October 2008
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Child Haven Annual Benefit Dinner
An Exquisite Indian Buffet and Fundraiser
Child Haven International Logo
    Join host Jim Duff for a Child Haven International Indian Buffet, Friday October 24 at 6:00 p.m. This 13th Annual Benefit Evening will raise funds for destitute children and women's initiatives in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh.
     Entertainment by Michael Cartile/Kerry-Anne Kutz.  Artifacts, clothing, jewellery for sale. Tickets: $40. Location: Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre, 1335 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval. Link  to Event Poster and additional Information.
Information/reservations: 514 636-0370.      
     Inspired by the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, Child Haven International is a registered charity founded in 1985. Assisting children and women in 4 countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. For their history, and additional information connect to their web site HERE.
Fall Treatment Promotion
     Pre-pay and pre-book for 5 treatments, and receive the 6th treatment for free! (cannot be combined with other promotions.) Also mix and match your treatments, choose from Reflexoogy, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Reiki.
      If you have  insurance coverage for naturopathy on you'll save even more money when you receive your refund.
Your Natural Pharmacy - Spice Up your Life! 


   As I was writing this newsletter, I kept calling the colour that I was using Pumpkin Spice, and then I kept smelling from my memory banks cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger.     
     I want to be sitting by a fireplace sipping something spicy that warms me up both from inside and out. Not only do spices make things taste great but they are full of healthful properties, click here for some specifics on why these spices are good for you.
     As the mercury on the thermometer dips, our metabolic rate instinctively does the same. It is important to keep the internal fires stoked particularly when the weather is cold and one of the best ways to do that is with spices. So spice up your life, here is a link to some great vegetarian winter dishes. Be sure to include some of the warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and turmeric, and be sure to ENJOY!
     What an incredible week and month we have ahead of us. Next week we are celebrating Thanksgiving and the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Both of these beautiful traditional harvest festivals are about giving thanks for the blessings in our lives and of the Earth. I have so much to be grateful for, in fact I am presenting on this very topic this coming Sunday at the LUUC. Details on this service and other upcoming services for October can be found here.
     I think the fact that the Federal Election is called for the day following Thanksgiving is AMAZING! We have a chance as Canadians to collectively first give thanks for the blessings that we enjoy, and the next day to tell our government what it is that we really need. The health of this land, and that of our children and the environment in which we live are the most important issues ahead of this country. This election is pivotal, no party will run away with a clear majority and that is an exciting thing. The GREEN PARTY OF CANADA with their incredible leader Elizabeth May has made amazing inroads or should I say In-Rails into the hearts and minds of the Canadian population. There is no question that their platform represents the ideals and values so many of us share. She will not become Prime Minister of this Country this time around, but there will undoubtedly be a greater GREEN presence in parliament this term and that is the best thing for this country. They will be there trying to keep the new government's policies more in-line with the desires of the Canadian people. Don't forget to get out there on Tuesday and vote for Democracy!
Talk Does Not Cook Rice - Ancient Proverb
GO GREEN - For The Future & Our Children
My daughter Ayla in The WildflowersPhotos by Morrie Portnoff of Nunavik Graphics courtesy of the Green Party of Canada.
   This photo is of our daughter Ayla playing in some organically grown wildflowers while attending the Greenstock corn roast in St. Anne de Belleview last week.
     I am so grateful when politicians take action rather than speak eloquently on matters of importance. Elizabeth May leader of the Green Party rode across this great country by train to speak to Canadians during this campaign. Peter Graham uses his Klean Kanteen  when thirsty. Candidates & Their BottlesIt is so imperative that we take action this coming Tuesday to ensure the safe future of our children, and ensure a true democracy. Our environment is in dire need of our help. We can all make small changes today that can have a HUGE positive impact on our planet and the future.  Peter Graham and His Green Klean Kanteen
      This past week The Green Party of Canada aired their first ever television commercial. Canadians from all over this glorious country have come out to support this party and their platform, and as a result of this support the party has been able to afford to reach Canadians via the airwaves. They are asking for one final push in the last days of this campaign so they can continue their noble efforts. If you believe in their principles and objectives, please help to continue propelling them forward. Green Party LogoMonetary support is being requested, and with the rebates that exist for political contributions, $25 will cost you only $6.25, and a $10 donation as little as $ 2.50. Donations of any and all sizes are being graciously accepted to show your support please click here: Green Party Donate Today.
