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June 2010Volume 3, Issue 6
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Celebrate Art + Technology at the new Mineta San Jose International Airport
Public Art Committee: Next Meeting June 15, 2010
Airport's Grand Opening: Community Open House Features Art Tours
City Hall - Current Exhibits
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Celebrate Art + Technology at the new Mineta San Jose International Airport  



   Image: Space Observer, Bjorn Schulke    

The grand opening of the new Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is the weekend of June 26-27.  


Travel through San Jose's new airport and discover public artworks that create an immediate sense of Silicon Valley as a global center for technology and innovation.

These installations were conceived as part of a unified program of Art + Technology, showcasing the diversity, creativity and dynamism that define San José and Silicon Valley


Some of the artworks at the airport will be permanently on display.  Others will be shown for several years then replaced with new works that respond to the Art + Technology theme - perhaps exploring new cutting edge innovations yet to be discovered.  Here is an overview of the entire collection:






Image: Hands (early morning), David Mathesmeir, 2010 


Christian Moeller

Consolidated Rental Car Garage - East Facade

Approaching the airport from the east, the hands of 53 Silicon Valley residents greet the world from a mural created with plastic pixels affixed to architectural metal mesh, spanning 1,200 feet and standing seven stories high.


Space Observer

Bjorn Schülke

Terminal B - Mezzanine

Reminiscent of a space craft, this glossy white 26' tall sculpture standing on eight-foot tripod legs, explores the interactivity between humans and modern technology.   Engage with this elaborate, yet delicate object and it will quietly rotate with the help of two propeller-tipped arms, using its kinetic cameras to reveal live images.



Image: eCloud, Ben Blackwell, 2010 

Nik Hafermaas, Dan Goods and Aaron Koblin


In this dynamic artwork, thousands of switchable glass squares suspended from the ceiling continuously change from opaque to transparent with the transmission of real-time weather data.  Explore current weather conditions around the world on the artwork's dynamic display.  


Wall of Recognition

Carlos Perez

Terminal B - Baggage Claim Area

This illustrated wall installation recognizes three prime-movers behind San Jose's airport.





Connected: Silicon Valley + Bangalore

Angela Buenning Filo

Terminal B - Mezzanine

Bangalore and Silicon Valley are distant yet interconnected.  This photographic installation explores how each landscape has been transformed by technology booms and global economic trends.


Wave Matter Tessellation*

Gregory Kucera

Concourse (south) - 8 Columns

Pixelated panels located in the concourse columns are composed of thousands of holes, interpreting various waves - ripples in a pond, electromagnetic, radio, sound, radar, and gravitational.


Courtesy of Nature*

Banny Banerjee, Matt Gorbet and Susan LK Gorbet

Concourse (north) - 11 Columns

Bringing echoes of San Jose's orchards into the concourse, this environmentally responsive light sculpture evokes the natural feeling of dappled sunlight streaming through trees, with vertical shafts of light inset into the concourse columns.


Dreaming F.I.D.S*.

Ben Hooker + Shona Kitchen

Concourse - Gate 26

Airport information and security systems animate a dynamic aquatic ecosystem of schooling fish, underwater cameras and video screens. This artwork is both a celebration of the beauty of complex technological and organic systems and a statement about the ubiquitous prevalence of surveillance in our lives.





Chronos and Kairos*

Banny Banerjee, Matt Gorbet, Susan LK Gorbet and Margaret Orth

Concourse - Gate 19

Explore the dual nature of time with rhythmic movement.  This suspended sculpture is in motion: breathing, rippling and reacting to approaching passengers while simultaneously maintaining its abacus-like counting patterns.  When it fills, a single kinetic node is suspended and the count starts again, faster and faster as eventually all the nodes are suspended out of time.


Sonic Gateway*

Bill Fontana

Terminal B Jetways - Gate 18 through Gate 25

Walk through the jet bridges and hear audio compositions mixing local environmental, urban and historical sounds that connect San Jose and destination.    

*These artworks are located in the post-security area that is open only to ticketed airline passengers.

eCloud was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Adobe Foundation. In-kind support was provided by Animatics for Chronos and Kairos,  Lymbix and Optras Ltd. for Convey, and Phillips Lumileds for Courtesy of Nature.

Public Art Committee
The Public Art Committee will hold its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 5:30 P.M.
The meeting is in City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, Council Wing - Meeting Room W-119.
The following report, discussion and action items are on the agenda:  
Action on a recommendation to approve the schematic and design development proposal for the San Fernando Corridor public art project by Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga (District 3)
Action on a recommendation to approve the design
development proposal for San Fernando Corridor Project - Diridon Green public art project by artist Jed Berk. (District 3)
The full agenda packet can be viewed in a dowloadable format at www.sanjoseculture.org
Public Art Committee meetings are open to the public.
The Public Art Committee, a sub-committee of the Arts Commission, is advisory to the Commission and to San Jose City Council. The Public Art Committee monitors and provides oversight in the planning, artist selection, development and design review of public art projects throughout the City. 
Come Celebrate the Airport's Grand Opening at the Community Open House - June 26 & 27!


