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January 2010 Volume 3, Issue 1
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Public Art for new Santa Teresa Branch Library
Public Art Committee: Next Meeting January 19, 2010
For Artists: Two Calls For Artists - Now Open!
Community Meeting - New Diridon Station Public Art
Remembering Larry Sultan
City Hall - Current Exhibits
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Public Art by Beatrice Coron Celebrates Orchards, HistoricThemes and More at New Santa Teresa Branch Library 

Beatrice Coron's artwork for the new Santa Teresa Branch Library consists of three separate artwork elements built around the theme "Cultivate Your Mind in the Orchard of Knowledge."


1st Act LogoTree of Knowledge is three glass panes in the wall of windows that frames the Library's lobby. The artwork builds on the idea of age rings in the cross-section of a tree trunk: images in each concentric ring speak to a specific period of history and growth in the region, from the earliest period of indigenous inhabitants to the present. The panes are of handmade art glass; varied treatments were used in the glassmaking process to fuse distinct images and patterns into the different rings in the design. The panes are placed so that both children and adults can view the work at close range.


BiblioTreefullshotBibliotree is a tall flourishing tree made of water jet cut steel. The cut outs in the trunk are letters from the many alphabets contained in the Library's collection. On the lower branches of the tree are books and objects associated with reading; these continue onto the higher branches, which also contain objects representing newer forms of media. In this way the work suggests a developmental progression:  the roots of language in letters and alphabets flourish into literature and on into other media. The trunk is backed in Corten steel and the foliage in copper; over time these will oxidize to brown and green respectively, adding another dimension to the Bibliotree's appearance. Bibliotree is located within the landscaped area adjacent to Library's front entry.


OrchchrdWalkClsupOrchard Walk, 26 thematic sidewalk insets made of stainless steel and flamed granite, are embedded in the concrete along the walkway that runs between Santa Teresa Blvd. and the Library entrance. Each inset features a literary or media reference that has a different fruit in the title, along with a corresponding fruit image;   the titles were drawn from both world literature and as well as items in the San Jose Public Library collection. Orchard Walk also includes a "welcome mat"  in the main entrance to the Library; it contains whimsical images of two people, male and female, tending a garden and framed in the words "Cultivate Your Mind in the Orchard of Knowledge." The Orchard Walk's adjacency to the Bibliotree creates a fanciful relationship between the two works; it is as if the insets are "leaves" of the tree that have fallen onto the walkway.


Through the elements of this artwork Beatrice Coron connects the strong historic sentiment for the area's orchards and agricultural past with the evolving cultural diversity of the present community that comes together because of a shared interest in the Library.   


Beatrice Coron has worked extensively in the art of paper cutting. She has translated that aesthetic into the media of metal and in glass in public artworks nationally and internationally. More about the artist and her work can be found at www.beatricecoron.com


The Santa Teresa Branch Library Grand Opening is Saturday, February 6, 2010. The ceremonial public program starts at 11:00 AM following which Beatrice Coron will be present to discuss her artwork.

The event is free. All are welcome.  


The Santa Teresa Branch Library is located at 290 International Circle, San Jose, CA 95119

Images: (top-bottom)
1. Detail of Tree of Life art glass window  
2. Bibliotree, prior to landscaping.
3. Close up of Orchard Walk element
Public Art Committee
The Public Art Committee will hold its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 5:30 P.M. The following report, discussion and action items are on the agenda: 



1. Update on Santa Teresa Library Public Art Project

2. Review Upcoming Projects


Item b) UPDATE

1. San Jose Mineta International Airport - artwork for the Jet Bridge platforms. (Citywide)




a. Action on design development proposals by ZER01 for the two Large Showcase Platforms curated by ZER01. (Citywide)  


b. Action on design development proposal of the Wall of Recognition commemorating Jim Nissen, Ernie Rezel and Norman Y. Mineta. (Citywide)



a. Action on concept design proposals for the San Fernando Corridor public art project at various sites by artist/artist teams:Charles Lee with Jess Austin and Chris Chalmers (BIOS); Patrick Manning; Robin Lasser and Marguerite Perret; Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari; Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga. (District 3)

Public Art Committee meetings are open to the public. The meeting is in City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, Meeting Room W-119 in the Council Wing.
The Public Art Committee, a sub-committee of the Arts Commission, is advisory to the Commission and to San Jose City Council. The Public Art Committee monitors and provides oversight in the artist selection, development and design review of public art projects throughout the City. 
For Artists:  Two Calls for Artists Now Open  -   San Jose Public Art and  01SJ Accepting Submittals
(Please note that the information below is about two separate artist calls.)



The San Jose Public Art Program is now accepting submittals to a Request For Qualification for Multiple Art Projects.  


DEADLINE: Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time (No exceptions.)



The City of San Jose Public Art Program seeks to commission site-specific artworks in several locations throughout San Jose. Some of the projects are community-focused and others will be integrated into Capital Improvement Projects. Artists can be considered for more than one project, but will not be commissioned for simultaneous projects with the City of San Jose.


This call is open to artists who live and/or work in the following California counties: Alameda, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Solano, and Monterey. Proof of residency or work relationship will be required if short listed for a project.


