to catch the final keynote with David Warlick: Our Students, Our Worlds. He was an outstanding speaker. Checkout the conference website to view achieved converge http://www.learnnowbc.ca/educators/Conference2008/

It was great meeting Ben Thapa, MBA, University of Phoenix, Corporate Education Liaison at the B.C. EdOnline conference.  The only thing he failed to do was bring along some warm weather, smile. Canadian Universities need to be mindful of the competitive landscape now that virtual learning environments eliminate boarders.

Please be sure to send your personal success stories and other newsworthy information directly to me, [email protected].

Thanks all for sharing. And, until next time, it's about passion and a call to action!

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report
Advisory Board Members 
MindShare Learning Report Advisory Board Holds Inaugural Meeting at York University Institute for Research on Learning Technology
In this picture: Front row (L-R) David Marsi, Robert Martellaci, Cathy Phillips, Greg Malszecki. Back Row (L-R), Ron Owston, Tim Gard
  • Dr. Greg Malszecki, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University
  • Dr. Ron Owston, York University, Director, Institute for Research on Learning Technology
  • Dr. Paul Sparks, Pepperdine University, Director, Online Masters in Education Technology
  • Joni Turville, B.Ed, M. Ed (Instructional Technology) , Educator, AISI Coordinator, St. Albert Protestant Schools
  • Tim Gard, B. Ed. M.A., Media Literacy & Communication Teacher, Toronto District School Board
  • Cathy Phillips, M. Ed., Director, Round Table on Technology, The Learning Partnership
  • Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams
  • Marty Keast, President, Pearson Learning K-12 Canada   
  • David Marsi, Program Manager, Practice Management, AIM Trimark Investments
  • About Us

    The MindShare Learning Report team is made up of the following individuals:

    • Robert MartellacciM.A. Ed Tech., Publisher and Managing Editor, contact: [email protected],

    • Mitchel N. Townsend, M.A. Ed Tech., Editor, Higher Education, contact: [email protected]

    • Muhammad Noman, B.A Comp. Sci., Design & Development
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    The MindShare Learning Report is a publication of MindShare Learning. Editorial content for the monthly issue is due the third week of each month. Please forward your news releases as web links to [email protected]
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