November 2008
Complementing Your Health
Wellness Expo, You Are Richer Than You Think, Simplify Your Life, New Eco Coop...
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The Dissapearing Male
Simplify Your Life!
Clean Green and Serene
New Eco Coop in Ste. Annes
SAD? Throw Some Light On The Subject!
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The Disappearing Male
    An important although difficult to watch video documentary, about the collective state of fertility in today's world. This documentary was aired on CBC this past week, and will hopefully be a catalyst to necessary change. Documentary; The Disappearing Male.
Simplify Your Life!
with Julia DiNardo
Photo Julia DiNardo
     One of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of meeting this past year is a lady by the name of Julia DiNardo. She is a Psychotherapist who specializes in working with people who suffer with emotional eating, and struggles with their weight. You have an opportunity to hear her speak later this month at a WICHA Meeting but I wanted to share with you an outstanding article that she wrote and sent my way a couple of months ago. This is one of those articles that says it all, if you are anything like me implementing just a couple of the suggestions made by Julia would make a significant difference in your life. Go ahead, click on over HERE to Simplify Your Life and while on Julia's site sign up for her fabulous and free Monthly Newsletter called Food For Thought as well as her free downloads on Emotional Eating, you will be glad you did!
Robin Hood Promotion!
You May Be Richer Than You Think.

Robin Hood

     It  is hard to not mention what is on everyone's mind these days, the economy.  If you are tightening your belt to save on expenses, you might just be able to splurge on some pampering for yourself with Reflexology, Reiki or CranioSacral Therapy Treatments with me. You or your spouse, through payroll deductions may have already paid in premiums  for Complementary Therapies. Take a look, inform yourself on what you have and be SURE to benefit from what you have already paid for! Insurance receipts available for services. For inquiries or to book an appointment, please call 514-998-3863.
Thank You!  Food Drive Success!
 Thanks to the combined efforts of many, the drive I told you about last month was a  great success.  "Thank you so much for your most generous donations in your support of the Sun Youth Food Drive! We so appreciate your help in this initiative and look forward to your support in the future as we intend to make this an annual initiative."
With much thanks and love,
Joanne and Jean
     Welcome to Complementing Your Health this November 2008. I had the great pleasure of meeting many new and wonderful people recently at a speed networking event and am so pleased that you have allowed me to send you this monthly newsletter. I like to share information on health related issues, environmental issues and tell you about things going on directly with me and my business. More often than not I mention something I am involved with within the community, usually related one great cause or another, and there are many many great causes out there. Enjoy this edition of Complementing Your Health, it will likely be a little shorter than normal as I am trying to get ready for the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo this coming Sunday to which you are all invited please see details below. Later this month I will be sending out my Healthy and Fun Complimentary Shopping Guide for the Holidays. I have met some great people this year and found some great things to buy locally that I'd like to tell you about, so look for the guide coming to your in-box soon!
FREE HEALTH EXPO, & Great Meetings etc...
    Mind Body Spirit Expo Logo
FREE - Sunday, November 16th at the Dollard Des Ormeaux Community Centre on De Salaberry in support of the new West Island Cancer Care Wellness Centre a Health and Wellness Expo with more than 60 exhibitors promoting health, wellness, and balance. This is a MUST attend event when else are you going to have 50-60 experts specializing in wellness in the same place? There are free seminars, raffle prizes, give-aways, great savings on Eco-friendly gifts ideal for the holidays. I am one of the speakers presenting at the Expo, I will be speaking at 2 PM on the benefits and basics of Reflexology.
A portion of proceeds from the show and all raffle ticket purchases and visitor contributions will benefit the new:

West Island Cancer Wellness Center Logo

      There are always great meetings coming up with The West Island Complementary Health Alliance. Here is the link to the our November evening meeting: 
 WICHA Button Logo
7:00 PM Tuesday November 25th, in Beaconsfield Healing The Hunger With Julia DiNardo on Emotional Eating.

Clean, Green & Serene
By Joyce Shanks

        Serenity is something too few of us experience on a regular basis. It is a calm and peaceful feeling that utterly fills us. However elusive it may be due to the hectic lives that we lead, it can, however be achieved in a variety of ways. Various healing modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology and CranioSacral Therapy all have the ability to bring their recipients to profound states of relaxation where warmth, calm and peace take the place of rapid thought, chaos and anxiety. Once fully back in touch with oneself, it is then difficult to disregard the other larger connection to one another and this wonderful planet on which we live. 
        Detoxification or fasting has also been a known catalyst to serenity. When the body is cleansed and then encouraged to function more optimally, systems work in harmony, bringing on a different, yet unmistakable feeling of serenity. Detoxing in conjunction with the above mentioned therapeutic treatments compounds and deepens their effects.
        Serenity has yet found others, some sitting beside a babbling brook, others gazing at an ocean sunset and still more observing other wildlife in their natural habitats. Communing with Mother Earth has long been a way for people of cultures from around the planet to come to a place of peace and serenity.
        Our lives are intimately interconnected with that of our Earth. It is essential that we make every effort to not only take care of ourselves but Mother Earth as well so that we may exist in harmony together. Being mindful of ourselves and our environment requires practice and commitment, but the pay off of better health is immense. When you make healthy choices you are investing in the future. Namasté.
Clinic and Bottle Promo
New Eco Coop Opening in Ste. Anne du Bellevue  
     It seems like History is being made all over the place these days and Ste. Anne de Bellevue it is no different. I am very pleased to tell you about the Grand Opening of a new Environmental Coop in Ste Anne Du Bellevue. Please link here for the announcement and grand opening invitation to Le Cooperative du Grand Orme. The New COOP Hopme in Ste. Anne Du BellevueThis a GREAT thing happening, and if you have time during the afternoon of Saturday November 29th, come out and show your support for this  amazing new establishment.
Your Natural Pharmacy
SAD? Light up Your Life!
   The Debbie Boone Song from more than 30 years ago keeps running through my head as I write this. There are many people at this time of year who begin to suffer with symptoms of SAD which is the short version of "Seasonal Affective Disorder". It can be debilitating for some as their Circadian Rhythms are profoundly affected by the reduced amount of natural day light available. There has also been research done on Vitamin D, and it is possible that a deficiency in Vitamin D is a contributing factor to SAD. The solution: for many relief comes with light therapy and making every effort to get as much natural light in your life as possible. Natural light is best, but when necessary light therapy specific for dealing with SAD is recommended. It is believed by some that as soon as the weather gets cold enough to wear long sleeves a vitamin D supplement would be beneficial. SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE BEFORE implementing any kind of supplement plan, and treat your vitamins and remedies as you would any type of medication.  A brilliant colleague of mine, Marion Elliot, who specializes in treating sufferers of SAD, (and so many other health concerns) will be presenting at On Sunday November 16th at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Dollard Des Ormeaux. Details are above.  As SAD is a mental health concern often affecting diet, sleep, and mood, it is also important to make changes that will include healthful eating and exercise which could both add to the "feel good hormones" that we produce. If your symptoms of SAD or Winter Blues are severe, it is important to consult your physician.
     I love this planet, and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to share information, articles and ideas with you about our planet, our environment and health related topics through this newsletter. I hope that it was of some interest to you, please feel free to pass it on to friends and family who might also find it of interest. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and readership, until next month, here is wishing you and yours good health and happiness and the time to enjoy them, Namaste!
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Joyce Shanks
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