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Your Natural Pharmacy
   As a holistic practitioner I'll often share information with my clients about natural remedies that may be helpful with certain conditions. Since I plan to be walking a lot next weekend, I thought it might be a good time to explore leg cramps.
   They can be triggered by many things such as overexertion, lack of stretching, dehydration or  loss of salts. If the mineral of Potassium
is deficient in your system that may also be a contributing factor.
   A HUGELY successful natural remedy for those fairly common calf muscle cramps is the addition of bananas to your diet. They are high in Potassium. Even though an emphasis should be made on eating locally grown organic foods, this is one natural solution that makes sense no matter how far the bananas have travelled.
Great Networking Opportunities
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    A Networking Group designed for Health care
practitioners & and eco-friendly businesses. For details on our upcoming meetings, please link to our site, HERE On-line membership is free, drop in fees or membership fees apply for entrepreneurs, practitioners and businesses to attend the actual meetings. Lay members of the community can attend meetings for FREE including doctors and nurses.
    Welcome to the summer edition of Complementing Your Health. I have chosen to combine the July and August editions of the newsletter to free up a little extra time for myself and my family. There are many new recipients of this e-mail this month. If you are wondering how or why you are receiving this newsletter, it is because we either met and exchanged details at a recent networking event or you requested to be added to this list when you bought a raffle ticket while I was fundraising for the Weekend To End Breast Cancer.
     If you find the newsletter of interest, please pass it on to a friend who may also be interested. Monthly I try to address a current environmental issue, and I generally pass on information and promote a particular aspect of my business. In the near future I will also be highlighting some of my colleagues in the industry who I believe are achieving great things while growing their businesses in a complemetary enterprise.
     This is a SECURE mailing list. You will never be spammed or bombarded with e-mails because of this subscription. If you have been added in error, you may also safely unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the page.  
Request for Additional Support
Only a few days left, but I still need your help.
My daughter Ayla and I WEBC     For the fourth year in a row I am participating in Montreal's Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I believe the research that is being done in this facility into the causes and treatments for those with cancer is crucial. I know when my step mother Evelyn was fighting breast cancer she was grateful for the state of the art facility that is being funded by this very walk. One of the reasons I walk is in honour of her memory. I have a daughter who is nearly six, I walk for her future, and that of her friends. "I walk for your mother, your sister, your daughter, your wife, I walk for you and me my friend, I walk for life" These are lyrics to a song calld I run for life written by Melissa Etheridge. Thanks to many of you and so many incredible businesses I am more than 2/3rds of the way to my goal of raising $ 2000 for Montreal's Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I still need some help in the form of a donations towards my walk. Please if you are able to contribute to the cause, you can click HERE. Pink RibbonEach dollar donated gets you an entry into the raffle I am doing next week. Receipts for your taxes are immediately issued by the Weekend To End Breast Cancer Charity for the Segal Cancer Centre at The montreal Jewish General Hospital.
Thank You To These Businesses... 
Generous donations from community minded businesses.
     I am so grateful for the amazing support the following businesses have given me in the form of donations of gift certificates, and homes for my fundrasing Piggy Banks as well as decorations from Partymania. Chez Nick's on Greene Ave. in Westmount has housed one of my fundrasing Piggy Banks for almost an entire year. For that I am tremendously grateful. One of my most successful fundraising strategies this year was to ask some of my favorite restaurants to donate gift certificates to my cause. Here are the prizes to be won: Sirene de la Mer $50, Scarolies $25, Akaiwa Sushi 3 x $25, OGGIs $20, Carmine's Tuscany Grill $ 25, Scores $10, McKibbin's Irish Pub $ 25, Marlowe's $ 20, Scarolies Pasta Emporium, $25, OGGIs $ 20, Cafe Terrasse Il Cortile $25, Nettoyeur Nova $ 15, Dejeuner Inc 3 x $10. You can still participate in the raffle. For every dollar donated on-line HERE before 5:00 PM Monday August 18th you will have an entry in the raffle. Thank you in advance for your support!


Now In Color Too...
Joyce's Klean Kanteens , A Healthy Choice For You and The Planet! 
Coloured Klean Kanteens 
   They are eco-friendly, non tasting, non leaching, dishwasher safe (not the cap), 100% recyclable AND reusable etc..... Now some sizes are available in colour too. Great for lunchboxes, cycling, traveling and your healthy lifestyle. West Island delivery is free!  Chapters book store has recently added Klean Kanteens to their inventory and I am very proud to say that I am selling them for LESS. Here is the pricing for Joyce's Klean Kanteens. This fall I am looking to work with students, organizations and community groups on fundraising opportunities. Last weekend I was honoured to have sponsored The westpark Pool and Country Club in their Big Meet. I am very glad to be able to give back to the community in which we live.
Can It Be Done????
Former Vice President Al Gore thinks it can.
Al Gore
     Last month former Vice President of the United Stated, issued a challenge to it's own government and people. On the heels of his multiple award winning slide show, An Inconvenient Truth, he has challenged his country into producing 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years. "It's achievable, affordable and necessary. And we need to make this break from past habits and old ways of thinking." Please take a few minutes and watch his presentation available for viewing from HERE. I have to admire the man for thinking ahead of his time.
     I make this monthly newsletter available for my clients, my colleagues, and contacts both inside and outside of the health care industry. I feel as if it is an important communication tool. I am grateful for your feedback on my newsletters, and please feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see in upcoming editions. Here is wishing you and yours, good health, happiness and the time to enjoy them. Namaste!
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