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                          September 14, 2009
Hi there,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15, is Spike Day at Amazon.com for THIRSTY.

This is your opportunity to help raise my debut novel in the rankings at Amazon.com AND get the chance to win cool free stuff (details below).

Also, I'll be in the United States as of September 18. (I'll be the one on the corner flagging down cars to talk to folks about THIRSTY.) Check the THIRSTY website for an event near you.

Thanks for your support!


P.S. Please forward to friends!



On October 1, my debut novel THIRSTY will be published by Swallow Press (whoo-ee!). The more copies of THIRSTY sold at Amazon.com on Tuesday, September 15, the higher it goes in the rankings.

Why are rankings important? If THIRSTY sells well before the official release date (October 1), Amazon will recommend it more frequently to shoppers AND bookstores will be more likely to order more copies.

More copies sold means more readers. And having THIRSTY read by as many people as possible is my goal. I wrote this story, love this story, and want to share this story...

with you!

And you.

And you.

And yes, even you over there in the blue shirt! I want to share THIRSTY with you.

So what do you do?

On Tuesday, September 15, click onTHIRSTY's Amazon page and buy a copy (or two or three copies to give as gifts). (Folks in China and Europe: Please remember that this is September 15 U.S. time.)

Then in order to be entered into the drawing to win Cool Free Stuff, email a copy of your Amazon receipt to me within 24 hours.

Everyone who buys a copy of THIRSTY on September 15 from Amazon.com AND emails a receipt to me within 24 hours will have a chance to win some pretty cool prizes (from China!).

What can you win?
Bookmarkers for Spike Day
  • 5 people will win beautiful bookmarkers handmade by a designer in Shanghai. (See? Pretty cool, huh?)
  • 1 person will win a free review of a 10-15 page fiction manuscript along with a 30-minute phone consult. (This review will be scheduled for mid to late November after I've returned to China from the U.S.)

Any questions?

All you have to do is:

1) On September 15, order THIRSTY from Amazon.com.
2) Email your receipt to me within 24 hours.
3) Wait to hear if you are one of the 6 lucky winners.

EMAIL TO kristin[@]kristinbairokeeffe[dot]com

Thanks for listening and supporting the launch of THIRSTY.

* * *

What others are saying about THIRSTY:

"O'Keeffe's debut gracefully encapsulates the working-class cycle of poverty and hopelessness in the lives of these hard-laboring, sympathetic wives and mothers."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Kristin Bair O'Keeffe's Thirsty is a rare and special type of book--an intelligent page turner, a forward thinking historical drama, a picture painted with equal shades of light and darkness. The language is consistently surprising and often intensely beautiful, the characters rich with nuance. The town of Thirsty is a welcome addition to the American fictional landscape, breathed into existence by a writer possessing distinctive talent."
--David Crouse, author of Copy Cats and The Man Back There

 "With exquisite language and unflinching storytelling Kristin Bair O'Keeffe opens wide a world of immigrant struggle and the heartbreaking compromises our ancestral mothers faced. In turns brutal and hopeful, Thirsty is a beautiful account of an ordinary woman in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. It is a reminder that small miracles still happen."
--Heather Sharfeddin, author of three novels, including Blackbelly and Windless Summer

(And those of you in China, remember to note the time difference. Make sure it's September 15 in the United States!)
About Kristin

Kristin Bair O'Keeffe's debut novel Thirsty (Swallow Press, Oct 1, 2009) tells the story of one woman's unusual journey through an abusive marriage, set against the backdrop of a Pittsburgh steel community at the turn of the twentieth century. Her work has been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Poets & Writers Magazine, San Diego Family Magazine, The Baltimore Review, The Gettysburg Review, and many other publications. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago and has been teaching writing for almost fifteen years. Kristin lives in Shanghai, China, with her husband and daughter.
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Early Praise

"Thirsty is a beautiful tale, vivid and gently told. It is the story of one woman's incredible strength of spirit, and a reminder of the foundation contemporary America is built upon-one of unspeakable cruelty, and Job-like suffering, as well as generosity and unbreakable hope."

--Don De Grazia, author of American Skin


Contact Kristin at kristin[@]kristinbairokeeffe[dot]com