FREE HEALTH EXPO, Great Meetings, Workshops, etc...
    Mind Body Spirit Expo Logo
FREE - Sunday, November 16th at the Dollard Des Ormeaux Community Centre in support of the new West Island Cancer Care Wellness Centre a health and Wellness Expo with more than 60 exhibitors promoting health, wellness, and balance.
WICHA Button Logo There are great meetings coming up with The West Island Complementary Health Alliance. Here are the links to the our October meetings: 
7:30 AM Tuesday October 14th,
in DDO - 
WIKIWELLNESS with Bhaskar Goswami click the link above to get complete details on this meeting.  
7:00 PM Tuesday October 28th, in Beaconsfield Traditional Chinese Medicine & Its Application in Accupressure & Bamboo Stuff!  with Cherie Griffiths & Gerry Brumer
1-4 PM on Sunday October 19thBACH FLOWER REMEDIES WORKSHOP. For years I have relied upon Bach Flower Remedies to help me through a variety of situations from mild illness to stress, to emotional dips. On Sunday the 19th I am taking this three hour workshop FROM multi-disciplinary Bach Flower Essencespractitioner and Astrologer/Numerologist extraordinare Pauline Edward. There are only a couple spaces left, to reserve your space, contact Pauline at 514-684-7167 info@atimeforsuccess.com

Gotta Hear This! This song was just released last week in a collaboration between Melissa Etheridge, Salmahn Ahmad, and Deepak Chopra president of the Alliance for a New Humanity  Ring The Bells is a new song that contains a profound message, take a few minutes from your day to take a listen. Namaste!
Clinic News
Keeping You and Me on our Toes
   Joyce Shanks treating a Client with Reflexology  
 Photograph by : RICHARD ARLESS JR., THE GAZETTE      
    A colleague in the industry said to me yesterday, where are the brakes on this thing??? Life is busy, and fast, and stressful, and all too often we don't take the time to take care of ourselves. Wherever you are going in your life, your feet are likely taking you there. They connect and ground you to the earth. With feet firmly planted, and your weight evenly distributed you are balanced, yet you can sense something as miniscule as a grain of sand and be thrown off kilter.  
     Most of us spend our time in our heads; thinking, planning, and analyzing, and as a result we often miss the messages that are either right before us or coming from within. We answer questions with "I think that...." rather than "I feel that... " We are not always in touch with our true selves. In some cases even our feelings are skewed because of various influences in our lives.  
     Foot Reflexology is an incredible way to tune back in. Thousands of nerves pass through our feet; they are messengers that transmit information to and from our brains.
     Through use, abuse and inadequate treatment of our systems, as well as the sheer force gravity these messengers can get congested or blocked. Reflexology pioneer Eunice Ingham concluded in the 1930s that these reflexes were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body, and as such blockages interfere with regular function.  
     The massage and pressure point techniques used during a reflexology treatment can help to clear these reflexes of their congestion and stagnation and encourage Homeostasis.
     Profound relaxation, detoxification, improved circulation, and healing can be among the included benefits. Bringing both attention and intention to areas in need is powerful. One of the best ways to get centered and balanced is to focus on our feet; we can only truly be balanced when we are able to connect without interference to the earth. 
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     If you find the identical bottle and cap listed for less in Montreal, we will not only match the price but you will receive an additional 15% off the net price of the bottle.
     Below is an example of our everyday pricing: 18oz SS Klean Kanteen with Sports Cap:
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Service and savings with Joyce's Klean Kanteens!
     I love this planet, and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to share information, articles and ideas with you about our planet, our environment and health related topics through this newsletter. I hope that it was of some interest to you, please feel free to pass it on to friends and family who might also find it of interest. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and readership, until next month, here is wishing you and yours good health and happiness and the time to enjoy them, Namaste!
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