September 2008
Complementing Your Health
Re-Connecting, Pilates for Stephie, Genetically Modified Foods, & Raffle Winners
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Re-connecting, ancient wisdom, modern times
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Reconnecting With Routine
     Al Gore
     Are you just just getting back into your routine and looking for a little "me time"? Why not re-connect with yourself and make better contact with the earth by treating yourself and your feet to a profoundly relaxing Reflexology treatment?  Reiki and CranioSacral therapies are also available. And if you are headed to the Gym, why not re-connect with the environment and permanently kick the plastic bottle habit by switching to your very own Klean Kanteen. For a limited time only they are available in 6 great colours. Receive a free gift (while supplies last)with purchase. Can not be combined with other promotions.
Coloured Klean kanteens 
Your Natural Pharmacy
Red Apple
Apple picking season is almost upon us, & in this month's Natural Pharmacy, I thought I would investigate whether or not an Apple A Day was really beneficial to our health. I found this article published by the Harvard Medical School, which states that while it is not 100% certain that an apple a day can truly keep the doctor away, it does say that it certainly couldn't harm you. If you able to get out to do some apple picking this year, do! The apples are AMAZING if you eat them right off the tree!
    WICHA Button Logo There are great meetings coming up with The West Island Complementary Health Alliance. Here are the links to the September meetings:
Dr. Bali Method Yoga - Using your Body's Own Wisdom & Intuition  
Hope to see you there!

     September is a very busy time of year. The children are headed back to school and their extra curricular activities, the summer's leisurely pace has picked up and it is a time to Re-Connect. This edition of Complementing Your Health has a theme of re-connecting running through it. I am speaking this month on a couple of occasions on that very topic. Please see below for details.
     It is also a time for me to my count blessing and say thank you to everyone who supported me in my recent endeavor to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. In this edition because we are approaching harvest time, I also thought I would address the current environmental issue of Genetically Modified Foods. A seminar coming up this month at McGill has me thinking about this serious issue rather often.
      I believe it is time to re-connect whether it be with ourselves, each other, nature, or the spiritual. Only good can come of making healthy connections. On the Hebrew Calendar it is the beginning of the New Year. Much planning for the months and year ahead take place around this time regardless of your faith or religious observances. Here is hoping that our paths shall cross due to your re-connecting in this coming year.
Ancient Ways in Mondern Times MiB logo  
     Some people call it the "New Age" Movement. I like to think about this as us incorporating Ancient Wisdom into our Modern Times. Western society is beginning to draw on and adopt traditions and habits belonging to both ancient cultures and diverse societes from all over the world. This shift  seems to have started several decades ago, but it seems to have gained quite a bit of momentum in the past 10-15 years. Less than 15 years ago, you would have had to search high and low to find a yoga class in close proximity to your home. Today using holistic healing therapies, crystals, herbs, yoga, and traditional Chinese Practices such as feng shui are becoming part of the mainstream. Our bodies themselves also hold much wisdom and there have been huge shifts toward a more natural way of life. As an example of this, the word "organic" is not uncommon to see on your food labels today. On Wednesday September 10th 7:00 PM at Loblaws on Blvd. St. Jean and Thursday September 18th at at the NDG Community Centre, 3757 Prudhomme I will be talking about this fascinating  trend. There is a $15 dollar drop in fee. The MiB women's network has been a great way for me to connect and build my business in the past year. Click here here for more details on MiB and to see their upcoming Calander of Events. Also coming soon; MiB's Mind, Body, Spirit Expo, details to follow in the October edition of Complementing Your Health.
For Stephie
Pilates Mat-A-Thon for a Cause
 Pilates Mat-a-Thon Poster for Stephie   
      I am humbled by the sheer strength of this young sweet 6 year old girl and all that she has endured in her short life. Core Basics, Osteopathic and Pilates Studio on St. Charles is once again this year hosting their Pilates Mat-A-Thon in an effort to raise funds for Stephie's treatments. Stephie is 6 year old Stephanie Clayton of Toronto who has spent nearly her entire life living in hospital. She is a fighter and we are looking for a miracle. To learn more about how you can help this sweet "spunky" young girl as well as doing something great for your own well-being, please connect with Core Basics Osteopathic and Pilates Clinic. For additional information on Stephie's story click HERE to read her mom's web blog. 
Raffle Winners Announced & Thank You!
 My daughter Ayla and I
    It is just a couple of weeks since I embarked on foot to spread awareness of Breast Cancer and attempt to walk 60 kms through the streets of Montreal.
     I managed to walk nearly 40 kilometers in the two days through the 30 degree heat, and it was once again an incredible experience. I was moved to tears several times as I met many wonderful people on this journey who shared their stories and personal situations with me.
     In the 4 years I have participated in this event, AMAZING things have happened in research here in Montreal because of the funds raised. More than 30 million dollars have made it into the hands of prominent researchers in this city and as a result, a NEW gene mutation has been found which will inevitably result in earlier diagnosis and better treatment for those with this genetic marker. It is because of your tremendous support that breakthroughs like this can happen!
     I also have to thank you for your encouragement and continued financial support to my fundraising efforts because without it I would not have had the honour of participating. Just prior to the closing ceremonies last Sunday I signed up yet again to take this journey for the 5th time. Next years event, we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Montreal's Weekend To End Breast Cancer, and I invite you to join me in this endeavor, by signing up to participate yourself. Should you decide to make this commitment it would be my pleasure to help you in your fundraising efforts.
      For the moment I just want to express my sincere gratitude for your generous support, and I want to wish you good health and happiness with time to enjoy them. 
Many of you won prizes in the restaurant raffle, if you have not yet made arrangements to collect your prize PLEASE do so ASAP by calling me at 514-998-3863.
Jasmina W., Julie T., Julia D., Diane D., Viki Z., Kerry D., Bridgitte P., Shirley S., Catarina M., Shari U., Hugette H., Cara B., Roberta S., Melissa P., & Judy W.
The World
According to Monsanto
Our food chain is at risk, the world's economy is at risk, and the health of both the people and the planet is at risk because of companies like Monsanto. This incredible documentary 
sheds a light on this otherwise covert and criminal practice taking place by companies like Monsanto. Available in parts on You Tube. If this is the first time you are hearing about about in Genetically Modified Food or seeds BE PREPARED! The companies involved in this "technology" have been keeping important information hidden for more than 100 years! Each part of the video is more shocking than the last, & please pass it on. Here is the link to the 10 videos on You Tube.
     I love being a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner. Almost as much as I enjoy working and helping my clients I like to read learn and understand how and why our collective health is the way it is. The more I explore the industry itself the more I realize how many people and practices are working towards the same goal. It is my genuine pleasure to discuss some of the things I have learnt, but more importantly to open up the door for others to enter into the conversation. I hope that this newsletter was of some interest to you, until next month, here is wishing you and yours good health and happiness and the time to enjoy them, Namaste!
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