Budgets range from $25,000 to $100,000.


View the complete RFQ and learn how to apply at www.sanjoseculture.org 



New Open Calls for the 2010 01SJ Biennial


The 3rd 01SJ Biennial will take place September 16-19, 2010 in San Jose, CA. The 2010 01SJ Biennial encapsulates the theme Build Your Own World, where the future is not about what's next; it's about what we can build to ensure that what's next matters. How can we, as resourceful, innovative, and knowledgeable local and global citizens build and participate in a desirable future in the face of global climate change, economic meltdown, political instability, and cultural divisiveness?


The 01SJ Biennial is an increasingly recognized international event and a premiere multidisciplinary arts festival in North America. As such, 01SJ represents a unique opportunity to present the groundbreaking work of local and international artists and to provide access to innovative, world-class art for a broad and diverse audience.


For details, go to http://zero1.org/01sj/opencalls
Diridon Station Community Meeting To Focus on Public Art - January 27 at 6:00 PM
San Jose's Diridon Station will become the major transit hub for high speed rail, BART and other major regional transit lines. Public art will be a significant element in the new facility.
Please join us for an important discussion about public art for the new station; your input and ideas will help shape the public art vision for Diricon Station.
Good Neighbor Committee Meeting #7
DATE:  Wednesday, January 27, 2010
TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
 San Jose City Hall
 Council Wing Meetings
Rooms W-118, 119, 120
200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Agenda (Draft)
- Diridon Station Area Public Art
- Framework for Implementation
For more information, please e-mail publicart@sanjoseca.gov
Remembering Artist Larry Sultan
LarrySultanImageLarry Sultan, a celebrated and highly influential California photographer whose 1977 collaboration, "Evidence" - a book made up solely of pictures culled from vast industrial and government archives - became a watershed in the history of art photography, died on Sunday December 13 at his home in Greenbrae, Calif. He was 63.


   Above: View of Five Skaters
Also a noted public artist, Larry Sultan worked with his long time collaborator Mike Mandel to create Five Skaters,a San Jose public art project located on the park site opposite HP Pavilion. The artwork pays tribute to five celebrated professional ice skaters, each with ties to San Jose.  The work includes five columns, each with a pixelated photo image of a different skater, three award pedestals to commemorate the Olympic medals they received, and a 'skating rink' with memorabilia from each skater inset in its surface. The site, a popular destination for school children, is adjacent to 525 W. Santa Clara St. near downtown San Jose.

In the mid 1970s using a grant and a letter of introduction from the National Endowment for the Arts, Mr. Sultan and Mike Mandel, who had met as students at the San Francisco Art Institute, persuaded several large companies, agencies and research institutions including the San Jose Police Department and the United States Department of the Interior to let them rummage through their documentary photo files. The pictures they chose from the archives, out of the hundreds of thousands they examined, were a strange, stark, sometimes disturbing vision of a late-industrial world The project, first shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, opened broad new avenues for photography that have since been explored by major museums and by artists.

For more about Larry Sultan please go to www.newyorktimes.com  

City Hall - Current Exhibitions

Current listings as of newsletter distribution   

This is San Josť Calling! Celebrating 100 Years of Radio Broadcasting, sponsored by History San Jose and KCBS. (In City Windows Gallery, the storefront exhibition space located at City Hall along the 4th Street facade.)   
Hidden Heritages: Six African American Families, San Jose 1860­-1920 (In City Hall Tower, Santa Clara St. Lobby)

Six of San Jose's pioneer black families are brought to life in portraits pieced together from historical facts and public records, family recollections, artifacts, old photographs and artist renderings, each telling the story of a unique community from a different perspective and providing a poignant glimpse into San Jose's past during a pivotal period in history. 

Face2Face: Highlights from the Student Art Collection at the Santa Clara County Office of Education (In Tower, 18th Floor Mayor and Council Office Lobby Gallery)   

Featuring artwork created by children in conjunction with the Young Artists Showcase, sponsored by the San Jose Water Company.   


Explore Public Art in Downtown San Jose 

Create your own walking tour!

Here are two ways you can enjoy public art in Downtown San Jose.
DOWNTOWN PUBLIC ART MAP - Updated 2009 Edition Now Available!
The San Jose Public Art Program's  colorful, informative map of public art projects in downtown San Jose has recently been updated. The 2009 Downtown Public Art Map is a fun and easy way to see public in downtown San Jose.
Use it to create your own walking tour and include opportunities to stop and enjoy other features in the district including museums, galleries and restaurants.  
The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library includes an award-winning collection of more than 34 site-specific public artworks in locations throughout the library. Finding them is a process of exploration, discovery and is filled with surprises! A free colorful detailed brochure is available from the San Jose Public Art Program that will help you appreciate this extraordinary collection.  
You can request a free copy of the 2009 Downtown Public Art Map or the Recolecciones - Library Art Collection brochure. Please e-mail your request to  patricia.walsh@sanjoseca.gov, and include your mailing address.
You can also access a printable pdf version of the Downtown Public Art Map on the Public Art webpage of the Office of Cultural Affairs website at
San Jose Downtown Public Art Map.
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