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Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010

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Dear Ohio University Faculty and Staff:
On May 14, 2010, in a communication to the University community, I outlined a multi-year planning approach that included new hiring freeze parameters.  The goal in tightening the hiring freeze was to help us prepare for an uncertain FY 2012 budget climate while we engaged in the strategic and budgetary analyses needed to develop a multi-year plan. 
The parameters put in place on May 17, 2010, limited approval for hiring to three categories: critical instructional positions to be filled by Group II and IV faculty; positions funded fully through external grants, contracts, or foundation accounts where funding will not be shifted to a general fund or general fee account at a future time; or health, safety, and compliance positions that could not be adequately filled on a temporary basis.  In my message, I also indicated that a decision would be made in September about retaining or amending the May 17th hiring freeze guidelines. 
A review of the effects of the guidelines on base budget expenditures over the past four months shows that the parameters for the hiring freeze have significantly slowed personnel spending while maintaining mission-critical activities and services.  Based on these results, I have authorized the continuation of the current hiring freeze with a new provision that programs with imminent academic accreditation issues may now request hiring exemptions for Group I faculty.  I will review the effects of the hiring freeze again in March 2011.   
Units seeking exemptions should continue to use the Hiring Freeze Exemption Request form. It can be found at  The form has been revised to include additional information for requests related to academic accreditation issues.
Your patience and perseverance as we navigate through these challenging times is very much appreciated.  Through your efforts we will maintain our ability now and strengthen our ability in the future to advance inspired teaching and research, innovative academic programs, exemplary student support services, and integrated co-curricular activities. 

Roderick J. McDavis
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