June 2008
Complementing Your Health
CranioSacral Therapy, Summer Events, Promos, Waking Up, and Ending Cancer
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WICHA - Summer Meetups
Your Natural Pharmacy - Tooth Pain
Eco-Friendly Bottles - Summer Promotions
Waking Up - The Dangers of Plastic Bags
Walking With Restaurant Support
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For details on our upcoming meetings please link to our site. On-line membership is free, drop in fees or membership fees apply for entrepreneurs, practitioners and businesses when they attend actual meetings. Lay members of the community can attend meetings for FREE including doctors and nurses.
Your Natural Pharmacy
Box of Boiron Camilia Homeopathic RemedyWhen I am deciding what to discuss in this section of my newsletter, I have only to look back over the previous few days and something usually leaps out at me. This month is no different. A theme of tooth pain has surfaced over the past few days. My daughter complained of a little discomfort in one of her teeth, a new mom was telling me about her 7 month old teething, and another friend's daughter lost one of her baby teeth while over here on a playdate. This portion of my newsletter is not intended as a product endorsement, but as a testament to what I have seen as beneficial. Hylands, Teething Tablets or Teething Gel have long histories of alleviating  teething pain, Boiron's Camilia Homeopathic Remedy worked wonders for our daughter, and clove oil or just placing a whole clove in the gum area adjacent to where the pain is coming from has also been a great natural way to deal with tooth pain. If discomfort persists, or there be any other unexplainable symptoms, please see your dentist.
    I have absolutely no idea where the first half of 2008 and went, nor can I comprehend how the month of June is already at an end. My intention is to get my monthly newsletter out around mid-month, but June got away from me. I was in Vancouver a month ago studying CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, (they offer courses all over the world) but the timing of this course and location prompted me to enroll in the May Vancouver session. I learnt a great deal in the four day workshop and as a result I have added the modality of CranioSacral therapy to my Complementary Health Practice. For a limited time, as I am fine tuning my skills I am offering free CranioSacral sessions to whoever is willing to take me up on the offer. Please visit the Upledger Institute FAQ page HERE for information on what CST is, how it works, and what you can expect in a CST treatment.
      I have a new batch of Klean Kanteens in stock now including stainless steel connectors for the flat and loop style caps. Be sure to check out my Klean Kanteen Summer Promotions
for campers and lunch boxes, as well as your athletes.
      This summer The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is going to continue its twice monthly meetings, including a summer potluck BBQ before our July evening meeting on the 22nd. Details about the event are posted on our Meetup.com calendar. Please feel free to join us if you are (or wish to meet) local practitioners and businesses in the complementary health field or earth friendly businesses. If you are an entrepreneur joining us for this fabulous event please note that there is a fee for networking. As a lay person in the community you are welcome to attend free of charge. 
Klean Kanteens Summer Promos
Good for you and for the planet!
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles 
     These Bottles are becoming increasingly difficult to keep in stock. Sports teams, families, and schools are all taking steps to help themselves and the environment. Currently I have a nice quantity in stock and I want to make it easier for families to move away from the plastics so I am offering several summertime promotions equivalent to approximately a 10% discount. Click HERE FOR SUMMER PROMOTIONS, or call Joyce at 514-998-3863. West Island delivery is free! ALSO now also available are stainless steel connectors for the flat and loop style caps.

Photo of Me Doing ReflexologyFreebies & Promos
For learning, for healing, for seniors

CranioSacral Therapy: At the end of May I had the great opportunity to study with the Upledger Institute and complete my 1st level of CranioSacral Therapy training. As I am fine tuning my skills in this modality of treatment I am offering FREE sessions on a first come first serve basis. Price: FREE, actual value, $ 70.00 514-998-3863 only a few free sessions left for the taking.
Reflexology Healing Promotion: Pre-book and pre-pay for 5 treatments, and receive your 6th treatment for free. Promotion price $ 250.00 Valued at $ 325.00 for new clients.
Seniors Serenity: A profoundly relaxing 30 - 40 minute reflexology treatment for those 65 and older. Reduced pressure is used to respect the body's own advanced systems. Promotion price $ 30.00
Waking Up and .....
The Dangers of Plastic Bags!
If you follow only one link in this newsletter, this should be it. The slide show is frighteningly real and enlightening... but the song the slides are set to, is incredibly relevant to our current environmental situation. Oscar and Grammy winner, mother, wife, breast cancer survivor, environmentalist, political activist, and in my opinion one of the world's best musicians Melissa Etheridge's Oscar winning song, I Need To Wake up plays through this show. Last September 25th I was amazingly fortunate to have been in attendance along with Al Gore at a private Melissa Etheridge concert in New York City where her new CD The Awakening was launched. Her music resonates profoundly within me as I believe we are at a critical moment in time where we need to wake up. As in sleep, our eyes have been closed, and it is time to really see what is going on, and it is time for each and everyone of us to do our small part. Whether you decide to recycle more, change your light bulbs, stop using plastic bags, or switch to Klean Kanteens or another earth friendly bottle, the most important thing to do is to wake up and start the day anew, so that there may be many more tomorrows in the futures of our children!
Restaurants Supporting My Journey
Gift Certificate Raffle on until August 15th
Pink Ribbon 
This is my fourth year participating in the Montreal Weekend To End Breast Cancer and I want to thank some generous restaurants in Montreal for helping me to raise funds for breast cancer research here in our own city by donating gift certificates to their establishments. Akaiwa Sushi, Carmine's Tuscany Grill, Marlowe's, McKibbin's Irish Pub, Scarolies Pasta Emporium, Oggi's Restaurant, La Sirene De La Mer, Scores, Dejeuner Inc, and Il Cortile have all graciously given me gift certificates totalling nearly $ 400. I am selling raffle tickets to draw for these certificates, for only $ 1 each. The draw will take place on August 15th. I am also selling adorable pink Beanie Baby Bears for $10 each, as well as a selection of pink ribbon paraphanalia to help me to raise funds for my walk. I have personally raised more than $ 12,000 in three years, and I hope to raise an additional $ 3000 thios year. I would be very grateful for your support if you are able, you may call me to make a purchase or a donation at 514-998-3863 or you can  sponsor me directly  on-line within the WEBC site. On the site, it appears as if I have barely begun my fundraising, but the donations I have received to date are in transit and are to be posted to the site shortly.
     I make this monthly newsletter available for my clients, my colleagues, and contacts both inside and outside of the health care industry. I feel as if it is an important communication tool. I am grateful for your feedback on my newsletters, and please feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see in upcoming editions. Here is wishing you and yours, good health, happiness and the time to enjoy them. Namaste!
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Joyce Shanks
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