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Ice Play: Conservation Restores An Artwork
Hands Mural Receives National Award
Public Art Committee: Next Meeting January 18, 2011
For Artists: Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Artist Call
City Hall - Current Exhibits
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Ice Play - Conservation Is Key To Preserving Artwork 




Ice Play after completion of conservation.


Ice Play is the artwork that forms the façade of the Sharks Ice at San Jose facility. The 38' x 168' artwork created by artist JoeSam was dedicated in 1996. The vibrantly-colored large scale work depicts a series of whimsical figures engaged in 'ice play' around the word "ICE", all crafted of hand-painted aluminum.


Durability is always a major consideration in the commissioning of public art and Ice Play is made of highly durable materials. But long-term exposure to the elements took its toll on the protective sealant, paint color and surfaces; Ice Play was in critical need of conservation work to restore the original richness of the artwork's colors and its surfaces and prevent added deterioration.


Conservation is the important behind-the-scenes story in a public art collection: the unseen but critical ongoing effort to ensure the longevity of artworks through maintenance and repair. Conservation of any artwork is done in consultation with the original artist. This ensures that the original intent of the artwork is preserved as well as the object itself. For Ice Play artist Jason Webster, who had worked with JoeSam on the artwork in the 1990's, was brought in at the artist's recommendationas conservator.


Jason Webster uses a lift to aid in the removal of an Ice Play figure during conservation work. 

Jason removed the hand-painted aluminum figures one by one and worked to restore the figures and the "hand of the artist", then removed and updated the clear coat with a more sturdy substance. In tandem, A&B Painting was called in to clean and repaint the "ICE" mural, again applying a material that is more durable to withstand the test of time and elements longer than the original coatings. Improvements and advances in the materials technologies have made this possible.


With conservation work completed, Ice Play will continue to animate and enliven the Sharks Ice at San Jose facility for years to come.


The Sharks Ice at San Jose facility is located at 1500 South 10th Street, San Jose, CA.


eiAirport's 'Hands' Mural Receives National Recognition and Award



Hands, the iconic mural by artist Christian Moeller on the east facade of the new parking facility at the San Jose Mineta International Airport has received national recognition from the construction trade industry. Hands was awarded the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) 2010 Les Grube Memorial Design Award for the innovative use of chain link products on a commercial or industrial project.


The Hands artwork is actually made of white plastic snap-on disks meticulously applied in a carefully mapped pattern to metal mesh, more commonly known as chain link fence.


The Award was determined during CLFMI's 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego earlier this month. 

Public Art Committee
Next Public Art Committee meeting: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 5:30 P.M.



1. Public Art Committee Retreat: Monday, February 7, 2011

2. Update on the de-accession of Essence to Essence and Fountain of Knowledge.


a. Action to approve the artist selection and concept proposal recommended by the San Jose State University Solar Project Public Art Core Team for a solar element public art project by a student from the San Jose State University Department of Industrial Design. (District 3 and Citywide)



a. Action on a recommendation to approve the concept design proposals for San Carlos Street public art project by artists Steve Durie and Bruce Gardner(District 3)



 No Items.



No Items.



a. Action on the de-accessioning of artwork collection from the McEnery Convention Center from the San Jose Public Art Collection;

b. Action on the de-accessioning (of) artworks originally purchased for display in the Hilton Hotel from the San Jose Public Art Collection. (Citywide)  

The full agenda packet can be viewed in a dowloadable format at www.sanjoseculture.org

Public Art Committee meetings are open to the public.  

The Public Art Committee, a sub-committee of the Arts Commission, is advisory to the Commission and to San Jose City Council. The Public Art Committee monitors and provides oversight in the planning, artist selection, development and design review of public art projects throughout the City. 
For Artists: Spartan Keyes Neighborhood - Bestor Art Park Public Art Project



The City of San Jose Public Art Program - Spartan/Keyes Neighborhood/Bestor Art Park Public Art Project



DEADLINE: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time


For the complete RFQ: http://www.sanjoseculture.org/?pid=4500



The City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, Redevelopment Agency and the Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Association are seeking an artist to create an art installation for Bestor Art Park located on Bestor between S. 5th and S. 6th Street. Up to four finalists will be selected to develop concept proposals and will be paid a fee of $500 (five hundred dollars) each. The budget for the actual project is up to $70,000 for design, fabrication and installation.





This call for proposals is open to artists who live and/or have a studio space in Santa Clara County. Submittal shall include a proof of residency or studio space relationship.


Artists must be eligible to work in the United States and have a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax Identification Number by the application deadline.



All materials will be submitted online, via CaFÉ™ website (www.callforentry.org). There is no application fee to apply or to use the CaFÉ™ online application system.  To view the application, go to www.callforentry.org , register a username and password, navigate to "Apply to Calls", and search the list for "City of San Jose - Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Public Art Project".


City Hall - Current Exhibits

Current listings as of newsletter distribution   


The following exhibits are presented by the City Hall Exhibition Program, a project of the San Jose Public Art Program. All exhibits are free and open to the public. 






Lost Murals of Miguel Covarrubias

Location:  City Hall Wing Galleria 

San Jose City Hall

200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA   


 Exhibit continues through February 2011


Explore Public Art in Downtown San Jose 

Create your own walking tour!

Here are two ways you can enjoy public art in Downtown San Jose.

The San Jose Public Art Program's  colorful, informative map of public art projects in downtown San Jose has recently been updated. The Downtown Public Art Map is a fun and easy way to see public in downtown San Jose.

Use it to create your own walking tour and include opportunities to stop and enjoy other features in the district including museums, galleries and restaurants.  
The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library includes an award-winning collection of more than 34 site-specific public artworks in locations throughout the library. Finding them is a process of exploration and discovery that is filled with surprises! A free colorful detailed brochure is available from the San Jose Public Art Program that will help you appreciate this extraordinary collection.  

To request a free copy of the Downtown Public Art Map or the Recolecciones - Library Art Collection brochure, please e-mail your request to  patricia.walsh@sanjoseca.gov, and include your mailing address.
A printable pdf version of the Downtown Public Art Map is also available on the Public Art webpage of the Office of Cultural Affairs website at San Jose Downtown Public Art Map.
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