 Image: Space Observer, Bjorn Schulke  

The Grand Opening of the Mineta San Jose International Airport includes a two-day Community Open House with a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony the morning of Saturday June 26th. Activities will continue throughout the day and on Sunday June 27th. 

The Community Open House will feature free guided tours of both the public areas and also of the areas normally acccessible only to ticketed passengers. There will be guided tours of the Airport facilities and guided tours of the public art at the Airport.

Pre-registration is required for admittance through the airport security checkpoint during the Community Open House.   

Information on signing up for a Public Art Tour during the Grand Opening Commmunity Open House will be available starting June 15 at
City Hall - Current Exhibits

Current listings as of newsletter distribution   

The following exhibits are presented by the City Hall Exhibition Program, a project of the San Jose Public Art Program. All exhibits are free and open to the public. 
The Big Idea: Art on a Grand Scale

Location:  City Hall Wing Galleria 


BenBigArtPaintingThe Big Idea: Art on a Grand Scale
showcases the diverse and extraordinary talent of eleven local artists, all of whom create art works in large-scale format. Scale in art is about much more than size. Rather, it is a tool employed by artists to convey complex and often subtle concepts.  In This exhibit, large two-dimensional works on paper and canvas mingle with sculpture that explores weight and mass through the use of unexpected mediums. The Big Idea: Art on a Grand Scale will be on view through August 2010.   
Images (above):   
1. Top: The Decision Makers, Ben Alexy.
2. Bottom: Woman With Boa, Ted Fullwood.
Location: City Windows Gallery, the storefront exhibit space on 4th Street


Image (above):   Redbird, Stan Welsh, ceramic on plywood, 2008. 
Eleven area ceramics artists bend, twist and enhance their medium of choice in provocative ways in Earthbound. Bound to the elements  - earth, air, fire and water - each of these artists manipulates the medium to form their own expressions.  The intrinsic nature of clay lends itself to the expression of the human condition.  The personal and universal intertwine to weave narratives of history and present-day social and political circumstances.  Each has a tale to tell.  Each has a story.  But all have chosen to work with the elements.
The artists included represent but a portion of the exciting work being created in the greater Bay Area by artists working in ceramics.  They include Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Kimberly Cook, Don Fritz, Ted Fullwood, Diane Levinson, Gustavo Martinez, Max Rain, Shelby B. Smith, Gabe Toci, Monica Van den Dool and Stan Welsh. Earthbound will be on view through May 15, 2010.  
Hidden Heritages: Six African American Families, San Jose 1860­-1920
Location: City Hall Tower, Santa Clara St. Lobby

Six of San Jose's pioneer black families are brought to life in portraits pieced together from historical facts and public records, family recollections, artifacts, old photographs and artist renderings, each telling the story of a unique community from a different perspective and providing a poignant glimpse into San Jose's past during a pivotal period in history. Hidden Heritages will be on view through May 31, 2010.   

Face2Face: Highlights from the Student Art Collection at the Santa Clara County Office of Education  
Location: City Hall Tower, 18th Floor Mayor and Council Office Lobby Gallery  
Featuring artwork created by children in conjunction with the Young Artists Showcase, sponsored by the San Jose Water Company.  Face2Face will be on view through June 30, 2010. 

Explore Public Art in Downtown San Jose 

Create your own walking tour!

Here are two ways you can enjoy public art in Downtown San Jose.
DOWNTOWN PUBLIC ART MAP - Updated 2009 Edition Now Available!
The San Jose Public Art Program's  colorful, informative map of public art projects in downtown San Jose has recently been updated. The 2009 Downtown Public Art Map is a fun and easy way to see public in downtown San Jose.
Use it to create your own walking tour and include opportunities to stop and enjoy other features in the district including museums, galleries and restaurants.  
The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library includes an award-winning collection of more than 34 site-specific public artworks in locations throughout the library. Finding them is a process of exploration and discovery that is filled with surprises! A free colorful detailed brochure is available from the San Jose Public Art Program that will help you appreciate this extraordinary collection.  
To request a free copy of the 2009 Downtown Public Art Map or the Recolecciones - Library Art Collection brochure, please e-mail your request to  patricia.walsh@sanjoseca.gov, and include your mailing address.
A printable pdf version of the Downtown Public Art Map is also available on the Public Art webpage of the Office of Cultural Affairs website at
San Jose Downtown Public Art Map.
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